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Last Updated on: 3rd July 2022, 05:44 pm

Changing a tire is a certain task that we can’t deny. It’s heartbreaking to see our car tires getting deflated off the road. It hurts more than your last breakup, isn’t it? Besides being conscious when driving down the road, be more aware of the tire-changing process, or it inadvertently gets you killed.

It is an unpleasant task to change a flat tire on the roadway, and it is quite dangerous. A blowout (also known as a burst) causes thousands of accidents, Wikipedia reports. Simple tire changes can get you in trouble. How to be safe in case?

In this guide, we bring a few things that shouldn’t be considered and not do when changing a tire.

10 Don’Ts When Changing a Tire

  • Don’t work after time & TOOLS

Night and a deserted road is never a safe time or zone to change a tire. People have to check their spare tire to make sure the spare has enough air in it. Be familiar with the type of spare tire. The tire’s types differ from one vehicle to another. Check out the spare tire along with the jack and lug wrench before flatting down the car.

  • Don’t work in an unsafe location

It would help if you didn’t work in the middle of the roadway. Be mindful of finding a parking lot and as per of the crowded area to change a tire. Working with traffic is not a wise decision. Traffic will be passing a few feet away, and there is a chance to be hit by another vehicle. Better, keep tires damaged for a while and select a safe location.

  • Don’t Change Tires Without Turning Signals On

It’ll be wise to keep the flares or hazard reflectors on. The other drivers will be warned to allow your extra vehicle space. Besides, keep the vehicle’s hood open. The objective lets oncoming or off-coming drivers see you easily.

  • Don’t Forget Blocking Tires

Jacking up a vehicle is a common task to change a tire. Still, the wheels can roll forward or backward of the jack. Why not set the emergency brake for more safety? Also, blocking the tires with rocks or blocks keeps the vehicle from moving. If the left front tire is flat, please secure the tire opposite the flat tire (right rear tire).

10 Don'Ts When Changing a Tire

  • Don’t Ignore Owner’s Manual When Loosening Lug Nuts

As we all know, the lug nuts are placed very tightly in the wheels. It takes lots of effort to detach them loose. After loosening them, set them aside safely. Don’t even leave the lug nuts open too loose when reinstalling them. Following the owner’s manual will prevent the car’s wheel from damage. You’ll experience wobbling or a strange road noise if the lug nuts remain loose. Be careful working after jacking up the car.

  • Don’t Use Jack More Often!

A car jack is an essential tool for the process of jacking up a car. Now, I will tell you a shocking truth! Vehicle jacks can kill you like hundreds of people each year. The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announces that vehicle jacks cause almost 5,000 injuries annually. These deaths and injuries happen if the vehicles slip off jacks. A good ratio of vehicle’s jacks made of heavy springs or hydraulic systems. They can even be dangerous. What’s the alternative in case? You can check our article ‘How to change a tire without a jack.’

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  • Don’t Install Dry Nuts

Making the wheel nuts adequately greased will help them get into the right place—water and the wrong temperature result in rust or gall. A high-grade penetrating lubricant helps the lug nuts to get installed during tire repairs and replacement.

  • Don’t Keep the Spare Tire Inside

Before jacking the car up, be mindful of getting the new tire or spare tire (which you’ll replace) out of the vehicle’s trunk. It gets risky and probably impossible to get the tire off the vehicle later. With jacking up the car, the car reaches a greater height. Keep the spare tires in touch!

  • Don’t Use Old Spare Tire

You must ensure spare tires in vehicles have air in them. The spare tire shouldn’t be old and rotted out. A compact spare will allow only temporary use but won’t work at highway speeds for months. Save time and energy. If spare tires look dead, please contact a tow truck to assist you.

  • Don’t Tip Your Car Aside

Working with your car to one side can be the most dangerous thing! We noticed people changing car tires, keeping them on the side with a couple of jacks. Tipping your cars at precarious angles is a big ‘NO’ from us. It’s never wise to risk your life. People don’t know to change their tires, and for that, it becomes essential to change them at an auto service.


  • Can you change a tire with the emergency brake on?

When changing a tire, it is required to jack up the vehicle. You should not leave the vehicle active, or it will roll forward of the jack unexpectedly. Setting the emergency brake is safer. Besides, blocking the tires with hard blocks will keep the vehicle from rolling along or backward.

  • Who can you call to change a tire?

It’s smart to call an expert who can assist you on the side of the road. You can check Google maps for further queries. I prefer keeping a business card of familiar experts. However, America’s 911 systems are the lifeline to public safety. You can dial that number and be in a safe situation.

  • Can cops help you change a tire?

Yes! A developed country has all commandos to help you from the hazard or help you with a flat tire. They are trained enough to change a tire. Better, ask their assistance if possible.


We have discussed 10 things that you should not do when changing a tire. You must be ignoring the spare, shredded, or punctured tire. It’s going wrong! The spare tire should be in a safe place out of damage. Who doesn’t experience tire bursts once in a lifetime? It mostly happens in the middle of the road. Don’t get your family to danger; instead, changing a damaged tire with the spare tire is relatively easy if all are fresh. You can call expertise to transform our tires safely. Let us know how you feel about our article. Thanks for staying tuned!

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