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How to Properly Jump Start a Car

How to Properly Jump Start a Car: 3 Proven Methods

In this guide, you know the process of how to Jump Start a Car Properly. It’s much easier though the number of men doesn’t know about it! You may see the process. But, does it even matter reading some more? 

The process of jumping start a car that is usually done if a battery dies. Your battery must have died. Don’t leave it alone. You can use jumper cables in quality types of vehicles. The jumper cables help the car to get jumpstarted. You must ensure if the jumper cables are safely used on your vehicle. It’s like, when a vehicle’s battery is appropriate to its voltage and indulged with accurate jumper cables, you get the best result. The main work starts after the wires are hooked up correctly. Till then, it doesn’t matter whether a vehicle is compound in the positive and negative ground. 

People get it low if the battery is dead. How to understand if a battery is dead, anyway? Switch the car on and if it doesn’t start even after several trials. When you have a jumpstart solution, don’t worry about dead mileage! 

You get an idea about the cables, battery requirements such as voltage & positive or negative section. If you have no idea whether the red cable is negative or establishing positive ground with the good battery, start reading us. 

Method 1: How to Properly Jump Start a Car With Another Car’s Help?

Step 1: Get ready with jumper cables and another active vehicle

It is easy. Purchase a set of jumper cables online. Do you have them reserved in the trunk compartment already? No more hassle! You can go to the next step. If it’s like you can’t buy a set of jumper cables instantly, call an expert or Samaritan. It may cause you some money!

Step 2: Keep two vehicles (dead and active) faced each other

Remember of parking the vehicles faced each other. Keep them neutral and stop the ignition of the cars. For a better solution, turn the parking brakes engaged.

Step 3: Associate red clip to both vehicle’s positive terminal (Battery)Associate red clip to both vehicle’s positive terminal

You will notice two different clips of the jumping cables. Red and Black! You should associate one of the red clips to the dead battery’s positive terminal. How will you find the positive terminal anyway? A positive terminal is recognized with (POS) or (+) symbols. Generally, the positive terminal is more significant than a negative terminal. 

Now, associate another red clip to another (2nd) vehicle’s positive terminal. Be mindful of the 2nd vehicle must be active.  

Step 4: Using the black clips to the negative terminal & unpainted metal surface

So, we are done with red clips, right? Now, what should we do with black clips? Take one of the black clips and relate them to the existing vehicle’s negative terminal. The negative or positive terminal is always used for the battery in this guide. So, remember it. 

Next, connect the remaining black clip to the unpainted metal surface of your vehicle. Choose from any metal surface. Note that you don’t select the metal surface near the battery.

During the process, you must keep the hood open.  

Step 5: Turn the 2nd vehicle on! Keep the power supply run at times. 

If you connected the jumper cables correctly, turn the 2nd vehicle on. In the process, the engine should be activated for a few minutes. During the time, your vehicle gets ready for a start! Hopefully, you get your car alive. Even if you don’t get the vehicle started, try fixing the cables properly. Usually, you should turn the 2nd vehicle’s engine on for a minimum of 5 minutes. Most of the time, it is possible adequately to jump-start a car with the 2nd vehicle’s help. If not benefited, try replacing the battery. 

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infographic How to Properly Jump Start a Car

Method 2: How to Jumpstart a Car without Cables?

It takes a few steps to jump-start a car without cables. Before going to the detail, you must ensure if your vehicle’s battery is dead. A dead battery doesn’t make noise after turning the battery on, whereas an active battery sounds like engine cranking. However, the main thing to understand a battery’s qualification is engine cranking after the ignition turned on. A dead battery is recognized with ‘No response.’ If thus the matter, please go to the following process gently.  

You can start a car without cables only if you have a standard transmission car. Do you have this standard? If yes, start reading the following steps and get the vehicle accelerated in few minutes!

How to Jumpstart a Car without Cables

Step 1:You must schedule a downhill road or a yard. Be mindful of keeping the atmosphere free of a crowd.
Step 2:Crank up the car’s clutch.
Step 3:Turn your car in first gear. Also, turn the ignition activated.
Step 4:Leave your foot from the brake and tell your friends to give your vehicle a push! The vehicle’s speed during the process should be 5 to 7 miles per hour. If you have got no friends, try rolling down the hill.
Step 5:Be careful of leaving the clutch low in spirits.
Step 6:Once you release the clutch successfully, you may feel the engine is started on. Sometimes, you don’t get the result in the first try. In case, repeat the process again & again.

Method 3: How to Jump-Start a Car With “No Vehicle Requirement?”

Previously, we have shown you jumpstarting a car with another car’s assistance. In this step, you don’t need any vehicle’s consultancy. All you need to buy a ‘Portable Power Pack.’ A portable power pack is engineered with enough power supply. The process of using a power pack is too easy. Be mindful of charging the power pack fully and connect it to a dead battery. A dead battery consumes high capacity from the power pack and then gives your car a start instantly. 

  • Beatit Portable Car Lithium Jump Starter 

Beatit QDSP 1200A Peak 16500mAh 12V Portable Car Lithium Jump Starter...
BEATIT B7 is an extremely versatile and reliable portable car jump starter battery pack

In the cold weather, we barely face cranking in a car. Sometimes, it doesn’t make a start. This is happening due to electrical issues or a dead battery. You can try the ‘BEATIT B7 battery pack’ as the battery pack is reliable for all portable cars. If your old peak dies, try this Beatit product as a versatile opportunity. What are the main focuses of the jump starter? Firstly, it is a powerful jump starter with 1200 Amps capacity. Depending on a single charge, the portable pack keeps a flat battery alive in 1-3 seconds. You can continuously do it 30 times. You can use the jump starter with 12V battery cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles & trucks. Another eye-catchy thing about Beatit jump starter is being convenient in an emergency. A Portable power bank of 500mAh stays by your side in case of abroad vacation power outages. 

Key Features:

  • It is sized as a small alarm clock 
  • Easy to connect
  • Packaged with Smart Jumper Cables

Click here to buy ‘Beatit Portable Power Pack’ on Amazon. 


The process of the question ‘how to properly jump start a car?’ is all about bringing your car battery to life. 65% of people get this way benefited and look for the latest repair. You must take consultancy from another vehicle, or using a ‘Portable Power Pack’ is considered to be quite a successful strategy. Always remain equipped with jumper cables and power bank. Thus help you in a critical situation. Be mindful of driving your car for 15 minutes after the jump works. You should keep the battery recharged and operated for a good time. Hopefully, you feel no hesitation through the process.

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