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How to Reset Transmission Control Module Chevy

How to Reset Transmission Control Module Chevy: 5 Steps to Reset

It’s not new to replace an old transmission! You badly need it, right? Getting something new is always fun. You’ll be benefited with great automatic transmission indeed. If ready with new equipment, please read us to know how to reset the Chevy transmission control module.

We discuss the solution step by step; we guarantee, our professional’s suggestion will help your Chevy if it is shifting sluggish. So, what are you waiting for a change in your driving life?

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From Wikipedia, A Transmission Control Module (TCM) is a reformation of A Transmission Control Unit (TCU). Since the late 1980s, automatic transmissions of the world are making all aesthetic design for better hydro-mechanical controls. Development of the automation is getting iterative and going through several stages of transmission control development.

To be noted, one of the significant components of the Transmission Control Module (TCM) is its Transmission solenoids. A TCM allows an immense range of programmability for modern automation. Resetting the Transmission Control Module (TCM) will determine the accurate speed of the vehicle.

5 Steps to Reset Transmission Control Module (Chevy)

  • Go through the ‘KEY’ position

It’s the first step to do. Please, turn the ‘KEY’ position to 2!

Make sure the dash lights of your car are visible. We recommend not starting the car in the first step. It’s not required to push the accelerator in the beginning. Be careful about setting the ‘KEY’ position to the right number. You’ll listen to two clicks of sound from behind. Then, the dash lights will be illuminated. You should not turn the engine on at present.

  • Go through the ‘Gas Pedal

You must be done with the ‘KEY’ position along with the dash lights, right? Pressing the gas pedal is the next step, then! Make the pedal pressed. You’ll get the kick-down switch activated.


It’s necessary to have a little patience to reset the transmission control module for a Chevy. It would help if you kept pushing the gas pedal downwards until the kick-down switch is fully activated. It doesn’t take more than 15 seconds that the resetting process starts working through the gas pedal. Wait till the end.

  • It’s time to turn the ‘KEY’ off!

The maximum time to pushing the ‘Accelerator Pedal’ should be 10-12 seconds. Then, it’s wise to move to the ‘KEY’ again. Be mindful of not releasing the pedal at any cost.

Be noted that this whole ‘RESET’ process should be accomplished by keeping your feet on the pedal. You did turn the ‘KEY’ to 2 before, remember? Set the ‘KEY’ to its previous position to zero. It means turning the ‘KEY’ off.

Even after turning it off, please don’t remove the ‘KEY’ by habit. Keep the ‘KEY’ there!

  • It comes time to release ‘Gas Pedal’

After turning the ‘KEY’ off, don’t release the ‘GAS Pedal’ instantly. Don’t be careless, like releasing the pedal before or after turning the ‘KEY’ off very early. Let’s see how to release the pedal without repeating the same mistake!

Hopefully, you didn’t remove your feelings from the pedal. After turning the ‘KEY’ position to zero, remove force from the gas pedal between 15 minutes.

Now, wait for a few moments to make the reset process easier. After releasing the ‘Gas Pedal’ off, it would be wise to give your Chevy some rest. Give 5 minutes of spare moments!

  • You’re almost done!

Did you know? The process helped you optimize the Engine Control Unit (ECU) and the Transmission Control Module (TCM). Now, the ECU & TCM processes work like mutual assistance in working towards an extensive driving goal. Now, it’s allowed to go in your car to drive for 20 minutes or more! It’ll make the engine know to operate like new!

Don’t speed up or go for a race. Be mindful of driving your vehicle at a decent speed. You’re one step ahead to acquire standard and smooth transmission in your car.

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3 Major Signs of a Bad Transmission Control Module

  • Unpredictable Shifting 

An ‘Automatic Transmission’ relies on the ‘Transmission Control Module’ for a predictable shifting. What happens for a lousy transmission module is an ‘Incorrect or Unpredictable’ shifting. This can be a nightmare or prove to cause a severe accident. Your car often shifts to neutral during the period. You won’t receive a warning for gear shifting or other control modules that makes your driving very dangerous at a time. Indeed, many vehicles have a manual override option such as ‘Paddle Shifters.’ If not having such an opportunity, the TCM needs to be replaced.

  • Are you stuck in the Same Gear?

It often happens if the Transmission Control Module (TCM) is terrible. I have experienced gear stuck in neutral or stuck in the same gear. The transmission module doesn’t shift itself if not wrong. You can’t make gear shifting like placing higher gears, downshifting, and neutral process. However, you’ll be basked in the maximum speed of the first gear.

  • Poor fuel economy

Clogged Transmission Control Module (TCM) results in bad fuel economy. It is stated that an automatic transmission system is engineered for optimal gear selection. It is designed for accurate fuel economy. A bad TCM will affect the vehicle’s engine’s timing so that the fuel consumption gets through more than usual. Why spend more money at the fuel pump spontaneously? Instead, check the Transmission Control Module if it’s damaged.

Replacement VS Repair Cost of Transmission Control Module (TCM)



The replacement cost is estimated at $500 to $900 (Parts + Labor Cost) included Expect to pay around $300
A new TCM can be bought online TCM repair offers for a warranty
Mostly done by hourly labor rates Repair is the fastest & temporary method
It does not pose any risk if done by a professional’s hand It does pose a bit more risk
Need to get TCM to a non-local location Can be done at home garage


  • Will disconnecting the battery reset TCM?

If you read us entirely, you’ll understand that disconnecting the battery won’t set the TCM (Transmission Control Module) to its default setting. A transmission scan tool would be beneficial for this. For a quick solution, be careful of reading our TCM reset process.

  • Does a transmission control module need to be programmed?

Probably, you’re thinking of installing a new TCM in the vehicle. It is necessary to program a TCM with dealer-level equipment or equivalent. The programming will be working on the vehicle.

  • What makes a TCM go bad?

Not only a transmission control module but also an electronic device creates failure in most cases. If I say expressly, a blocked passage or a bad valve solenoid could be the real culprit.


We have tried adding more details to reset the Transmission Control Module (TCM) of the Chevy. Now, an individual understands precisely how to go through the ‘RESET’ process very efficiently. It’s fun to work in the same gearbox. The carfictions team inspected it all to point out the Chevy transmission and make your work tremendously easy. Work safely!

As per as experienced, the ‘RESET’ process of the Transmission system doesn’t take more than 10 minutes. After finishing the process, go for a drive for 15 minutes to let the engine know a better purpose. Let us know your opinion below!

You can check ACDelco’s Professional Transmission Control Module for Chevy Duramax on Amazon. It’s fun to shop at a discount, isn’t it?

Thanks for being with us.

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