5 Insane Steps in Replacing a Headlight Assembly

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Last Updated on: 9th October 2022, 12:33 pm

Your headlight is a vital component that allows you to see the road ahead, but it may be time for an upgrade. Replacing your old bulb with an updated version can save money in fuel costs and keep traffic accidents from happening.

A DIY project like replacing a headlight assembly doesn’t require any professional expertise; all tools necessary are available at home or even just around town on most anyone’s toolset (or handheld). 

You only need 10 minutes of free time before performing these quick repairs, so make sure not to forget anything important if needed during the installation of lights onto new lens surfaces…

Replacing a Headlight Assembly

Replacing a Headlight Assembly – DIY Repair

Step 1: Screwing off the front grill 

The front grill on your car is a significant part of its design and aesthetic. You’ll have to remove the front grill first. The perfect way to remove it off can be achieved by just removing two screws from the top or sides but make sure you know which ones before removing them. If in doubt, consult an expert for help because this task isn’t easy when done without knowing where they all go at first glance.

Step 2: Remove the headlight assembly screws

To start replacing a headlight assembly, remove the screws that secure it to your vehicle. You will need to remove the screws that secure your headlight assembly. These are usually located on both sides, the top and bottom of each light bulb, in order for you can change it out or install a new one when necessary.

Details guide about headlight adjustment screws 

Step 3: Wire off the wiring harness 

Disconnect the wiring harness from your old headlight and gently remove it. Next, pull out any parts that are still attached to its mounting bracket on either side before setting and pull the headlight assembly to keep it aside for now too.

Step 4: Plug the wires back to the unit 

Next, plug in all of the wires from the back of the unit to prepare for installation on the vehicle. To replace the headlight assembly, insert and tighten the screws.  Inserting the new assembly doesn’t take much time. 

Step 5: Check your headlight assembly if working 

You will finish the work and check if you want your running lights to work again, such as replacing a headlight assembly bulbs with less than 100 percent efficiency due to dulling their edges. If not working, check the wires and plugs connection again. 

Headlight Assembly Replacing FAQ:

How much does it cost to replace a headlight assembly?

Replacing a headlight assembly will cost between $200 to $500 to replace! That’ll guarantee you do not have any trouble seeing where you’re driving at night. No guessing; this is an exact answer to your question. There are many parts involved in this process, so you better think about tackling it yourself instead of paying someone else to do the dirty work. What do you think if you can do the installation process on your own? I’ll take your silence as agreement.

What tools do I need to change a headlight assembly?

A jack, a wrench, and a socket set. The socket set will need to have the right sizes for Torx head screws. This is because there are two Torx screw types in play on most cars – one for Phillips head screwdrivers and one for hex-torque wrenches. You’ll need both types of tools to take care of this by hand. If you don’t have either tool handy, your best bet is probably the ratchet-style torque wrench once you’ve got that all together, it’s then simply a matter of following the instructions in your owner’s manual.

How long does it take to change a headlight assembly?

Replacing a headlight assembly is something that I never do myself.  It’s way more complicated than it seems, and many potential risks are involved. 

I would recommend taking your car to a local service center to do replacing a headlight assembly for you. But remember, they will also charge you for the labor, which will likely cost more per hour than if you purchased one from an auto parts store or auto shop yourself. 

We showed how replacing a headlight bulb is easy and quick. If you have two assemblies to replace, it will only take about 30 minutes to replace them both in one go. Plus, this can save you from paying some money as well since that’s what all those wrenching guys are waiting on when they come by, just wondering if their services might be needed after all…

Is it hard to change a headlight assembly?

Yes, it is hard, but not difficult. The difficulty of changing an assembly depends on if it’s a front or rear assembly, the vehicle makes and model (year), and where the bulbs for this particular make/model are located in the headlight assembly.

It’s also important to know whether one wants to change both headlights at once or just one side. 

If you need help changing your headlight assembly (or want estimates for pricing), please find out how old your car is and what year it was made.

How do you know if your headlight assembly is faulty?

You can’t see the light when you turn on your headlights. The warning sign is usually a burnt-out bulb. If the bulb is not burnt out, it could be that your fuse has blown. It could also be that the wiring in your headlight assembly has been damaged.

If you are unsure what is wrong with your vehicle, you should take it to an auto mechanic to have it checked. They will be able to tell what the problem with your headlight assembly is and fix it for you before another part of your car fails due to this issue.

Conclusion – Replacing a headlight assembly

Replacing your headlight assembly is the most cost-effective way to ensure you’ll see well at night during your next trip. Headlights produce bright light on a focused area on the road ahead, requiring a new bulb every time they’re burnt out. On average, a set of headlights costs less than $35 and can be replaced about once per year. Replacing them more often will save you money on gas as well as unnecessary wear and tear from driving with ineffective headlights.

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