How to Change a Tire Without a Jack | Handy Hack to Know

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On-road, we go through various circumstances, and once our vehicle’s tires are not fixed on the road, Flat tires can occur momently. Don’t be disappointed! It happens to all who remain on a busy freeway. You can get rid of this situation with a towing company’s assistance. Also, it’s possible to use a jack as a viable option. If you want to know ‘How to change a tire without a jack,’ read us till the end for better treatment.

Quick recommendation to do with a ‘Flat Tire’-

  • Contacting a towing company
  • Beckoning down a fellow motorist for assistance
  • Consulting to nearest auto parts store

As a driver, it is essential to accept the unexpected situation. A flat tire is entirely responsible for an accident. You’ve to keep a car tool kit.(found here on Amazon) What if you don’t have an option? Fortunately, Carfictions responds to you with the proper information for changing a Tire with a jack

How to Change a Tire without a Jack? 6 short steps!

1. Take a lug wrench (found here on Amazon) and detach the lug nuts off. It let the wheel be removed at ease.

2. After removing the wheel, keep a ramp next to the vehicle. The ramp should be placed under the non-flat tire and gear the vehicle to park on the ramp. Once the non-flat tire goes above the ramp, the flat tire will also get above the ground.

3. Remember to add something underneath the ramp. It will keep the tires spin-free. Changing a tire should be done with insufficient ground clearance to give it room. The vehicle’s engine should be off, along with the emergency brake turned on.

4. Using a lug wrench does remove the lug nuts. Please remove them and change pull off the flat tire to replace it with your spare tire.

5. Spraying some WD-40 (found here on Amazon) on the studs will make the lug nuts tighten. You can do it also on the star pattern screwdriver to make them evenly tightened. Then, it is time to fix the flat tire with the spare tire.

6. After installing the spare tires, please drive the ramp off. We recommend tightening the lug nuts firmly. Don’t hassle! For more safety, use a digital tire pressure gauge (found here on Amazon) to confirm if the spare tires are well-suited like other tires.

How to Change a Tire without a Jack

Quick process to change a FLAT tire without a jack

Tools needed to change a FLAT tire without a jack

  • A digging tool (Shovel recommended)
  • A tire iron
  • Spare tire

Recommendation: You must keep the ‘Crescent Tool Set’ (found here on Amazon) to work with an assortment of hand tools in an unexpected situation.

  • Even with the flat tire, drive the vehicle to open earth or soil and turn the vehicle’s engine off. Be careful of engaging the emergency brake, or else the vehicle moves in certain situations. You’ll find a woodblock nearly. Find whatever that blocks the side of the axle closest to the flat tire.
  • The next step requires a digging tool such as a ‘Shovel’ to dig the soil beneath the tire. Dig the hole down on the round of the tire, and be careful digging deep to remove the flat tire and install the spare tire easily.
  • You must be having a tire iron, right? Make all nuts on the tire removed and pull the rim and the flat tire off the hole. Take the spare tire in the hole. Then pack it in the gaps with all of the nuts back on.
  • Now, it’s time to fill the earth-hole back up with the removed soil. Start the vehicle’s engine and start moving gear forward. Your replaced tire will climb out of the hole shortly.

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What can I use instead of a jack stand?

  • MAX Vehicle Ramp – Pair (16,000 lb. GVW Capacity)

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It can be used instead of a jack stand sometimes (During tire change)

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  • Choose From 2 or 4 post Car LiftAPlusLift 10,000LB Car Lift

Why not be in a commercial vibe? Choose from the world’s best 2 post or 4 post lift. It costs more, still makes the work easier.

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  • QuickJack BL-5000SLX Portable Lift

The terrific QuickJack lift helps the vehicle maintenance on the track. You can keep the jack portable lift under the vehicle and make the tire changes. Be careful using this with locking the lift in one of the two positions. It’s performing great on to the next wheel. You can make your car up at workable height.


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Q/A Session:

You should do it under the vehicle, of course. Be mindful of keeping the jack in the middle of the vehicle frame keeping the tire flat.

  • Can you change a car tire by hand?

It’s impossible until the vehicle is jacked up off the ground. Hands often change the flat tire. You need to release the lug bolts off, replace the nuts, and additional works by hand.

  • Does insurance cover flat tires?

Mostly, our vehicles go through hard roads, and once the tires hit a sharp object, they turn to worn tires. Most of the auto insurance doesn’t cover tire repairs. However, you’ll get proper assistance for tire-related issues on the road.


Car jacks are the most used component to change car tires. At that moment, you don’t have a car jack; it’s necessary to think about an optional. We often get caught in an open dirt area. In this guide, I have discussed ‘HOW TO CHANGE A TIRE WITHOUT A JACK.’ Did you find it useful? Let us know.

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