Wix vs. Wix Xp: Which Filter is Best? (Xp vs Regular)

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Last Updated on: 3rd July 2022, 05:33 pm

What’s the difference between Wix vs. Wix XP! Ah, I see this question often during my research time. Honestly, The XP worth the extra money for getting you 20K miles plus than Wix filters. If you’ve used both filters, you know the difference is minor in real-world driving. It’s hard to explain the difference. However, we show the Wix comparison in this guide successfully.

Before choosing Wix air filters, it would be required to inspect how “dirty” your engine is or could be. Using engine addictives with air filters will make clean stuff up. Brucluno said that if your car has a by-pass filter and you’re doing oil changes between 30,000 miles, then Wix XP works as the spin on. Besides, the Wix manufacturer itself declares Wix (Napa Gold) to be more efficient than XP.

So, what the point of coming out of XP? Wix touts its XP filters for much longer OCIs than standard Wix filters. You find the Wix XP construction to look superior, by-pass and all. Even if the oil or fuel filters remain the same, if I talk about the choked filter’s fitment, the XP would be better for a race car.

Wix vs. Wix XP

Both of the Wix and Wix XP filters have the exact dimensions, fuel strategy, flow rate, thread size, and filtering process of the by-pass valve. The main difference is in the look, drain back, mounting seal material, filtering media, and price range. These filters fit in the same vehicle’s type. You can discover extended performance with the XP.

If the standard Wix filter costs you about .0006 cents a mile, the Wix filter XP costs you double at .0012 cents a mile. That’s it!

In the end, I will recommend Wix standard filters for the classic vehicle type. The manufacturer has almost 100% fitment for any vehicle in the world. Besides, I have got the WIX XP products for off-road challenges. They are good at harsh driving conditions. Scientifically, the XP filters have extra flexibility and durability for better understand.

What Is Wix vs Wix Xp Filters?

Wix filters are world-renowned filters and can be adjustable to almost every vehicle. We have included the  filters in our previous reviewing guide- Oil Filter for 6.7 Cummins, 7.3 Powerstroke, and many more. The manufacturer provides commercial-grade products around the world.

You see oil or fuel filters under Wix and XP on the market. Both of the Wix filters are the same and engineered to fascinate your engine compartment. Besides car, truck, or tractors, Wix has filters that will maintain your motorcycle diligently.

Wix has been helping high-grade car racing events with its impressive, top-valued, and top-reviewed filters. As per our experience, we have got Wix oil filters as industrial designed filters. You get solutions for both hydraulic and fluid power systems. Also, you meet the oil or air filter’s extensive needs from Wix.

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Types of Wix & Wix XP filters

Well, there are often seven types of Wix / Wix XP filters offered for the Automotive, Heavy Duty, and Light truck, and they are-

  • Wix / Wix XP Oil Filter
  • Wix / Wix XP Air Filter
  • Wix / Wix XP Fuel Filter
  • Wix / Wix XP Cabin Air Filter
  • Wix / Wix XP Hydraulic Filters
  • Coolant Filters
  • Transmission Filters
  • Wix / Wix XP Oil FilterWix / Wix XP Oil Filter

Wix oil filter is the perfect choice for regular drivers who use conventional motor oil to their vehicle and simply travel with it. If you maintain oil changing between 3,000 to 5,000 miles, I recommend the Wix oil filter as the perfect protection. Here’s the Pro-Tec 162MP Oil Filter as the standard oil filter.

Besides, a severe driver can use Wix filters if he uses synthetic or synthetic-blended motor oils and drives around harsh, dirty, and dusty conditions. People often change oil at the OE manufacturer’s plan. If you change oil between 3,700 to 10,000 miles, we recommend WIX 57356XP Oil Filter for the best deal.

Finally, the Wix XP oil filter is recommended for all extreme drivers who use synthetic motor oil for their vehicle, tow trailers, boats & heavy trucks. The manufacturers consider XP filters for extreme temperature conditions. Same as severe drivers, you can replace Wix XP filters with the stock filters for better performance. Our recommendation is WIX (51522XP) XP Oil Filter in case.

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  • Wix / Wix XP Air FilterWix / Wix XP Air Filter

Wix provides automotive-grade air filters for the light trucks; through these, 10,000 gallons of air pass through the engine. The air filters prevent soot, abrasives, particles, carbon, and the most minor dust and save your engine from premature wear. You get the panel and radial Wix air filters for light trucks. Panel filters are made with pocket pleats in the media, a urethane soft sealing gasket, and a mesh screen so that it becomes easy to make low air restriction. On the other hand, the radial air filters have inside and outside protection to prevent backfire. You get this filter with heat-resistant plastisol to make the media ends.

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Our recommendation:

  • Wix / Wix XP Fuel FilterWix / Wix XP Fuel Filter

Wix provides the best fuel filters for diesel and off-road vehicles. These filters prevent contaminants successfully. Your engine remains safe from malfunction or deterioration. As the vehicle ages, the fuel filter becomes corrosive and aged due to the impurities. Why are Wix fuel filters special in case? Well, the manufacturer provides the fuel/water separator for any diesel engine. Also, Wix allows the opportunity for biodiesel in case of cleansing of the fuel system.

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Our recommendation:

  • Wix / Wix XP Cabin Air FilterWix / Wix XP Cabin Air Filter

The cabin air filter is an excellent invention from the Wix manufacturer. The vehicle’s passenger ventilation often installs this air filter. Wix XP Cabin Air Filter provides proper air conditioning and defrosting (HVAC) system. Carfictions agree that the Wix XP filter has high media innovations for air cleaning and flowing. You can make it compatible with heavy trucks, buses, and off-highway vehicles.

Our recommendation:

  • Wix / Wix XP Hydraulic Filters

Wix / Wix XP Hydraulic Filters are made for heavy trucks, off-highway, and construction vehicles. These air filters are made for cleaning critical functions. Your vehicle will reach peak efficiency through such hydraulic filters for a variety of applications.

Our recommendation:

  • Coolant FiltersWIX Direct Replacement XP COOLANT Filter

Coolant Filter is one of the best inventions for heavy-duty diesel engines. You can get the right thing from the Wix manufacturer and develop cooling system maintenance for the engine’s value. Wix developed such a filter with its filter media technology. It became easy to filter solid contaminants to the highest performing coolant filters. Wix coolant filters would be mandatory for filtering contaminants, rust, and sand from the coolant. You will reach proper heat dissipation through the filters. Wix coolant filters are made to do coolant system maintenance. You get it high!

Our recommendation:

  • Transmission Filters

What if small contaminants go into your transmission fluid system and ruin the OEM specification? Before facing such a bad situation, you’ll have to block the transmission vent, dipstick, and fill to save the fluid level from contaminants with proper filtration. You get world-renowned transmission filters on the market to prevent sticking and scoring a part failure.

Our recommendation:


Finally, we recommend understanding the differences between Wix vs. Wix XP filters depending on your vehicle’s type to the discussion. You find both filters reliable and safe for performance from one manufacturer. The Wix filters are made with respective filtering functions, and the Wix XP filters have an extensive filtration strategy for heavy truck’s functionality. You should consider Wix and XP products for excellent durability and efficiency.


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