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Best Turbo for 6.0 Powerstroke

7 Best Turbo for 6.0 Powerstroke in 2021: Buyer’s Guide

It is said that “Never use the word “cheap” and buy what you don’t have yet! What do you want?

Who doesn’t want to upgrade their Powerstroke? The power upgrade is considered to install a top-grade Turbo for 6.0 Powerstroke.

In this guide, we mention the seven best turbo for 6.0 Powerstroke. Now, you’ll feel no more hassle to choose from a lot of research. Check each of the products in our recommendation to buy a specific one with many associated technicalities. If you think it’s high time to retire the stock turbo, get a reliable replacement. People often get through a real turbo for daily driving and towing performance.

As per reliable threads, the Powermax is what most people are going with! Undoubtedly, The Garret Powermax is the best option and works with stock sticks nicely. Check our Top-pick below!

Key features

Our Top-pick! It has hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon. An excellent stock replacement opportunity to improve performance and fuel economy slightly. Get the fitment perfectly matched up like an accurate OEM part. People comment that they have been experiencing sound and performance like a turbo again. You’ll be fixed with all turbo related error codes. The seller’s willingness to ‘plug-and-play’ feature is really appreciable. Highly recommended!

Check this Garrett GT3782VA Turbo on Amazon.

How Do Turbos Work on Cars?

How Do Turbos Work on Cars

It works similar to a jet engine! A turbo helps to provide maximum air into the engine. An internal combustion engine includes fuel and air together and works by the ignition to cause an explosion (Read it “Revolution”) so that you’re benefited with sufficient power and the waste gases. To be noted that the exhaust gas is reused in turbocharged engines.

The turbo is structured as a snail-shaped tube. It helps funneling exhaust gases through a turbine & a compressor. For being a result, the turbine gets at very high speed. The process helps to provide more air into the engine compared to a non-turbo aspirated engine. A greater fuel circulation happens even if more power is generated throughout the bigger explosion in the cylinder.

If I specify the old turbos, they were like all crude devices to deliver extra power, whereas modern turbos contain mind-bogglingly complex systems to control gas movement. Indeed, modern turbos have degrees of accuracy & ‘linear’ power efficiency. 

What Benefits Do Turbos Have?

  • If I specify the foremost benefits shortly, it’ll include increased-power, increased-torque & engine strength at low revs.
  • The small engines are benefited from this as they hardly ever produce much high revs torque without a turbo.
  • Installing an aftermarket turbo will boost the effect more intensely.
  • The turbo works fine to reduce the gas’s discharge out of the exhaust so that it feels not loud like a non-turbo car.
  • Many drivers experience hearing a ‘chuff’ when placing their foot off the throttle. Whatever, the ‘wastegate’ technology of a turbo eliminates excess gas from the turbo if not required.

Choosing From Our Recommendation, but Why?

  • We care about ‘Compatibility’

It is an essential task to judge the compatibility of the turbo. Get it appropriate with your unit. The fitment should be perfect & without forcing it in any away. Our products are specified with their compatibility, so there is no chance to fit the wrong product in your engine. Get rid of losing appeal and performance.

  • “Renowned Brand” is everything to us

Make a belief! Investing in a top brand’s turbo won’t harm your engine, nor will it reduce the engine’s tuning and performance. All reliable manufacturers enrich our guide, especially the ‘Garrett’ reliable worldwide to produce quality products. What are you waiting for more than opting for the quality turbo for 6.0 Powerstroke?

  • Proper Turbo Investigation

Installing a turbo is easy if provided by quality manufacturers’ warehouses. Our experts did frequent checkups to ensure these proper turbos functionality. Our investigation includes checking authority, lubrication, foreign objects, etc. We recommend checking the turbo for oil leaks as we have experienced such a case harming functionality.

Reviews of 7 Best Turbo for 6.0 Powerstroke

Garrett GT3782VA Turbo - 2003 6.0L Powerstroke

Key features

‘Engineered Diesel’ sponsors this best! It is an OEM equipment and genuine turbo to make a better deal. Get it compatible with the 2003 Ford F-Series & Excursion Power Stroke 6.0L. The feature of the Garrett Turbo includes new stock replacement. Purchase with a warranty; it has a 1-year unlimited mile warranty from Garrett. Before starting the replacement process, please update the oil drain tube. The ten vein design of it makes the truck whistles nicely. A reviewer said he installed the turbo on his 06′ and got appropriate to the MBRP 4″ exhaust. You’ll notice a quicker spool up as the construction includes a larger Inducer and fewer veins than a stock turbo. This Garrett stuff comes with the necessary install gasket and o-rings along with spacers. New turbo mounting bolts are included in the package.

