Fix A Manual Car Window That Won’t Roll Up – 5 quick hack

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Last Updated on: 29th September 2022, 08:58 am

If you’re ever had to roll up a manual car window, you’ll have to fix a manual car window. It’s like, couldn’t you do anything better than that? Well, that’s until you see our tips for how to fix a manual car window. In this blog post, we’ll give you some tips on how to make it happen quickly.

In general, you can use a tool to help you, such as the one we’re going to focus on – the wire brush. This tool can be used to help you place the window quickly and easily. Once you have the window placed, use a painter’s rod to Scribble in the code necessary to get the window up and running again.

How to Fix a Manual Car Window

You can use a wire brush to help you fix any kind of small or large window, such as the windows on a car. You can also use this tool to help you with small, medium, and large windows that are not too badly cracked but rather broken from hanging up.

You can use the wire brush to scrub off all the dust inside the window so it doesn’t get caught in the mechanism. Any dirt that gets stuck in there will be removed by this tool.


The wire brush comes with flexible wires and a cover so it won’t get damaged when you’re cleaning up any junk inside. Once you’ve cleaned your window, the brush is easy to change and put everything back together again.

If you want your car window fixed quickly and easily, this tool is perfect for you!

Fix A manual Car Window That Won't Roll Up

5 Tips for How to Fix a Manual Car Window

Clean the window thoroughly before you begin. You’ll want to move dirt, dust, and other contaminants off of the window. Once that’s done, you can begin to clean the window by using a wire brush attachment on your shop vac.

Once you have a good cleaning solution ready, turn the car windshield wipers on.

You may also want to use your shop vac in order to clean the interior of your vehicle’s steering wheel and dashboard area. Just be sure not to get too much into these areas because this will cause issues with fluid pressure within the system.


Once you have finished cleaning, it should now appear that your vehicle is completely clean and ready for sailing. Let’s see valid tips to fix a manual car window. 

Check the window handle rotating

The first step is to rotate the door handle while paying attention to notice if it’s behaving oddly or not. If you feel like there is grinding, then its teeth might be defective and should be replaced. Its best course of action would be to remove the crank and diagnose visually what’s going on with them (stripped).

It really depends on how badly each tooth of that particular crank was damaged- a simple replacement may do just fine, but at some point, you will need more serious repairs, which require dismantling parts for visual inspection, as mentioned in this revision.

So –

use your judgment wisely when deciding whether to spend time fixing something vs. replacing it altogether.

Obtain a release to the door panel

To access the window handle and crank within a manual window, firstly unscrew the door panel where it is located at. Alternatively, you can remove the said piece to gain easier access by grabbing all the available screws on its backside. Next, go through the sheet metal’s opening and reach inside for both parts in question; just make sure not to damage anything.

Check the window’s glass

Under this step, you should ensure that the glass is in good condition. Sometimes, these windows get dislodged from their tracks or stuck to one side. When cranking up the window, it doesn’t roll up properly. You should straighten out a loose track if any are found and tighten them back so that your window glass fits well in its place once again.

If the connection of the car window crank is okay! 

The crank is a device that helps in the movement of window parts. Sometimes, though, when one component doesn’t perform well enough, it can affect the entire operation of your car’s windows. If this happens, you might need to replace a mechanical part – like an entire pulley system- and will have trouble fixing them yourself! This can be quite difficult with some types of screw and pulley systems that are fitted into regular cars.

The condition of the regulator

If your car window is stuck rolling up entirely, a faulty regulator might be another reason for this. This component might get caught somewhere, and dried out the grease in the system can cause binding. If there is no oil on hand to fix the problem, applying fresh oil or freeing the regulator can be solutions for you.


How do you make a manual window roll-up easier?

You probably want to take off the door panel and lubricate the mechanism with WD-40, or you might try spraying some on a window track when it’s closed and then rolling down the window to get that smell in. Open up again as needed after spraying it around, so your problem is lubed.

How much does it cost to fix a manual car window?

You can raise or lower a side window with the push of a button. The cost for fixing your manual car window will vary depending on factors like size, complexity, and location that are specific to your vehicle. Most people expect it to cost between $200 and 450 when replacing a car window.

What is the best lubricant for windows?

WD-40 is a good all-purpose lubricant you can use on your windows, and it’s also fine for many other purposes. However, silicone spray is much better at cleaning up sticky or oily dirt that builds up in window channels. It doesn’t have to be expensive, either – this stuff can usually be found on Amazon.


Even though you have followed the steps in this guide, “How to fix a manual car window that won’t roll up,” the problem can persist. This is most likely due to an issue with your car’s mechanism. If that’s so, it is important to ask for help from a maintenance technician or refer back to your manual when trying these jobs out again it could be futile as some issues are more technical than others and require specialist knowledge.

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