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deployed airbags

How to Fix Deployed Airbags: 3 Easy Steps

Have you gone through an accident recently? Not all airbags are inflated through an accident. Some of their sensors are triggered inside and then, airbags are deployed. Whatever, if either happens, your airbag needs to be fixed. Read this content to know, ‘How to fix deployed airbags?’ The installation process is indeed critical if you are not an expert. We encourage those learners to detect some points, including Airbag light, Resetting airbags, Replacement cost, and process. 

Why an airbag need to repair? Maximum states don’t allow improper airbags. Besides, you won’t be protected from another accident, meanwhile. A deployed airbag can’t detect the sensor accurately as it is not triggered when required. It puts both driver and passenger in danger and causes lots of damage through the frontal or side-crash. Even if you’re not an expert, get to know how airbags are fixed. 

The Procedure to Fix Deployed Airbags; 3 Things Are Focused

Usually, fixing an airbag depends on three critical things; fixing the airbag lights, Resetting the inflator system, and then airbag replacement. Let’s know why these things need to be fixed. It heals an airbag to perform correctly.

  • Fixing the airbag lightsThe Procedure to Fix Deployed Airbags

In general, Airbag sensors get reset after every use. If the sensors are not reset automatically, you should do it through the manual process. We faced many operations related to the airbag replacement, and we have seen their sensors are triggered, deployed, then light’s on. Modern cars have a warning light related to the airbag system. This light indicates if something is inverted. So, consult a professional if you see the warning lights on or the airbags won’t work properly in the meantime of a collision.

  • Resetting the inflator system

Be noted that those airbags are deployed are not genuinely damaged. It just needs to get reset. In case of resetting an airbag, please concern the makes and models of your vehicle. After fixing the airbag lights, deflating the airbag is necessary. For some vehicles, the airbag is completely deflated. But, if it’s not, you’ve got a step ahead. Go to an auto repair shop, and you’ll get the airbags to reset and use it for the next challenge.

  • Airbag replacement process

If your airbag system is not benefited by fixing the sensor’s light and inflator system, replacing the airbags are mandatory. It’s costly but refreshes the overinflating. Some vehicles are structured to reset an airbag system, and some are not. If you’ve got one of those vehicles where you can’t reset the airbags, we suggest the ‘Airbag replacement process.’ This process includes replacing the existing airbag with a new one. Installing an airbag is critical and involves the surroundings too. It’s like, if an airbag is installed on the steering wheel, you may replace the entire wheel and column. Gradually, it reset the sensors and make the airbag functional again.

What to Do After Airbags Deploy? 4 Mandatory Things

  1. Dean, a helping-hand of Carfictions, describes one of his bitter experiences. He and his colleagues were returning from the office and had a sudden collision in his car. They were fortunately saved as the steering wheel and doorstep installed an airbag setup. D. Dean kept himself from front clashes and his colleagues from side clashes. Then, he consulted to our experts as his airbags were deployed and couldn’t reset. We listened to his experience what did he follow after airbags deploy or what did he do after a sudden collision? You must know what you should do with his expertise.   What to Do After Airbags Deploy
  • Turn the car engine off

The latest airbags are upgraded with complete features that turn the car’s engine off after deployments. Besides saving passengers from a sudden collision, airbags protect a car from unexpected explosions. An explosion mostly happens from oil or cylinder leaks. As we’ve said earlier that airbags couldn’t be upgraded in an older car, turning off the car engine manually will save your existing vehicle from a possible accident.

  • Assess the damage of a vehicle

After having an accident, get out of the car as soon as possible. We remind you again to switch off the vehicle’s engine. Then, call the local mechanics to document the losses. Through the process, you’ll get an instant fixing and go home even after being eleven’s clock! At that point in time, contact your insurance company to visit the spot, collect information, and help you financially to get your vehicle repaired.   

  • Check if anyone is injured

With a proper airbag setup, there is a 10% chance left of severe injuries. It saves frontal and side crashes. Now, people call an airbag as the lifesaver. Even if a car is protected with proper deployments, please check if you’re injured along with the passengers. Before driving off the location, ensure the medical attention thoroughly.

  • Replace the airbags if necessary

Once you’ve turned off the vehicle’s engine, examined your vehicle, and checked for injuries, inspect the car’s airbags if they’re damaged after the deployment. Even if an airbag replacement is costly, it saves a life. So, it would help if you considered a quick operation. Sometimes the collision isn’t too bad. In case replacing the airbag isn’t a viable option. A replacement is totally depending on the amount of damage during an accident. If needed, do it.   

How to Remove Deployed Airbags by Your Own; 10 Minutes Solution

Firstly, you’ve to deactivate the airbag system. Then, disconnect the battery. It takes a couple of minutes to clip off the deployed airbag completely. The airbag that is installed behind the steering wheel is removable in most cases. For this process, clip off the four retainers and conventional fasteners. How to Remove Deployed Airbags by Your Own

We’ve consulted those drivers that have a steering wheel without a stitch on. You can purchase center cover on Amazon if necessary. Though removing the deployed airbags is easy, we recommend an expert to install a new one. 

Driving without an airbag system is your choice, but the passengers inside will be unsafe.  


Once you’ve completed the procedure to airbag repair or replacement, ensure if the sensors are calibrating to the vehicle. In some cases, you may consult expertise. Be noted that reading our ‘how to fix deployed airbags’ will help you through acknowledging which components need to repair and how they function. Besides, we’ve discussed the matter of how you should react after airbags deploy. Hopefully, you use airbags and keep your family safe.

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