Duramax LML EGR Delete Kit – Bold Guidance

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Last Updated on: 3rd October 2022, 05:04 pm

Duramax allows a delete kit for the LML EGR system. This kit allows users to safely and easily remove the EGR system from their vehicles. The kit is easy to use, and it comes with detailed instructions from various manufacturers. Carfictions wants to make sure that its readers have access to the best possible service, and the delete kit is a part of that commitment. Start reading us.

What does Duramax LML EGR Delete Kit do?

The Duramax LML EGR delete kit is a kit that allows you to remove the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system from your truck. The EGR system is designed to reduce emissions, but it can also cause your truck performance problems. Removing the EGR system can improve your truck’s performance and fuel economy.

Is Duramax LML EGR Delete Kit a fine process?

I was thinking of doing an EGR delete on my 2011 LML Duramax. The fact of the matter is that it is a huge hassle and takes a great deal of time. But all I wanted to do was to improve engine life and mpg. Given that it was a pain to remove all the engine mount pieces and install them afterward, I cannot even imagine myself doing the EGR delete. I live in Aberdeen, South Dakota, where it freezes in the winter. I was unsure about whether I should buy a new up pipe or perform the sinister LML EGR delete kit. So, I went for the expert’s recommendations. I mention the expert’s answers below-

Philip’s view on  Duramax LML EGR Delete Kit

“Eager to complete my delete procedure, I wondered why I neglected to do so earlier. I don’t know whether I should wait longer to enable extra time or whether I can speed by. I blocked it after 40K feet, and with that few kilometers I walked, it wasn’t optimal. It wasn’t tough to eliminate the preceding pieces. The hardest thing for me was detaching the prior downpipes from above. I chose to go with the up pipes of Profab instead of simply capping the stocks. I would highly recommend the Profab EGR delete tube if you do the full delete. The delete tube and up pipe were of high quality.”

Jimmy’s view on Duramax LML EGR Delete Kit

Do a complete delete, not just the top of the bell (blocker plate). The most difficult portion of the cleanup is unscrewing the bolts used to mount the bell, so it might be well worth the attempt if you get the opportunity to loosen them. It looks clean too. This is my EGR and cooler with 175,000 miles on it. It’s simply foolish for it to go in your engine. I have seen some sights much worse with only 3-4 hours of labor.

Jack’s view on Duramax LML EGR Delete Kit

The best part here is, without a doubt, that it comes from the Deviant race parts. It costs $450, which is all it took to buy the full kit, including the new stronger up-pipe. It is worth the price range not just emotionally but also if your EGR cooler is leaking externally. The hardest job was the downpipes. Fortunately, I got both jobs done. The EGR cooler was replaced by the evening. It took almost an hour to delete the EGR.

Best Duramax LML EGR delete kit

Deviant’s Duramax 6.6L LML EGR DELETE (2011-2015)

Deviant’s Duramax 6.6L LML EGR DELETE
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Everything I needed was included, so I chose to purchase on-demand up pipe gaskets that were not included in my deal. Deviant Race Parts has been manufacturing their parts in-house in the USA. It was by far the best option available to me. One is not prepared to spend at least $1,000 on manifolds up pipes, so Deviant’s LML EGR delete kit is a great deal without hesitation. Anywhere that costs $300 for a quality LB7 pipe or $100 for a thick blocker, Deviant will charge almost $455 for a generalized setup as well as a couple of hours of labor behind the scenes.


The Duramax 6.6L LML EGR Delete is the perfect solution for those looking to upgrade their 2011-2015 GM LML w 6.6L Duramax engine. CNC machined and anodized billet block makes this part durable, while the new DRP Passenger Side Up-Pip ensures proper gasket formation and performance when installing this delete.

Thanks to its unique design, this delete provides noticeable gains in power and torque compared to a stock setup.

This complete kit includes all necessary parts and detailed instructions, so you can get the job done without any headaches.


  • It’s inexpensive, but you get all the features of an EGR delete kit
  • Preserves stock look
  • Maintains the original feel without any need to invest in modifications


  • Cuts down on labor and cost

LML EGR delete up pipe

2011-2016 Duramax EGR Delete w/ Up-Pipe
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The Duramax EGR Delete will remove the problematic EGR for better fuel economy and reduced carbon deposits in the intake. This will result in improved combustion, decreased restriction, and increased power.

The Duramax EGR Delete is factory clean and looks great under the hood.

If you’re looking for a way to boost your Duramax engine’s spooling ability and lower your EGTs, this is the perfect mod! This Duramax EGR Delete w Up-Pipe will take the hassle out of installation.

KEY-FACTORS & Benefits:

  • Boost your Duramax engine’s spooling ability
  • Lowers your EGTs
  • One-piece design installation


  • Requires race tuning

3. Sinister Diesel Intake Bridge

Sinister Diesel Intake Bridge

Sinister Diesel Intake Bridge is the perfect solution for your performance needs. Sinister designed this intake bridge to increase horsepower and torque while providing a precise fit. Our precision mandrel-bent tubing is fully TIG-welded with precision CNC machined billet material, resulting in an outstanding finish that looks great. It performs better.

Introducing the Sinister Diesel LML Intake Bridge for 2011 – 2016 GM 6.6L Duramax trucks! This performance upgrade replaces the restrictive stock piping with high-flow tubing, providing increased airflow and improved throttle response.

The Sinister Diesel LML Intake Bridge is perfect for anyone looking to increase horsepower and torque while retaining factory drivability.

KEY-FACTORS & Benefits:

  • Replacement: 2011 – 2016 GM 6.6L Duramax Diesel
  • Larger diameter CNC mandrel bent
  • Aluminum tubing


  • Check for the intake use

What does Nicklaus Say on Duramax LML EGR Delete Kit?

I went with the Sinister with the dependable cap plate. It has been up for over 2 years with no problems, and the crack up-pipe is entirely a myth, that is all there is to it. Fortunately, it’s just brought on by people pushing the more expensive choice.

Knowing if mine might crack, just in case, I would decide to take an LB7 up-pipe along with the Sinister deletes to recharge the grid heater.

If you obtain the Sinister, only install a new gasket for the EGR, don’t ask to use the old one. Additionally, there is less work expended, and the installation is going to be rather simple.

He adds more about Duramax LML EGR Delete Kit –

The other EGR delete kits where you must pay further for an up-pipe or rebuild an additional portion of the engine appearance nicer. In case you drop the stock grid heater that you maintain with the Sinister.

You need to purchase the grid heater if it needs to be along with the other EGR. It costs you more money. Yes, if you have removed the EGR, the grid heater will make the processing time a bit longer.

Duramax LML EGR Delete Kit can be a release –

In conclusion, we have discussed the Duramax LML EGR Delete Kit, and it is the perfect way to remove and replace your EGR system on your Duramax LML. We recommended the important EGR delete kits that make the process a breeze. The delete kit comes with all the necessary parts and instructions. So don’t wait any longer – get your delete kit for LML Duramax today!

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