Professional’s Thought:

Not too much to tell! As per our mechanic’s opinion, it will work with 03-07 F-250’s. The manufacturer itself declares this turbo to be an OEM replacement product and great for a ’03 6.0 Powerstroke. The 10-vane exhaust wheel of the turbo creates a typical ’03 turbo whistle. The packaging looks well. It is estimated to go 250,000 miles out of this unit! A customer said that he’s been using this in his truck like the original. Garrett Turbo for 6.0L Powerstroke takes right off!

Check this Garrett GT3782VA Turbo on Amazon.


Key features

‘KC Turbos’ is a renowned brand to make quick spool up among the Turbo enthusiasts. Check the Stage-2 Turbo for more top-end power. You must be expecting to have the ability to tow max weight, right? KC Turbo keeps the tow max weight with ease between your temps and keeps your RPMs up. What’s new? A very similar whistle to the Powermax/2003 turbo is structured in this turbo. If you’re planning on doing a 10 blade turbine wheel in your (04-07) 6.0 Powerstroke, take the opportunity to hook up with stage 2. The shipment comes out the same day or within very faster days. We highly recommend ‘KC STAGE 2 TURBO’ who has been looking for a Powerstroke turbo.

Professional’s Thought:

This is a great turbo to maximize the limits of a truck. For those who look for more performance and ability to tow max weight, this turbo is the right stuff to tow max weight—a brand new Turbo with no core requirement. You’ll receive the package with a new VGT solenoid. The KC stage 2 Turbo has its cachet than stock injectors. What do you expect more than having all the extra airflow? There’s no lag! Get the turbo with quick spooling and dang sound. Amazeballs!

Check this ‘KC STAGE 2 Turbo on Amazon.

Garrett GT3782VA Turbo - 2005.5-2007 6.0L Powerstroke

Key features

Garrett brings a ‘NEW Stock Replacement’ opportunity for the 2005.5-2007 6.0L Powerstroke. It fits the 2005.5-2007 6.0L Powerstroke perfectly. The charming side of this Garrett Turbo is being packaged with all of the bolts, o-rings, and gasket. You can utilize the new gasket for the top of the oil furnish line. Don’t consider this turbo as remanufactured stuff. It is new. The performance of your truck shifts better and accelerates smoothly. The Turbo codes are functioned without over or under-boosting. I say it is 400 bucks cheaper than local parts. You will get delivered to your front door.

Professional’s Thought:

A mechanic of our close-door expresses his experience. One of his trucks had been smoking more than a smoker. After an investigation, it was somewhat sure that the turbo seals gone out that identified leaking oil into the exhaust. He tried for auto repairs with ‘Garrett GT3782VA Turbo.’ This seems pretty straight forward; a real plug-and-play. I appreciate the seller’s willingness to get us a brand new turbo & upgrade.

Check Garrett GT3782VA Turbo on Amazon.

Garrett Powermax Turbocharger for 04.5-07 6.0L Powerstroke Turbo

Key features

Garrett is ‘Great!’ Powermax Turbo is an appropriate addition to a truck. Get this turbo for top and performance. The ‘Spool up’ procedure takes a bit longer than expected. We recommend this to replace a rusted out OEM Garrett turbo. An enthusiast notices the boost much faster than the original. Fitment is perfect and will bolt up nicely. Most of the people purchase the turbo mounting kit together. An additional value will add 175 HP overstock in the drivability.

Professional’s Thought:

The Garrett turbo is patented through (AVNT) design. Nifty product, worth every penny! Besides, it is increased in compressor flow and boost response. Nine movable vanes of the turbo improve turbine efficiency & engine performance. I would say the boost comes slowly along with a noticeable whistle now. You should consider something better than the original.

Check Garrett 6.0L Powerstroke Turbo on Amazon.

maXpeedingrods GT3782VA Turbo Charger

Key features

Great value for what it costs! Get it compatible with Ford F-250 F-350 F-450 2005-2007 (6.0L) Powerstroke. We loved this particular part that comes right up as advertised. Professional installation is required as the turbo doesn’t come with an instruction guide. Even though a few clients reported that the item arrives a little late during the COVID-19, it is received with care and in great condition.

Professional’s Thought:

Nice product. We recommend using this turbo with an Electric Actuator. After installing it, the maXpeedingrods turbo is operating great. Compared to a premium quality & easy install, this turbo is like everything you need at a reasonable price. I recommend it to anyone who wants to do an easy upgrade. This kit listens like a jet!

Check maXpeedingrods GT3782VA Turbo on Amazon.

Turbo Lab' 6.0 Powerstroke Compressor Wheel & Housing

Key features

‘Turbo Lab’ presents this upgrade for 2003-2007 6.0 Powerstroke. No machining required installing! It has a direct fit. You’ll be benefited from this turbo’s support of up to 175 hp overstock. The compressor housing is engineered in.70 A R and looks quite smaller in diameter, although the housing is wider to make it easy to remove and install. Easy replacement guarantee for 6.0 Powerstroke. People admitted getting a clear vision of the size between the billet wheel & stock compressor wheel—an ideal American choice to do an easy upgrade.

