How to Reset Battery Light On Ford f150: Ford F-series

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People often look for resetting battery lights on Ford F150. It’s easy if you know to take care of the main issue. A battery light starts illuminating once the battery or the alternator has any issues. You can check the battery. How to do it?

  • You need to pop the hood of the car and make an attempt to jump-start the car.
  • Meanwhile, if the attempt doesn’t start your battery, there is a high chance your battery is dead due to the insufficiency of the alternator charge.
  • You can purchase the Ford F150 Battery spending a couple of hundred dollars, and then go to a reliable shop for easy replacement.

‘Why is your battery light on?’

Why is your battery light on

Before resetting the battery light, you’ll have to know ‘Why is your battery light on?’ Well, if you own a Ford vehicle, we specified some things to tell you. Know them before consulting a local mechanic!

Like all modern vehicles, the Fords often contain a 12V battery to power your vehicle’s headlights, radio, ignition system, computer, and engine. Without having an active battery in your Ford, you won’t even get a start.

A voltage regulator is provided with your vehicle for battery recharge purposes. If the battery is not recharged periodically, your vehicle will go dead. Before going dead or if your battery produces low power on the vehicle’s need, you see the battery’s light appeared on the dashboard icon.

The batteries cause the battery light to come on only if the car is running out of energy or if your battery is already dead. The best way to reset both battery life and battery light on Ford F150 by scheduling a battery service. Still, if the vehicle’s alternator stops charging your battery, the battery light appears on.

How to reset battery light on Ford F150; Final task

  • Turn off all draw power

The battery light is on, which means that there is something wrong with the battery. You’ve to check for its solution to the battery. For resetting the battery light, you’ll have to turn off all the systems. The light is on because your truck still has some power left for a short period. Your vehicle’s accessories such as headlight, AC, sound system, heating system, and other accessories should be turned off.

  • Check for battery condition

Why don’t you check the battery now? The battery is damaged mainly in the warm area as it loses regular functioning appeal. In case, please check the battery terminals (remove cover) to invent damage. After removing the battery terminal cover, you may see the white or green colored substance that may indicate issues in the electrical battery conductions. Use a protective glove to uncover the terminal!

  • Ensure cleaning the battery terminals

Like all vehicles’ equipment, the battery terminals get corroded after a period. You’ll have to clean the battery terminal as cost-effective maintenance if the battery lights come on. The cleaning can be done with household cleaner and grease. After dipping a simple toothbrush into the cleanser, start cleaning the corrosion part of the battery.

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  • Tighten the terminal clamps

When cleaning the battery terminals, be mindful of cleaning the clamps, too, and keep them secure to the loosen part using a wrench, screw, and pliers pair. For this to be done, I recommend checking the OEM instruction of the Ford model.

  • Reset the battery cables

You should reset the battery cables before resetting the battery light. You’ll have to go through a red wire cable near the starter motor relay for making such an action. You will see a red (output) cable linked to the alternator and the relay’s fusible connection. Is the relationship damaged? If you know the cable is damaged, please fix it with a professional’s support. It should be done to provide power to the vehicle’s engine system.

  • Recharge the battery & fix the alternator

I advised it before recharging your Ford truck battery. If you don’t do it, you may get your battery dead. So, be mindful of considering the vehicle’s parts or components as responsibility. The voltage regulator and alternator should be in a scheduled category. Mostly, if the voltage decreases and the battery light is ‘ON,’ please go for proper care and maintenance ASAP!

  • Replacement of the alternator belt

Then, the alternator should be functioned properly to activate headlights, music, electrical options, radio conference, and the charging system. The alternator is faulty sometimes and runs low so that the battery drains out quickly. You’ll have to consult an expert mechanic to overcome the ford truck’s alternator system. You may have to replace the alternator belt costing $100 to $150.

  • Reset battery light

Now, it is time to reset the battery light, and you’ll have to go to the truck’s computer system for that first. Have you heard of FTP (Fuel test procedure) before? It deals with the gas mileage and the charging system to accelerate the alternator. Here, you’ll need to follow these steps to reset your battery light:

  • Please, get to Ford’s diagnostic information.
  • Then, disconnect the battery by the different points.
  • After disconnection, go to the vehicle’s home screen to make the battery charging through the data stream. Finally, customize the settings like battery temperature, charge, voltage, and many more options.
  • Test for battery reset

Finally, it would be required to test the battery reset, which can be done by monitoring the battery (BCM, BMS) system. The Ford model truck flows such a strategy to change the gas mileage system.

How to reset battery light on Ford F150

Reset battery light on Ford F150 (Expert’s debate)

Moreover, the battery light for the Ford F150 can be reset with the vehicle’s computer function. You need to go to the dash and locate the right of the steering column. It looks like a small black box with two relays. Have you found it?

Now, you see the battery lights in the dash in the same section with gauges and tattle-tale lights. Blah, Blah, Blah happened, and how can I get this light to go off now?

Well, the first thing to remember in case of disconnecting the negative lead of the battery. Keep it unplugged for 15 minutes. Then, please reset the Keep Alive Memory (KAM). It is an integrated circuit chip to maintain a vehicle’s operating conditions. Resetting the KAM may fix the issue, and it’s worth a try. Note that this rarely does anything for a charging system fault light.

You see a fuse in the fuse box if you withdraw the hood, don’t you? If the alt goes terrible, the battery light blows out. If you don’t know which one it is, I recommend checking the owner’s manual for reference, or if you pull out all the fuses from the fuse box, you see a lousy fuse under the steering console. Click here to download a soft copy from the Ford parts and service website.

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Hopefully, you’ve got it all how to reset the battery light on Ford F150. Isn’t it easy? Let us know your opinion. Our experts tried showing the battery expertise in the blink of eyes. The battery light works precisely like a check engine light; when the battery has any issue, you see it illuminated. Fixing the problems with an expert gives you a quick vehicle start. Thanks for being with us!

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