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The G37 and G35 are both excellent cars, but G35 vs G37 which is faster? Many factors make one car a better choice than the other. The first thing to consider is engine size.

The G37 has a 3.7L V-6 engine, while the G35 has a 3.5L V-6 engine. So, the G37 would be your best bet if you want more power.

Another factor to consider is fuel efficiency regarding gas mileage. This varies depending on how much you drive each week or month and what city you live in (that will affect gas prices). Still, generally speaking, there isn’t really going to be any different. Let’s dive into the real bet of G35 VS G37!

G35 vs G37 – Which is better?

G37 is a sedan car, and G35 is a coupe. Sedans typically have more passenger space, which can accommodate 5 adults or up to 8 kids. The trunk also has a larger space for luggage or groceries. A coupe usually has less cargo space in the back because it’s sloped down, and the shape of the body then results in more wind resistance than an equivalent-sized sedan with an upright rear end. I would choose G37 if you are shopping for a family; otherwise, there really isn’t much difference other than design preferences and personal style (Sporty VS Elegant).

G35 vs G37 – Appearance

About G35


The Nissan G35 is a great car if you’re looking for economical yet reliable commuting. There are some definite drawbacks to the G35 that you should know about, though. One of the best things about the exterior of this vehicle is its sleek design with spoiler and low ground clearance, which complements its racing-inspired performance specs nicely.

Its sporty bucket seats and silky smooth steering wheel make driving much more enjoyable than comparable sedans on today’s market. It has many safety features such as an ABS braking system, airbags in all corners, an oversize front bumper beam that absorbs impact force instead of transferring it into the cabin. Where passengers are sitting, it crashes much less traumatic for everyone inside. 

About G37


The Nissan G37 is aimed at people who want a fun car – it doesn’t take itself too seriously but still provides comfortable and agile handling that will match the mood of most drivers.

The G37’s exterior styling is designed to be expressive and aggressive without being outlandish or overdone. Curves rush across the entire body from head to tail, giving this sports car plenty of styles while also providing an unmistakable silhouette for such a low-slung vehicle. There are various grades available with all Nissan vehicles, ranging from basic SE models to more high-end Sport SLs with upgraded trim and appointments. Every phase nevertheless pays homage to the beauty of simplicity in design.


The G35 and G37 have the same engine but not in the same trim. The G35 can come with a V6 (3.5 L), while the G37 can only are available with a V8 GT-4 3.7 L, which is rated at 329 hp @ 7400 pm and 266 lb-ft of torque @ 5200 rpm). The power difference is due to a 25% reduction in displacement on the V6 over the V8 for better fuel economy ratings.

It’s hard to tell which engine is better; many reviews of each give different answers. But after some research, I found that the newest G37 model has a displacement and an output of 350 HP, whereas the mill in the G35 produces 280 HP. They both have six-speed automatic transmissions, but the new models get higher gas mileage, 21/28 miles per gallon city/highway compared to 18/26 with as well as estimated range increases on highways shared by Toyota and Lexus models; 684 highway miles vs 480 in 2009. 

The older engines had more horsepower at 295 with a larger torque input at 248 lb-ft, but it also had a longer takeoff run time (8 seconds) than its newer versions.

How much faster is a G37 than a G35?

Two are in no particular rank. Two cars are in the same line, but there is no specific rank between them as both were designed to perform tasks differently. The differentiating factor for the two is gas mileage – The G37 has a V-6 engine which delivers up to 20 miles per gallon city and 29 highways. In contrast, The G35 has a V-8 engine that delivers 15 miles per gallon city and 22 highways when using regular unleaded gas. 

G35 VS G37 – Price

They also differ in luxury and prices – The price of the new 2013 Nissan G37s starts at $36,950, whereas the 2009 Nissan GT-R’s base model starts at ~$78,900. All Nissan vehicles come with an extensive warranty package that features free scheduled maintenance for enthusiasts. 