Professional’s Thought:

A reviewer said that this turbo makes sense to his Powermax! It seems a little bit Smokey since the first installation, along with a billet wheel also. The fit and finish are very aesthetic. You’ll be provided the housing overnight if required. It doesn’t smoke so much more! Yes, it is a direct bolt on to the stock garret turbos with 2003-2007 6.0 Powerstroke feature.

Check the Turbo Lab Wheel & Housing on Amazon.


Key features

A genuine ‘Garrett GT3788VA Turbocharger’ will be the perfect stuff for 2003-2004 6.0L Powerstroke. What do you want more out of your truck? The Advanced Variable Nozzle Turbine (AVNT) design of the turbo will help increase compressor flow. Nine movable vanes of the turbo will improve the turbine and engine’s performance significantly. What’s necessary to launch through peak torque? A Powermax turbo that is designed as a drop-in upgrade will help to reach an additional 175HP.

Professional’s Thought:

This turbo is a significant addition for 6.0L Powerstroke owner that wants more out of their truck. It requires no additional modifications. You’ll be benefited from maximum power range utilizing a larger compressor wheel. Once this turbocharger meets all factory requirements, you should go through other fueling upgrades. We found the turbocharger came with cast finish housing.


So, How Do I Choose the Right Turbo?

  • Our proficient buddy’s works like ‘Boost Adviser.’ Before adding ‘Turbo for 6.0 Powerstroke,’ we valued the well-graded manufacturer’s choice that will meet maximum horsepower and engine requirements. Please, go through all our specific turbos and find the one match for you. These turbos create map points on different compressors. You’re assured of a performance upgrade and a real horsepower goal.
  • You should be mindful that the engine requires 18X more airflow to acquire a smoke-free performance. Those turbos with quality features can establish the highest amount of power. It helps improving diesel engines with more fuel summation & more air summation. You’ll be benefited from the additional capacity to gain increased control than the stock turbo. The compressor reaches the choke limit throughout the upgrade turbocharger. An accurate turbo causes sufficient back pressure in the exhaust manifold to improve the lower efficiency to supreme turbine power.
  • A turbo is mostly specified based on its intended power increase. Let’s take this case seriously. Then, it is important to know the manufacturer and go through the Turbo Tech Expert section. You need to match a turbo correctly. How to do this? Well, the reading of a compressor map and the equations need to be considered. Calculating the Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) is wise to meet a chip or tuning module.

6.0 Powerstroke Turbo Removal & Installation at a Glance

Here, we would like to express the install process more separately. Read us by each inch!

  • The first work is to gradually remove the coolant reservoir, wire harness, turbo lines, and turbo shields. Once the turbo lines are removed, you’ll get a step up in the back part of your engine. You may feel it as a bit tricky! However, please, remove the downpipe clamp.
  • You’re doing the job right! We recommend crawling inside to reach a loose bearing on the stock turbo inlet. Now, the turbo needs to be twisted out of its location. Indeed, the turbos are quite heavy. Why not make a good hold on it? Then, it becomes easy to remove the turbo from the engine area.
  • Do you notice carbon buildup on the stock turbo? People face a problem with an exhaust leak. It happens on the stock turbo clamp. Hopefully, you’re equipped with a new turbo in your hand. Unbox it!
  • Get the replacement turbo adequately aligned! It’s high time to keep the clamps back on the turbo lines. You must be noticing a protective plug with a red cap. It does protect anything if dropping into the turbo.
  • Now, make the replacement turbo secure, and re-install the intercooler pipe along with the intake side of the line. You’re almost done! The turbo replacement is finally buttoned up and installed the right way.


  • How much HP can a 6.0 Powerstroke take?

It is proved that 6.0Ls bottom end could withstand 700-rwhp. Some real enthusiasts say that 800 hp 6.0 Powerstroke gets through uncharted waters with a 6.0L.

  • How many miles will a Ford 6.0 diesel go?

 You should make out the value of a diesel. If properly maintained, it goes long miles for years, even up to 400,000 miles.

  • Is the 6.0 Powerstroke a good engine?

We recommend maintaining the engine properly. You should visit a knowledgeable mechanic to know the proper maintenance of a truck. Undoubtedly, 6.0 Powerstroke can get fair mileage, good power, and go a hundred thousand miles assurance without too much issue.


Upgrading your Powerstroke is an overwhelming decision, and people feel excited to purchase from a reliable source. Here, we stay by your side and sponsor a dedicated manufacturer’s product such as the ‘Best Turbo for 6.0 Powerstroke.’ Investing in a turbo means optimizing the performance of your engine more accurately. A turbo eliminates harmful gasses from leaking and keeps the air safe from pollution and smog. No later! Check from our recommendations that are full of premium quality. 

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