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Kyb Shocks Review

Kyb Shocks Reviews: How Not Knowing a Real Guide?

KYB Corporation is world-renowned, isn’t it? This brand has produced a variety of ride control, hydraulic, and electronic products similar to OEM specifications. This guide is full of ‘KYB Shocks Review.’ You’ll get to see TOP-5 best-selling shocks along with a professional’s review here. 

What KYB says on ‘Worn Shocks?’

KYB’S shocks are structured to prevent ‘Less Vehicle Control.’ People often face two significant disadvantages if the shocks wear. First, It becomes difficult to control your vehicle as the shocks diminish shock’s ability & body movement. The driver often pays compensation for body roll and nose-diving. Secondly, the worn shocks impact the wear of other vehicle components. As the suspension movement is created for the shock wear, additional details such as suspension springs, support arms, bushings, etc., get hampered more quickly. At length, the work shocks create a shorter vehicle life.

KYB vs. Monroe Shocks and Struts: Which Brand is best?

No doubt, KYB & Monroe are the premium brands of ‘Shock and Struts’ on the market. These brands are renowned for producing premium quality shocks that will enhance the vehicle’s overall performance and capabilities.

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Produced in Japan Produced in the USA
Made for rougher terrains Made for well-build roads
Designed for slower speeds Designed for high speeds

Let’s See the 5 Best-Selling Kyb Shocks Reviews

1. KYB 554384 Gas Shock (Silver)

KYB 554384 Gas Shock (Silver)

A great KYB shock at a low price! I got this ‘KYB 554384’ as a better monotube-designed & OEM replacement shock compared to other sellers. What’s the compatibility of the Gas Shock, anyway? You will get it for original handling. Plus, it does control the characteristics of your Hyundai vehicle. Because of having a ‘High Gas Pressure’ design, the gas shock provides extra control. The construction involves a Unique, Air-free, and Hydraulic unit. Through these materials, it becomes easy to eliminate performance fade. At length, the KYB-554384 shock is recommended to all real enthusiasts who have been looking for the correct monotube design. The design outperforms additional standard shock absorbers. The manufacturer offers free prime shipping to the clients. 

Professional’s Thought:

A reviewer said he felt his Hyundai Elantra rear shocks went terrible after 25,000 miles. It caused him severe cupping on the tires. Fortunately, he got these shocks straightforward to replace. As per our view, we would like to say that you have to be comfortable when threading the top bolt back in. The nut stays in a cage. You can move it as it’s easy to do cross-thread one side. You should keep a ‘Tap and Die Set’ to try there fast! 


  • Fitment: Original handling of your Hyundai
  • Instant performance on demand
  • Meets OEM replacement shock requirements

Check KYB 554384 Gas Shock on Amazon.


2. KYB 565104 MonoMax Gas Shock (Red)

KYB 565104 MonoMax Gas Shock (Red)

The KYB Store has tons of choices for specific vehicles. This time, You get this manufacturer’s Gas Shock for your GM truck. You’ll be benefited from up to 40% damping performance. People consider the ‘KYB-565104 MonoMax Gas Shock’ as a perfect solution than standard shock absorbers. The most beautiful thing about the gas shock is its monotube design that outperforms all standard shock absorbers in the market. The piston of these KYB shocks is built-in stainless steel & Zinc-coating. Why not choosing something incredible for the most extreme conditions? You’re highly recommended to purchase this ‘KYB-565104 MonoMax Gas Shock’ for your GM truck. The rubber boot of the shock will protect the shaft & seals from the dirt and debris. 

Professional’s Thought:

These KYB shocks should be called severe truck shocks. People often benefited from these shocks for trucks as they have more powerful gravity on vehicles’ demand. One of the professional’s view on the KYB-565104 Shocks say that a driver feels his driving conditions with fade-free performance. A reviewer named Tommy installed them on the rear end of his 2005 Dodge Ram 1500. Whenever hauling a typical trailer load (4-wheeler), they ride very well. Carfictions experts don’t hesitate to recommend them. 


  • Fitment: GM truck
  • Tough truck shocks
  • Best replacement for standard shock absorbers

Check KYB 565104 MonoMax Gas Shock on Amazon.


3. KYB 555055 Gas Shock

KYB 555055 Gas Shock

Our third choice for Full-Size GM trucks! It meets the original control characteristics and handling of your vehicle. If I say expressly, this KYB shock is designed as a monotube replacement shock. You’ll receive a correct fitment as the shock has all OEM specifications to restore extra control and instant damping ability. What’s unique in it? The ‘High Gas Pressure’ design, air-free, hydraulic unit improves all low performance. 

Professional’s Thought:

KYB makes its shocks for additional performance. As I have said, these shocks will fit Full-Size GM trucks. I recommend ‘KYB 555055 Gas Shock’ for all the customers’ cars I work on. Many reviewers consider these shocks as a cheaper brand such as Monroe. One of our clients bought them for his 2014 Silverado 4×4 1500. Perfect fitment! You may not get the ride highly improved but stiff as a truck should be. It is not jarring at all! 


