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How to Remove Spray Paint From Metal

How to Remove Spray Paint From Metal? Try 7 Ways

We talk about the automotive system. Removing spray paint from metal is a must-knowing technique. You should implement the ideas in your car exterior too. People usually use spray paint over the car rims, wheels, and any metal for being easiest to apply. These paints stick to the surface more deeply, so that removing them off is tough if you don’t know. Sometimes, overspray causes an accident. Mostly, these accidents happen to a car. Let’s get to know how to remove spray paint from metal more effectively. Not only automotive parts but these methods are successful on unmethodical projects. 

Note that, the process of paint removing isn’t like washing off with water. It needs reliable attributes against metal stains. Be benefited with our expert’s suggestion. Start reading…

Best 7 Methods to Remove Spray Paint From Metal

Method: 1 (Use Rag Set and Drops of Alcohol)

Start with basics. Consider purchasing a rag set (lint-free) and gallons of rubbing alcohol. Make the rags soaked with proper alcohol and ensure if they are not dripping liquid. Now, start kneading the metal with the rag cloth. If metal paints are water-based, no further action is required. It works like magic. 

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Also, we recommend using the acetone instead of rubbing alcohol if a metal surface is surrounded with oil-based paints. 

Both the solutions are prescribed for the natural particles, dents, and grease. In addition, paint removal is possible through the process. 

Maximum readers ask us if steel wool or sandpaper is compatible with rubbing the metal. For a harsh metal, we say ‘Yes.’ But, it is never a good practice if you do it in the car’s exterior. Car rims, wheels, and cracked radiator are applicable for the steel wool and sandpaper wash, whereas, you’re forbidden to use them on the car’s exterior.

Method: 2 (Get the Overspray Off)

Do you know what is called a natural grease remover? It is a combination of a few drops of dish soap (liquid) and a cleansing bar. Now, blend a juice made of dish soap and apply it over the paint or overspray. Use a microfiber cloth as the cleansing bar to prevent scratches. Dip the cloth into warm water and start rubbing the paint where dish soap is applied. Do it till the process shows a difference. 

We suggest this process for those who want to remove overspray. If you want to remove the existing paint on metal, use cellulose thinner, nail polish remover, and gasoline.

Method: 3 (A Premium Task Makes a Better Result)

Didn’t you get an amazing result removing overspray? Still, we have an extension. Our experts guarantee you with ‘Clay Bar & Luber Synthetic Lubricant Kit.‘ Get the product on Amazon directly or make homemade liquor by mixing five drops of dish soap in a bowl (medium-sized) of warm water. In this process, the clay bar ranks a bit higher. 

Gently spray the painted metal surface with lubricant and start rubbing with a clay bar. Using a clay bar doesn’t damage an actual color but overspray. The more you rub, the more paints are wiped off through the process. Once the unwanted paints are no more, cleanse the surface with a microfiber towel.  Chemical Guys CLY_113 OG Clay Bar & Luber Synthetic Lubricant Kit


  • Clay Bar & Luber Synthetic removes overspray
  • It’s a bestselling product on Amazon
  • Easy & smooth use on metal  

Click here to get this clay bar on Amazon. It is recommended as the safest and most effective formula on metal surfaces. You are now able to remove overspray, dust, and paintworks instantly.

Method: 4 (Is Stripping Gel Results 10x Better?)

It’s probably a new experience for you. Using stripping gel is considered to be a 10X stronger formula. It’s a chemical paint removal solution. So, wearing goggles and gloves are necessary. Open the gel source and apply it over the paint. Do it with a paintbrush if the metal section is expanded. Or, an old toothbrush is enough for a small surface. After applying a coat of the gel, leave the metal for around 25 minutes. Usually, a good stripping gel shows its result within 15 minutes. 

After the estimated time, wipe down the existing paints with a rag. Can you see easy disposal? You can repeat the process to remove residue over the surface.   Citristrip QCSG801 Paint & Varnish Stripping Gel


  • It is made to remove oil-based paint
  • Ideal for metal surfaces
  • Non-caustic

Click here to buy this product on Amazon. It is from our recommendation and comes in featured of an industrial-strength remover. No doubt, this product removes multiple layers of paint from metal.

Method: 5 (A Paint Remover That Blows up Your Mind)

Chemical paint remover gets off the metal surface more successfully. You don’t want to damage the metal surface, right? So, choose ‘Citristrip QCSG801’ as an ultimate Paint & Varnish remover. 1 A quart is enough for a test. No worry, any chemical paints of a professional’s choice also work efficiently. But, we’ve tested this liquid and got it non-caustic and more compatible with metal surfaces. Using the liquor with a bristle brush makes the paint removal more efficient. Why not try this method today?  

Professional’s Thought to Remove Spray Paint From Metal

Why do people consult a professional? Are they really worked like a champ? Yes, they do. In this step (method 6 and 7), we shall know the expert’s suggestion to remove spray paint from metal. Let’s get started. 

Method: 6 (Do You Believe Paints Get Eaten?)

Wagner paint eater’ is a unique way of removing the colors off. It is a machine that gets chewed over the paint. Then, it starts removing the stains, latex, and enamel off. The process requires two hands for easy use. Sometimes, using a belt sander makes the machine lightweight and keeps the hand relaxed. Carmakers use this process to label up the exterior gradients.   

KEY-FEATURES:Wagner Spray Tech Wagner 0513040 PaintEater

  • Paint can be removed or flat
  • Electric machine to adhere better
  • 360 angle use

Buy this PaintEater on Amazon. It is featured with high performance and operates at 2,000 RPM constantly.

Method: 7 (‘Heat Gun’ Is a Peerless Technique)

‘PORTER-CABLE’ is a brand of trust and brings the ‘Heat Gun’ with variable temperature. It does the right job of striping paints effectively with dual speed settings. You can set the right control to use it. This process works methodically but in effect. If you can’t have proper time, don’t expect the method to be a roses bed. As it’s a professional’s tool, you may not like its loudness and temperature variation though it works better than anything. Check it on Amazon.


  • This machine can be controlled in variable temperature
  • High and low fan speed settings
  • Capable of removing adhesive tiles

Click here to buy this product on Amazon. It can be used for easy adjustment of temperature and delivers an instant result.


  • Is vinegar appropriate to remove overspray?

If you don’t want to spend in professionals, what if you try vinegar as an inexpensive solution? Yes, it is effective against overspray and removes the paint from metal or other hard surfaces. Get the vinegar boiled and try using them with a microfiber towel or lint-free rags.

  • Does mineral spirits remove spray paint?

Simply, take out a piece of fresh cloth and dampen it in the mineral spirits. Wiping the metal through the process helps as an extension to remove paint stripper or flakes.

  • How to remove graffiti from metal or hard surface?

You’ll see common paint thinner in the market. Get one of them in hands. Then, start wiping the surface through this. Take a look over the instruction guide on how to apply. Also, premium graffiti removal products are available on Amazon. You can easily use them through sandpaper or steel wool. 


I hope you’ve enjoyed this article as this article leads you to the answer, ‘How to remove spray paint from metal?’ Besides, you’ve to ensure which type of metal you are going to work with. If paint should get completely removed or overspray needs to be labeled, it is a big concern. During the procedures we’ve written, follow wearing the safety wear, including protective goggles, gloves, and respirators. Our experts guarantee that the process of removing spray paint from metal won’t go in vain. So, start implementing the best method today.

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