How Long Can You Drive on Unbalanced Tires?

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Last Updated on: 3rd July 2022, 05:07 pm

The answer shouldn’t be described in years. Keep in mind that you can’t drive on unbalanced tires very long! You’ll be bothering balancing them as the tires get worn unevenly out of round. However, it’s possible to balance all you want. Still, the tires will shake, vibrate and annoy the shit out of you.

Take a professional’s help! It doesn’t cost more to balance the unbalanced tires. If you keep it crooked for a long time, you will need to change the tires to new pairs later. Would you love it?

Some of our professionals view on unbalanced tires proves that you can drive with unbalanced tires as long as you like until the tires get worn out. The unbalanced tires make shaking and rattling on the steering. Driving on unbalanced tires reduces your fuel economy, and gradually the life of the tires life gets shortened and costs more than the balancing. No doubt, balancing them is a far better idea. Below this article, we also discuss how to fix unbalanced tires.

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Is it okay to drive a car with unbalanced tires?

You never disagree if I forbid you for driving on bald tires. It’s unsafe. If a driver is not aware of this in which way a car goes through with unbalanced tires, he puts himself and others in danger. Safe driving requires precautions like if you feel your car tires wearing down, start inspecting them to ensure proper balance, rotation, and replacement. It isn’t okay to drive a car with unbalance tires as it can cause too much vibration throughout your vehicle, put your car to long-term damage, and cause your fuel costs to rise.

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Symptoms of unbalanced tiresIs it okay to drive a car with unbalanced tires

We found 5 major symptoms of unbalanced tires, and they are:

  • Constant Vibration
  • Steering Problems
  • Louder Road Noises
  • Getting into an Accident
  • Striking a hard object
  • Constant vibrations

When driving on unbalanced tires, you’ll feel constant vibrations in your car’s chassis any time you’re on the road. Once you feel this issue, be conscious of making tires balanced or rotated ASAP! Once the tires are worn or distorted, it’s required to replace your tires altogether. You always listen to vibrations for unbalanced tires; sometimes, it happens due to worn-out brake pads or rotors.


Even if it seems unfortunate, unbalanced tires make our driving experience rude and uncomfortable. Once you feel the steering more complicated, it happens because of unbalanced tires. Late response time of the steering wheel reduces fuel efficiency and doesn’t steer your car smoothly in a given direction. The vehicle faces accidents mostly.


Do you listen to louder road noises than before? If the car tires are worn down, you feel the excess driving experience. Improper tire maintenance causes road noise and makes traveling on different roads unromantic. Check out the vehicle to identify car issues that invents this problem.

  • Getting into an Accident

An unbalanced tire leads your car into an accident, and then your car’s chassis and wheel assemblies get poorly damaged. As we have mentioned earlier, you can’t steer the vehicle and can’t drive the vehicle safely on the road. Get your vehicle checked out right away to identify what hampers your car’s performance.

  • Striking a hard object

You can’t control a vehicle that wears on unbalanced tires. For being a result, you accidentally strike a hard object when driving. Who likes hitting a curb on the driveway? We consult cars for maintenance and see most of them made tire damage. It’s smart to ensure your car is inspected by automotive professionals or read us below to know ‘HOW TO FIX UNBALANCED TIRES.’

How to fix unbalanced tires

How to fix unbalanced tires?

Fixing your vehicle’s tires in the home garage is possible. Here, we show you how to fix unbalanced tires with a balancer (found here on Amazon). Read us below!

  • Once after removing tires, a vehicle gets down to the balancing. It would help if you had a wheel balancer to balance some wheel weights. Make sure to remove all the consequences and dirt that might be accumulated on the tires. You should clean the wheel, tires, and all removable parts. Then, dry them.
  • Now, put the assembly onto the balancer following the instructions written on the owner’s manual. You’ll get directly to the balancer to put the weights on.
  • Afterward, recheck the balancer after putting on the weights and keep on adjusting the weights thoroughly. The tires should be like they are supposed to!
  • At last, install the tires back in place, and then tighten the nuts. You should repeat all four tires and see if they have been balanced.

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How to tell if a tire is unbalanced?

A quick run and regular wear lead the tires to be imbalanced tires. We noticed the manufacturing imperfections in most cases. Just a half an ounce in weight difference between tires and wheels can get the wheels out of balance. Let’s see some signs to tell if a tire is unbalanced:

  • Unexpected vibrations from the steering wheel
  • Steering difficulty
  • Results in bearing problems and bad shocks
  • Unequal tire wear
  • Bad fuel economy

Most of the time, a vibration from the steering wheel is noticed. Also, the floorboard or car seat can shake like an earthquake happening when the tire is unbalanced. People often ask when to get tire balancing done. The right time to do tire balancing is between every two years or once yearly if you fight with rough roads.


  • Can unbalanced tires cause vibration when braking?

An unbalanced tire is something that causes problems even without touching the brakes. However, vibration when braking is a separate issue and happens for warped brake rotors. Most brake rotors have metal on them. The shaking starts here. Have a quick diagnosis.

  • How do tires become unbalanced?

Tires become unbalanced starting with the weather. The foremost reason for unbalanced tires is the loss of wheel weight. Whenever we drive at high speeds and go through many sidewalk curb, the tires get out of balance. We told more previously. Check above.

  • How is an unbalanced tire noise?

Mostly, you listen to wump wump sound from tires. If you hear such noises, it is a sign that your tires are out of alignment and will wear out over time.

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