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Fix a Keyed Car

How to Fix a Keyed Car: A Complete Guide

Getting scratch in a car makes you unfortunate. But, our thoughts are better than a cure that removes off the Key-scratches instantly following two methods of our research. All you need some necessary tools, tactics, and a home garage; If you own these three conditions, then you are ready to set and GO! 

Your car faces tiny damages, and scratching over the car glass doesn’t go in your favor if your partner causes the injury using a KEY! A lot of questions are available in our mail where readers are very keen to know very li’l matters like fixing a Keyed car. If you want an ultimate solution, we can get you two efficient methods that are professionally proven.

Consider 8 Necessary Tools to Fix a Keyed Car

  • Painting aerosol or pen

Using the same color on the dent is a challenge, but you can do it once you have spray cans or touch-up pens to cover the defected area. Also, there is much professional staff available, and USC Spray Max is one of the high Gloss Clearcoat Aerosol that flows smoothly. The Key facility of using top-rated painting aerosol is it dries to a long-lasting and gets you top gloss finish. Your car is able to get a natural look back to your color and assure the exact glow with an expert’s accompany. 

  • Super Cleaner

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The quality cleaner makes a giant difference between the old and present appearance of the car’s gloss. Using harsh chemicals doesn’t get a perfect wash, but rather it damages the protection. You must be checking out one of the top brands of the client’s choice, and it is CarGuys Super Cleaner as it has almost 5-star reviews. Or, you already have the quality option of cleaning materials to go for it. 

  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

You must be thinking of using a brush to cleaning the Keyed area, but do you know microfiber towels work more expeditiously? Ultra-soft sander and non-abrasive microfiber cloths won’t affect your painting, coats, or major surfaces so that you seem confident to wash. 

  • Waterproof Masking tape

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Masking tape keeps the car’s surroundings with no additional harms like getting an unfortunate scratch or bird droppings. You must seal the masking tape around the KEYED area and draw a rectangle cornering the scratch. Masking tape reduces both risks to have additional scratch and color combinations. 

  • Premium abrasive sandpaper

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Variation of the KEYED area may get you into trouble with using sandpaper to label the damaged area. Sometimes the KEYED area is thin or broad, so that layer gets complicated to make a natural harmony. Maintaining the car color and shape is mandatory to produce a healthy appearance of your car. As I say, variation can be different for the KEYED area so that you need to use several grits of sandpaper-like 800, 1500, and 3000. Sometimes, the Blonde scratched area doesn’t need a sanding if it seems OKAY in shape. All you need to jump on the next step if the sanding part has managed your confusion.    

  • Primer

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Though your car faces good damage and you can measure its deepest side, you must go for an introduction before you are applying the coloring coat on the scratched area. It works kind of like eyeliner, and you can easily use it on the KEYED line so that it gets more comfortable for you to fill the layer combination between the KEYED area and the painting. 

  • Clearcoat

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After priming and using perfect color on the KEYED area, you must make focus on a clear coat as the protective finisher. Choosing a clear coat is a challenge, as not all bottles work better. MS-52 Universal Clearcoat Kit has a very professional impression in the marketplace so that you’re prescribed to select one of these premium hardener Normal. Using a clear coat is all about your choice because you know what’s best for your car!  

  • Wax for polishing

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Different waxing systems let you maintain the cloudy area of the coated area naturally, and In case you need to pick out the best wax for the car. The more quality you maintain for waxing the clearcoat, the more shine your car produces.

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7 Steps to Fix Keyed Car Scratches

Step: 1

Okay, you must take out the car cleaner you have, and using a microfiber towel makes a hard wash so that you can see the perfect KEYED area. Sometimes dust over the car hides the line of scrape, and washing through the cleaner would be amazing to get you the right view so that you can easily mark it using the masking tape. Now you need to clean up the car’s surface, clean the damaged area and dry it for at least 20 minutes and in case you need to use a microfiber towel.

Step: 2how to fix a keyed car

Once you clean and dry, the KEYED surface tends to tape around it so that the next stages of sanding, priming, and coloring would get super easy to do. On the other hand, focusing on the scratched area can cause you more damage if you don’t use masking around the surroundings.

Note: You need to get a transparent surface before trying the tape.

Step: 3

Now the next step comes of sanding on the damaged area to get an accommodating surface. You can use 800, 1000, and 1500 grit sandpaper measuring the fracture, and you need to complete the whole session of sanding for around 20 minutes, and when you think that surface is equal between the damaged area and car painting, stop more sanding and jump to the next step.

Step: 4

Now you need to apply the primer over the KEYED line and be careful if you’re cutting the right primer view. Once you write down the prime mark over the scratching line, be cautious if you’re not marking on the wrong way. You need to act straight this time. 

Step: 5

You keep resting 20 minutes till the primer is melted on the fracture line, and when you feel it dry, please apply the touch-up line. Using coloring aerosol or coloring pens would be an excellent idea to get your KEY line vanished away. If you’re using a coloring pen, act as the primer method, and dye the surface. And, if you are spraying aerosol over the primer, use more tape around the surroundings so that your car gets no artificial vibes. After a while, you would find out the color melted over the KEY surface. Dude, you’re not done yet. Need a finishing over the coloring coat!

Step: 6

Only when a color effect is dried completely use clear coat protection to get a glossy look like genuine paint of your color. It’s an easy task and all you need to spray gloss over the fracture and increase car elegance. You can consider the clear coat protection like waterproof rays. If you feel free to remove the masking tape now, please do it. 

Step: 7

Finally, you need to use a quality wax for finishing up the whole process, including car surface color and coating. You must continue waxing over the color protection and take your time to make a last wash over it. Never use a brush or hard chemical to wash your car shade, but microfiber material would be enhancing the natural cleanse. 

Interrogate Session:


Q: It looks promising, but no offense post a photo of repair on the light; in this dark, we can’t see anything.

Solution: Yeah, it’s still not right.  You can see where it got keyed in the daylight, so you must try trying this method in a low light setting. I’ve still pissed someone who did this, but I have to move on.

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