  • Spacious traditional twin-tube design
  • Built-in instant performance 
  • Better responsiveness & control

Check KYB 555055 Gas Shock on Amazon.


4. KYB 344353 Excel-G Gas Shock

KYB 344353 Excel-G Gas Shock

These KYB-344353 shocks are considered to be the best choice for Asian SUVs and Crossovers. The motto of KYB shocks is to restore the original handling and control characteristics of the vehicle. This time, it meets all OEM requirements of the Hondas and Acuras. You will be surprised to know that a seamless cylinder is used in place of a Teflon coated piston band, and this technology helps for a positive seal and longer life. Besides, the shock is engineered with chrome-plated piston rod & multi-lip oil seals. You will get to reduce much wear of the shock. 

Professional’s Thought:

People often feel their back hit the bump stops! Are you one of them to experience this situation without no load in the truck? You can spend a little more money on this stuff. What a difference you get to go! The ride feels rigid. Those clients who have been looking forward to eliminating rattles, ‘KYB 344353 Shocks’ can do it better as they are structured in seamless mounting eye rings and bolt bushings. Usually easy to install! 


  • Accurate replacement for Asian SUVs and Crossovers
  • Meets requirements of the Hondas and Acuras
  • The shocks cushion the ride efficiently

Check KYB-344353 shocks on Amazon.


5. KYB 349210 Excel-G Gas Shock

KYB 349210 Excel-G Gas Shock

What’s going on? Are you looking for an upgrade in your Scion TC? Make your deal today! You’re recommended to get #1 Original Equipment replacement shocks from the KYB store. As we all know, KYB shocks restore comfortable rides and original control of vehicles. This KYB shock is mounted through eye rings and bolt bushings. You will be benefited from both ‘Reduced Wear & Reduced Rattles.’ Highly recommended for a positive seal and longer life! 

Professional’s Thought:

Without good ride comfort, it’s tough to go through off-roads. For that, choosing something unique will make proper responsiveness and handling. Plus, it helps to restore the vehicle’s ride control with original capabilities. An excellent choice for Asian vehicles! 


  • #1 recommended choice for Asian performance vehicles
  • Preferable for the Aftermarket
  • Improved in nitrogen gas-charged, twin-tube design

Check KYB-349210 Excel-G Gas Shock on Amazon.


How to choose from KYB Shocks?

Not always a price; things are decided based on facts and your vehicle’s compatibility. All KYB vehicles’ shocks may look alike, but their performance on the vehicle is different. In this Top-5 best-selling KYB shocks, we have mentioned the compatibility. One thing is similar to all KYB shocks are designed in the vehicle’s control capabilities. Sometimes, a vehicle is provided additional control, nothing else. Consider three things below to purchase from KYB shocks:

  • Everyday driving (restore originally designed control)

  • Tires and wheels

  • Towing, hauling, or plowing

3 Reasons to Replace Shocks

  • An upgrade 

A vehicle has a broad range of needs for its run! We specify the vehicle’s capabilities on two-part; 1) Passenger ride comfort and 2) Load and terrain capabilities. Your vehicle includes heavy loads, towing or off-road conditions, and heavyweight distribution. For being that case, these shocks will exceed original equipment capabilities.

  • Maintenance 

As far as research, it is stated that the shocks move up to 1,500 to 1,900 times every mile. It means 75 million cycles for 50,000 miles. Your vehicle gets decreased in performance over time. In case it becomes necessary to restore lost handling and control. Replacing shocks means keeping the vehicle’s life expectancy more extended!

  • Worn shocks

Worn shocks are considered to be a driving safety hazard. Once you fail to control your vehicle, it controls you. You’ll be experiencing excessive bounce, units leaking, and fuel dripping during the failed shock’s drive. It is high time to replace worn shocks.


  • Are KYB shocks any good?

The KYB Corporation provides all vehicles’ shocks with ride control, hydraulic, original replacement ability. Many reviewers come to the point that KYB shocks can control bounce over street imperfections.

  • Is KYB shocks better than Bilstein shocks?

These two brands are popular among enthusiasts. You’ll get them better for daily driving. Indeed, they have a difference on a road course. The Bilsteins are one step better from the KYB’s on the client’s vote.

  • Where are KYB Springs made?

Japan is the only country to sponsor KYB as the largest hydraulic manufacturer. This manufacturer is considered to be the world’s largest supplier of OE shocks.


“If you don’t create a good drive, the road will not be steered through a good direction,” Says Nicholas Frost. Who wants to miss a destined station? A reliable brand like KYB brings all-new equipment such as vehicle’s shocks that come out of a passion for giving the vehicle a fulfilled life. We have discussed the top-selling ‘KYB Shocks review’ in this guide. Let us know if there are any queries! 

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