G35 VS G37 – HP

Nissan G-35s have more power than 370 models because of the V6’s 3.5-liter engine and even have an optional all-wheel-drive system.

The Nissan G-35s comes with a V6, making them most likely beat out a Hyundai Elantra or Ford Expedition in horsepower. As for the other cars you mentioned, they only come with four cylinders, so it’s no surprise that they wouldn’t be as strong as a sportier vehicle like the G-35s or one of their kind. 

I’m not sure what you’re asking. I have a G37, and there’s no G35 on the market.

For clarification, let’s think of their respective engine sizes – 3.7 L vs 3.5 L – that are pretty close to each other (0.2l difference). This means the capability of these cars is almost identical. 

Nissan G35 VS G37 – 0-60

This is a question that you can’t answer with simple testing. Nissan provides a “0-60 times” in their specs for the G35 and G37, but this is not what you’re looking for. 0-60 acceleration testing cannot account for the difference in weight (the G35 has lightweight aluminum construction while the G37 has heavier steel); it only measures horsepower at full throttle to 60 mph or some other pre-selected point. Additionally, Nissan includes fuel economy figures with their 0-60 time numbers which inflate the performance of both cars. The estimated result is- the G37 has a 0-to-60 time of 4.7 seconds, which is on average 2/10s of a second faster than the G35.

G35 VS G37 – Reliability

The Infiniti G37 (2006-present) is a sedan car that competes with Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Cadillac CTS, and the Acura TL. The G37 was introduced in 2006 to replace the older G35, which was discontinued in 2005 due to low sales. It is powered by an engine initially made for the Nissan 350Z. A facelift of 2009 updated all models with minor cosmetic changes such as different style headlights and taillights front and rear bumpers. All models come standard with a six-speed manual transmission or an optional seven-speed automatic transmission known as “seven gear.” The different gear ratios provide optimal performance under differing conditions for both luxury cars and sports cars, depending on driver needs. 

Is a 370Z faster than a G37?

The 370Z and the G37 both offer a 3.7L V6 engine to power their cars. 

To answer whether one car is faster than the other, it’s necessary to note that—though they have similar horsepower ratings—the 370Z has an eight-speed automatic transmission in contrast to the six-speed of the G37 that we’ve all seen come standard on nearly every car Nissan produces lately (even their freakin’ minivans). What this means is not only does it sound really cool when you bury your foot into its accelerator, but it automatically picks gears for you, so you don’t burn up your clutches too fast or spin out too often. 


The best years for the Nissan G37 are 2007 and 2008. Some people believe that 2006 is a good year, but this isn’t accurate. People think this because of the shape of the headlights, which has been changed in 2007 and 2008 to give it a more modern look. The best years for the Nissan G37 are 2007 and 2008, so if you can get one from these two years, then you’re better off than going with 2006 or 2009-11 models.

Do Infiniti G37 last long?

Nope! The Infiniti G37 is a sports car. It was produced from 2006 up to 2012, and the final model has 50% greater horsepower than earlier models. Plus, it’s the first sports car made in partnership with the Red Bull Racing Formula One team and their development as part of Nissan-Infiniti Motor Company’s (NIMC) global motorsports plan. The features of this car make it one that will last for a long time – take care of your G37!


Yes, they are. Nissans are great cars for a more budget-oriented buyer, especially the G35 line at this particular time due to its advanced technology and lower non-affordable cost of ownership when compared to other models in its class. Nissan has been traditionally famous for making reliable and lightweight vehicles, allowing them to sell cheaper than their competitors because less metal is needed in their construction.

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Let’s wrap up G35 VS G37

The Nissan G35 is a sport luxury car that was manufactured by the Japanese automaker Nissan. It has been in production since 1999, and as of 2012, it is still being sold. The Mazda RX-7 or G37 is an iconic sports coupe from Japan with many fans worldwide. In order to determine which vehicle you prefer above the other, we recommend taking into account your personal needs when deciding between these two vehicles. Now, you are defined with something more affordable, as both of them are explained in our blog post. What’s your opinion? Write us.

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