Top 7 Fix Bluetooth Lag in a Car

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Fix Bluetooth Lag in a Car! Bluetooth lag is the time it takes for a car to receive commands from a Bluetooth device. The lag will depend on the range of your device and if you have signal interference from other electronics.

In most cases, there should be little difference between someone playing their music off a Bluetooth device vs. their cell phone or an aux cable. In general, if either is going to be better, it would usually be worse with aux cable wires because these can cause interference with surrounding electronics.

One exception might be streaming audio instead of downloaded songs, which could boost cellular data usage and battery life by having smart Bluetooth enabled in your car options. Cars equipped with OEM-installed built-in wifi may also have such Bluetooth lags. 

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Moreover, Bluetooth lag in a car is when your music or GPS directions play out of sync with the vehicle’s physical location. This often makes people turn their necks and drive weirdly to see what’s on their iPhones, which doesn’t help with safety. This guide will write about how to fix Bluetooth lag in a car. 

To fix this problem, you can switch between Bluetooth devices (such as your phone and speakers) and choose one that provides a lower latency.

Usually, if you’re playing music with Bluetooth in your car, it’s at least 10ms, but if you’re using Siri for voice command, it might be over 30ms since Siri needs to translate whatever is said into text before sending it out over Bluetooth). 

Fix Bluetooth Lag in a Car with 7 Quick Tips

There are a few tricks to solve or reduce your Bluetooth from lagging permanently. If the audio in your car is delayed, then follow these tips below:

Bluetooth devices should be in an appropriate range 

You can check for a signal to ensure that the Bluetooth devices are in an appropriate range. The easiest way to do this is by placing and slowly moving your phone or tablet near any of them until the icon changes from the red square with an attached chain (which means far away) into the green box without lines connecting each side.

This shows they’re within close enough distances, so using dependent upon what kind of connection plan(s) you have set up between all parties involved. 


With the Bluetooth signal being limited to 33 feet, it’s no wonder that people love wireless gadgets. They allow for much more flexibility and maneuverability than traditional wires because you don’t have any tangle or tangles with them. 

Bluetooth devices should be in an appropriate range

If your car’s Bluetooth is not working properly, there are also things to consider.

First, make sure that the device you want it paired with and its host (the stereo in this case) stay relatively close together, so there aren’t any gaps between them in terms of proximity or distance from either element for too long during the pairing process because once one side gets out past range, then everything goes haywire.

The phone shouldn’t have a 1% charge left 

Do you know what would be a great help to me? My phone battery is low, and it’s interfering with the pairing. If only there were an easy way for us both; the first thing I should do when this happens is charge my phone. 

The battery in your phone is only as strong and reliable as the charger. When using Bluetooth, be sure to charge regularly or let it fully die before pairing again. This will ensure that interference from low power doesn’t disrupt connections. 

Communication is the key to success –

And if your phone can’t communicate with others because of a low battery, then you will suffer from lag times. The system does this in order for essential apps like audio files or messages that require immediate attention don’t get cut off due to lack of power consumption when running on only 1% percent left!

Poor signal interference 

Connecting multiple Bluetooth devices may cause audio delays, as each device will have lower signal strength. 

Wearable technology can also suffer from weak connections if they are not properly positioned or proximity sensors don’t work due to their close proximity with other electronics that create interference. 

Connecting two or more Bluetooth-connected gadgets could lead you to experience some frameskip because of lack of bandwidth on account of all the different connections competing against one another.

Physical obstacles create Bluetooth lag

If you notice that your Bluetooth signal is not strong enough while driving, it can be because of the car stereo or a thick phone cover. To make sure everything works as planned and avoids any obstacles in between these two devices. Please check to see if they have clear line-of-sight visibility from each other before getting started. 

Fixes for Bluetooth Lag in a Car

Using Bluetooth codec helps reduce latency

What do you need to know about Bluetooth codecs? You may be surprised when we tell you that there are many types of these devices, and not all work equally well. The performance varies based on the quality, manufacturer, or even your phone’s age.

Some of the Bluetooth codecs are; AAC, SBC, aptX, and LDAC. While Android’s system default is usually SBC (an average quality but faster transmission),  Apple users enjoy better listening with their help from AAC, or they can use whichever one they want if both options suit their taste best.

Car stereo must be compatible with the Bluetooth host

You can pair your phone with any car stereo that has Bluetooth capabilities, but make sure it’s compatible. The right stereo is essential if you want to make your car’s audio system Bluetooth compatible. 

Nowadays, there are many options available, and they all vary in terms of sound quality or features depending on what we need them for, whether it’s playing music from our phone while driving around town on a long road trip. 


Hooking up with other passengers through chatting apps like WhatsApp so everyone can hear at once how awesome their favorite song sounds when performed live by an artist who just released a new album.

Reset the car stereo system 

If you’re experiencing connectivity issues with your car’s stereo system, it might be time for a factory reset. Pairing problems and stutters can cause audio lags in the vehicle, so experts recommend doing this before they worsen!

Final thoughts on “Fix Bluetooth Lag in a Car”

Bluetooth in a car can be hit or miss. However, if you followed our list of tips for troubleshooting and fixing audio lags from Bluetooth problems, then they should no longer pose an issue. 

How to fix Bluetooth lag in a car?

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