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How to Make Tire Shine

How to Make Tire Shine: Read in 3 Methods

A few people look for the confident solution; How to make tire shine? You’ll see hundreds of commercial tire shine products that have chemicals effect on them. It dries the tires and damages the gloss when going onto your car. If you are ready to spend a budget, please try our up to bottom solutions once, and we guarantee you to get it economical. Instead of consulting an expert, try some natural. Our guide includes homemade, Armor All, and water-based tire shine. The main benefit you achieve through these processes is complete protection against tires drying.

Method 1: How to Make Homemade Tire Shine?

How to Make Homemade Tire Shine

Car enthusiasts have different choices in a tire shine. Besides concerning on a vibrant paint and clean surface, look for a solution to homemade tire shine. It makes your beastly vehicles not only brightest but combat against the tough roads. The method we’re going to discuss is like the similar dressings in the market. Let us know one way to enhance the lifespan with ‘how to make homemade tire shine?’

Items Are Needed Quantity
Dish soap (mild) 2 Table Spoon
Soap flakes or Borax 1/4 cup
Lemon oil or juice 1 Table Spoon
Hard-bristled brush (Traditional)
Microfiber towels

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1. Mix the dish soap, flakes, or Borax altogether in a bucket. Choose a large bucket for the process and blend the ingredients again with 2 gallons of water. Warm water results more favorable. Between the soap flakes and Borax, we find Borax more effective. You can find Borax easier near your place or order it online

2. Now, add the lemon oil or juice (1 tsp) in the bucket. You can get it original on Amazon. It is significant for the ultimate cleaning process, as well. Mixing the lemon oil to the previous (Step: 1) blend makes the mixture ready against grease and conditions glued to the rubber (tire).

3. Once the mixture is prepared, scrub the tire with a Hard-bristled brush. A traditional brush works the best in case. You’ll see little suds in the tire shine solution. It is because of adding lemon oil, so don’t mix more dish soap for more suds. Through the solution, you can scrub the tires along with the rims and hub cap. But, focus on cleansing the tire as much area as possible.

4. Can you see a fresh tire happened through the process? If yes, then rinse the tires you’ve processed must be cleaned with fresh water. If no, continue the process till you feel it thoroughly cleaned. Finally, buff the tires with the microfiber towel and get it dried and the brightest.


Check out another relevant content that may help you ‘How to Paint Rims Black Matte?’ Besides, Best spray paint for Rims is available on Amazon. Be noted that tires and rims create a deep combination and get your car a premium look altogether.

Method 2: What’s the Armor All Tire Shine? You Must Know

Armor All tire shine was the first brand to convince the global clients to dress the tires after a wash. In 1979, the What's the Armor All Tire Shineproduct made a good fan base between hot roaders and low riders. Today’s market is enriched with hundreds of tire shine products. But, Armor all is still considered to be the original. Click here to buy in on Amazon.

David Caron, an Amazon reviewer, expresses his feedback on Armor All Protectant and says it to be the genuine Armor all products. He also adds, ‘I’ve been a regular client of this product for 33 years. It works great for the interior and convertible.’


  • Includes a precious car’s look
  • Used as a solution to cracking and fading discoloration
  • Works like protection against dust and debris
  • Compatible to rubber (tires) and plastic parts
  • Non-greasy finish

Procedure to apply: 1) Shake well; 2) Spread liberally onto the surface (tire), and 3) Wipe off excess.

Method 3: How to Choose Water-Based Tire Shine?How to Choose Water-Based Tire Shine

Water-based tire shine is a winning formula that is replaced with water instead of the solvent. The first reason for using tire shine products is not causing damage to the rubber. The tire shine is consisting of zero harmful substances. So, you’re assured of an environment-friendly use. You can finish a comfortable use. The process takes a few minutes to be done. We suggest three best-seller tire shine (water-based). Using these formulas revives the brightness of the tires shortly.

  • Car Guys Tire Dressing Car Care Kit

You’ve probably tried a few tires shine products, right? No matter if your answer is Yes or No, we recommend this product as it doesn’t leave overspray on the tires but provides a pretty good shine. After applying it, you’re able to drive off the car. The kit keeps the tire clean by keeping the dirt off. One thing that matters a lot when using Car Guys kit is if you get little on your hands, you can easily wash it off. It doesn’t feel super greasy on your skin but tire skin.

  • Black Magic BM23 Tire Wet

We pick this one for being specially formulated. You’re able to make a brilliant gloss over the tire with ‘Black Magic BM23’. It is one of the leading brands for lifespan results, wet and glossy black look. The product has a great combination of polymers and high-molecular silicones. You can easily spray the liquid over the tire and let it dry for a while. Wiping is not necessary though you can do it for maximum safety. You get no chance of getting sling on the wheel wells.

Black Magic BM23 Tire Wet, 23 oz.
With one quick spray, this tire dressing leaves tires looking wet, black, and glossy; Dries quickly so there is less chance for sling on your wheel wells and fenders
  • Chemical Guys TVD11316 Tire Kicker

You can choose it as an extra glossy tire shine. It is considered one of the better tires that shines out the market. Using the product never creates an artificial look, but you get a clean surfaced tire. We recommend ‘Chemical Guys’ tire kicker as it restores a black gloss to the rubber and plastic car parts. Not only tires, but you can make it compatible with interiors, exteriors, and engine bays. The special feature of this tire shine is preventing future fading from sunlight.

Chemical Guys TVD11316 Tire Kicker Extra Glossy Tire Shine, 16 fl. oz
Restores new black look to vinyl, rubber and plastic car parts; Safe to use on interiors, exteriors, and even engine bays
  • Meguiar’s NXT Generation tire coating

For over 115 Years, Meguiar’s has been the world leader in car care. You can choose their specialized tire coating as the super-glossy protection against browning and premature aging. Using the product maintains a deep and dark wet look on the tires. Meguiar’s tire coat is recommended to be a long-lasting tire shine with advanced resin technology. The using process is done in an EASY AEROSOL SPRAY.

  • Duragloss 253 Tire Dressing

It is a blend of synthetic polymers and forms a new look on the tire. The polymeric coating on the surface doesn’t lose even in rains. If you prefer something between a beat-up and shiny, this stuff is perfect. After using the solution, you won’t find the tires annoyingly glossy or wet. It looks like dressed as they’re cared for. Few reviewers say it to be their daily driver—besides, water-resistant stays on longer.

Duragloss 253 Tire and Mat Dressing - 19 oz. Single Pack
Leaves tires black; Water resistant; Will not wash off when it rains

Shortcut to applying water-based tire shine:

  • Clean all around the tires
  • Apply one spray directly to the per tire
  • Use an applicator to spread it over


Our solution to ‘How to make tire shine’ encourages all the natural processes. These tire shine procedures are good at improving longevity and protection. The homemade tire shine solution is considered to be a vital formula within a cheap budget. Besides, water-based tire shines product has a great value worldwide. It doesn’t cause tires to be fatal or damaged. Therefore, you’re highly recommended to use a solution between ‘Armor All’ and ‘Black Magic BM23 Tire Wet’.

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