Coil Spacers vs. New Spring; Will New Coil Springs Improve Ride?

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Last Updated on: 3rd July 2022, 05:19 pm

Coil spring spacers are a way to level your ride or allow for taller tires. However, they can quickly lead you down the path of having much quieter passages and better handling due in part to their ability to reduce understeer by making more room between tire and wheel well wall so that turning has consistent traction at all times. 

On the other hand, New Springs bring fresh new springs rate with customized options based on how serious someone takes their driving which may solve some common issues COIL SPACERS cause like uneven wear while maintaining good road-holding characteristics as opposed to just running soft everywhere, thus lowering performance levels overall. 

In this article, we’ll explain COIL SPACERS VS NEW SPRINGS, whether they’re legal or why you might fit them, and some of the problems they can cause.

Coil Spacers Review

Inexpensive coil spacers for cars

Spacers are an inexpensive way to make your coil-sprung Jeep ride better. Some cost more than others, but they don’t exceed $200 in price! With a lot less expensive options like braces, you’ll regret it later when those springs start creaking again. We never recommend using wood spacers in place of wood spacers or something. 

Versatile lift coil springs

They are compatible with both factory or non-factory coil springs, in any case, if it’s a heavy-duty coiled up on top. Spacers can be used in conjunction to adjust the height of your springs and make adjustments for different vehicles, whether you have an old pickup truck like me who needs its brakes adjusted when I go driving around town all day long. 

No change in spring rate

No change in your spring rates! Spacers do something different to how far you can compress each coil before it deflects off the pad, but sometimes they make it so that springs are compressed at an angle instead of on the flat ground. This should be taken into consideration when deciding what kind of suspension setup will work best for YOU and YOUR COMFORTS!

Coil Spacers

Coil spacer lift pros and cons

Springs may change the height at which they spring, but their stiffness will never change. Spacers are an essential part of properly handling your car and can make all of those bumps in traffic more bearable by giving you a fixed amount of lift no matter what weight or wear level we’re talking about!

Adding a block between upper and lower spring pads—a space shared with the coil springs will reduce your available collapsed length by 2 inches if you add a 2″ spacer. A 2″ spacer adds no extra droop. Still, if an installed suspension has longer shocks or sway bar links, it might affect how far up travel is limited.

Time-saving installation

Installing a spacer is a straightforward process. The process is the same as installing a coil spring.

Coil spring spacer problems

No change in spring rates

The easiest way to improve your vehicle’s performance is by changing its spring rate. If you want a softer ride, then go with new springs. Coil spacers won’t change the spring rate most often and won’t help to improve the ride.

Risk of falling out

Spacers have been known to move when the vehicle has longer aftermarket shocks. If a spacer becomes dislodged, it can fall out for proper seating of your coil spring with this extra piece of metal in between them both and more often means something going wrong will happen sooner rather than later. 

Difference to choose

You have a choice of metal or plastic-derived spacers to maintain the spring rate and ride quality while maintaining softness. The metal spacer is theorized not only can they sustain less wear but also enhance performance in harsh conditions such as snow-covered roads with potholes. So, if you live where this occurs, it might be best for your vehicle’s suspension system because hard hits will still feel softer than soft rubber/hard urethane daystar units may soften harsh rides, at least some owners attest.

New springs / Replacement coils review

New springs brings a fresh spring rate

Springs wear out and sag, so replacing them with new or the same ones may be the answer. The spring rate could change when you do – this will make it harder to install your old ones in the exact same location.

Customized spring rate

With custom coils, you can specify the spring rates for your springs. You have progressive-rate or heavy-duty options to choose from as well as a lighter-weight version of each which will be more suitable depending on what type of vehicle and application. Old Man Emu has made this steel armoring part out of in order to fit properly without bouncing around like wild.

Collapsed length change

If you’re looking for more responsive handling, then it’s worth considering upgrading your shock with a taller coil. There are many different kinds of aftermarket strut components available – such as upper and lower spring pads or nitrogen-filled high-performance gas shocks that will work well in most vehicles on today’s market!

Better performance

Wearing out your springs? Need a better ride for this year’s trip to grandma’s house with all of those pesky grandkids in tow! The Bilstein coils improved the drivability of our Jeep Wrangler that came from the factory with an incredible spring rate and stiffer sway bars.

New springs

Replacement Coils/ New springs problems

Expensive to get

Replacement coil springs can be expensive. If you have custom-made coils, it’s not surprising that they’re going to cost many hundreds of dollars! But thankfully, there is a cheaper alternative: off-the-shelf OME coil springs, which retail at around $100 for the set, and we were able to get them in our sample size. If you’re in the market for new coil springs, be sure to shop around. They are high-quality products made by experts who know their stuff about car parts, just like how your favorite mechanic would do so when servicing vehicles equipped with these types of specific auto components down pat!!!

Not as advertised

It can be frustrating when you go into your car and find that the ride height is not advertised.

Incorrect spring rate

The common misconception about new car springs is that they’re perfect from day one. There’s a chance your ride could end up being too soft or firm – and this will effectively affect how well you enjoy driving in general. To prevent any unwanted surprises when it comes time for an alignment appointment down the line, be sure to find out what rate of spring compression YOU currently have at home by checking with anyone familiar enough on these matters first!



Spring Spacers are a tricky upgrade for riders who want to get the most out of their vehicle. If you don’t install them properly, your CV joints can snap and send shrapnel into other parts of your suspension such as springs or shock absorbers; this, in turn, could lead not only spoil what’s left but also make future maintenance extremely difficult on these critical components which may cost more than just buying new ones outright if they’re already worn down from regular riding habits, etc… So it pays off with doing research beforehand before getting any kind!

  • Do new coil springs make a difference?

They should. Assuming that the old springs are worn out, new coil springs will create a smoother ride. 

New Coil springs can help maintain a car’s suspension and reduce road and wind noise. 

A good maintenance schedule for your car requires that you replace both the left and right sides of a pair of coil springs at once. This will ensure even wear on both parts, which is important because, over time, they can weaken and cause uneven bounce when driving or riding in turns due to differences between each side’s reactions as it absorbs impacts from bumps on pavement- something we all want gone!

  • Can you lift a truck with just coil springs?

With the right tools and equipment, it is possible to lift a truck using only coil springs. You will need longer replacement coils designed for taller drivers to get this done as quickly as possible, though – so make sure you have all of your supplies on hand before starting!

I did not know how much time I would waste trying different methods until someone told me about him doing just fine by replacing his current shorter ones with some long-awaited extra height assistance solutions from up top (or under).

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