Duramax LBZ EGR Delete Kit: Are Bad for the Engines?

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Last Updated on: 3rd October 2022, 05:12 pm

People are often surprised to know- what does EGR delete do on LBZ? Duramax LBZ EGR delete kit is the perfect solution to remove the system. The pros of performing an EGR delete on Duramax LBZ mean achieving maximum engine performance and fuel economy improvement. After accomplishing this, you won’t have to worry about emergency EGR maintenance. In this guide, we shall cover the explanation of the Duramax LBZ EGR delete kit as well as you’ll find to know the top-trending delete kits available on the market.

Is deleting EGR on LBZ Duramax okay?

A customer said- he noticed a lot of soot buildup on his stock system. So, I tried a full EGR delete on his LBZ with the help of my Carfictions mechanics. Let’s share with you the result I got from this delete.

  • I noticed a faster spool up.
  • No heavy black smoke emission
  • A bit more power in the vehicle

From my perspective, deleting Duramax LBZ EGR is fine if you have too much time for Racing, Tuning & exhausting the engine in the cold area. You can also face difficulties in warming the engine. Sometimes, adding an addiction can be the best bet to significantly boost it.

What is the benefit and problems of EGR delete on LBZ Duramax?

Performing an EGR delete improves your fuel efficiency on LBZ Duramax, though EGR is considered a strategy to minimize pollutants from the exhaust’s back. Let’s focus on some benefits an LBZ Duramax can earn-

  • Improvement in engine performance
  • Fuel economy
  • Timesaver from emergency maintenance & expensive repairs

Even after a bunch of benefits, the EGR delete kit has a bad reputation for getting you out of EPA compliance and can void the engine warranty. Before making an instant EGR delete, please think if you can overcome the fear of service, warranty, and major penalties.

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What do I need for EGR to delete LBZ?

Rachel had a question last month, “What do I need to delete my EGR on LBZ? His vehicle’s driver-side up-pipe was broken. So, he decided to go with Profab pipes and delete the EGR. I asked him whether he was planning on making big power or not. He replied, “Not right now.” I recommended that he install an up pipe on the passenger side along with a Profab EGR delete tube. It won’t cost much.

ProFab is an excellent brand to provide LBZ EGR delete tubes for racing. This delete tube is structured with one 1/8″ threaded port that will ensure a boost gauge or NOS install.

LBZ EGR Delete Tube
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The delete tube has the construction of black-coated steel. You can paint it as needed.

The company includes everything you need to test the EGR system and the bridge strap.



  • You may experience a flawed system in gas temperature

BEST Duramax LBZ EGR delete kit

Duramax LBZ 6.6L Diesel EGR Delete Kit

BEST Duramax LBZ EGR delete kitI loved the black version of it. Duramax LBZ EGR delete kit is a cooler delete kit with a black or blue powder-coated intake elbow. I experienced the heater hose a bit longer but loved it over other delete kits.

A reviewer recommended replacing the plastic connection to the metal heater core. The kit comes quickly from the seller. What about the company profile? The company is fantastic to deal with.

The fitment of this delete kit includes 2006-2007.5 Chevrolet & GMC 6.6L Duramax LBZ.


  • Not refurbished but brand new delete kit
  • It comes with an intake tube
  • Includes exhaust block plate, coolant tube, hose clamps & necessary things


Duramax LBZ EGR delete kit helps a complete delete, and I recommend doing a full delete instead of working with a blocker plate, though they do the same thing. The key to a full delete is cleaning up the underside of the hood. The process removes the EGR to make space around the motor. If it comes to the question- Does LBZ EGR delete worth it? It depends on you, whether you consider if spending extra money is OK for you or not.

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