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Best Spark Plugs for 4.7 Dodge Ram

9 Best Spark Plugs for 4.7 Dodge Ram in 2021

This guide is full of the best spark plugs for 4.7 Dodge Ram. Get rid of changing the spark plugs repeatedly. It is not the right option, though! You have come to us searching Google. Thank you! 

Our experts have decided to write on the Top 10 spark plugs that turns your 4.7 Dodge Ram engine to fire! Once replaced, the stock plugs with aftermarket plugs; you’ll feel the spark classier and run your car like a beast. 

The spark plugs will source more power to the vehicle’s acceleration. Besides, you’ll feel improvement in the fuel economy by days. So, there is no chance to ignore spark plugs as the plugs have better importance to increase horsepower and mileage of a car. Are you searching for the right choice? Check us to choose the top line of spark plugs in the market.

OUR top pick

Best Spark Plugs for 4.7 Dodge Ram

Choose the product for 4.7 Dodge Ram engines and get 4X longer lifespan ever! You’ll feel a great spark through it. Are you having trouble starting your car? ‘Bosch Double Iridium Plugs’ will generate more power to your vehicle and give your car its ability to start on the first try! You won’t feel any lag or delay with the spark plugs. I fully recommend finding the ‘Bosch Spark Plugs’ on Amazon. Click here to get redirected shortly.

When Should You Change Your 4.7 Dodge Ram Spark Plugs?

Why change your 4.7 Dodge Ram spark plugs? It has issues. You feel signs of changing your spark plugs. What are these signs anyway?

The first reason is to believe that spark plugs don’t last forev

When Should You Change Your 4.7 Dodge Ram Spark Plugs

er. Maximum enthusiasts love to change their plugs between 20000 to 30000 miles. Those Platinum spark plugs that have a sponsor to the vehicle can survive up to 70,000 miles. 

The aftermarket plugs will improve the engine’s performance thoroughly and increase fuel efficiency over time. However, we choose from the top manufacturer’s product. Why not get a set of plugs today? 

Once you feel difficulty starting the engine in the first try, change the plugs and get rid of the car struggles to start.

Secondly, the sound of the car’s engine creates a smooth and consistent sound. If you feel difficulty in irregular sounding or if the vehi

cle’s sound is too loud, check the spark plugs as the plugs are meant to be the fault. 

Poorly installed plugs don’t encourage the cylinder fire. Aftermarket spark plugs are maintained with the asthmatic sloth, so that vehicle’s cylinder stays protected from misfires. 

Sometimes, a car gets structured with poor acceleration. What’s behind it? You feel your vehicle lazy with the asthmatic sloth. Mostly, it happens for the poor engine’s acceleration. Replacing stock plugs with aftermarket plugs will get you poor fuel efficiency also.

Different Types of Spark Plugs


Those spark plugs that have been improved with copper core strategy have an affordable price range. You can purchase them at a local shop. What’s the most common plug? We feel this question mostly from the people. The answer is- Copper plugs are the most common plug on the market, and people replace it with platinum and Irium for superior performance. The copper plugs are very suitable to the older engines.


Platinum plugs are a bit modified than copper plugs and are mainly used for fuel efficiency and performance. The platinum plugs’ price range is a bit higher than copper plugs but cheaper than iridium spark plugs. Platinum spark plugs are operatable at a lower temperature. The lifespan of the platinum plugs is 2X longer than standard plugs.


Double-platinum plugs have been used for more performance and longevity. If you are bored of using single plated platinum plugs, choose from Double-platinum. You will get an increase in performance and lifespan. Double-platinum plugs are budget-friendly and more affordable than iridium spark plugs.


Iridium constructed plugs are probably the best-suited plugs on the market. You can choose from these plugs and enrich your vehicle with better gas mileage, longevity, and performance. Compared to the standard plugs, the Iridium plugs have high reliability. The Iridium plugs are suitable for high-performance engines. These plugs are improved with innovative material and technology.

Best Spark Plugs for 4.7 Dodge Ram Comparison Table

ProductBrandCore Metal-CompatibilityCheck Price
Motorcraft Spark Plug SP-546 Set Of 8APDTYIridium-(2008-2012)
Fram Autolite HT15-4PK Spark PlugSixity AutoDouble Platinum-(1997-2004)
MAS Ignition Coils & Motorcraft SP515 SP546 Spark Plugs from ‘King Auto Parts’ manufacturer!Bosch AutomotiveIridium-(2000-2009)
AD Auto Parts New Motorcraft (SP515) Spark PlugChampionCopper-(Universal Fit)
MAS Ignition Coil (DG508) & Motorcraft Spark Plug (SP479)NGKPlatinum- (2008-2012)
Champion 7989 Double Platinum Spark PlugSixity AutoSolid Copper-(2002-2007)
Motorcraft SP-515 Spark Plug DensoPlatinum-(2000-2014)
ENA Set of 8 Spark PlugsMOPAR-(2008-2012)
OEM Motorcraft Platinum SP546 (SP515) HT15 Spark PlugsSixity AutoPlatinum-(1997-2004)

Best Spark Plugs for 4.7 Dodge Ram

APDTY Tune-up Kit and spark plugs for 4.7L engine

Key features

Today, for a certain period, visit APDTY Store and choose Spark Plugs with Ignition Wires. Our opinion about the product is its perfect fitment. Don’t worry, and it meets OEM Specs. I am an expert in Carfictions, and I can define this product for performance and longevity. As you check APDTY plugs on Amazon, you see them specially designed for the 4.7L engine. It is encouraged to eliminate vague feelings of the vehicle. APDTY is a brand of credibility that encourages its spark plugs to be definitively being better than another.

Unless a high-performance vehicle in your demand, you won’t find these following plugs working for you. Because of Form and Function, the aftermarket plugs won’t harm your engine thoroughly.

Click here to check this ‘APDTY Tune-up Kit’ on Amazon. 

NGK G-Power Spark Plugs with 8 pcs Kit Set

Key features

Why not visiting the Sixty Auto Store? The NGK G-Power Spark Plugs have been instructed with the center and ground electrode. It is hard to enable vehicle’s fuel efficiency by the harsh-conditioned engine. Sixity Auto Store has been introducing you to the fine platinum wire connection. The focused spark plugs improve your ignition system more genuinely so that your engine gets started in the first try. Undoubtedly, NGK G-Power has been upgraded in performance. Besides, the spark plugs have superior strength and durability for the 1997-2004 Dodge Ram 1500. You can get compatible with the following spark plugs with a 4.7L 5.9L 5.2L V8 Engine gradually. 

The professionals have a good point of view of the spark plugs as the NGK spark plugs have the largest reliability from the OE-supplier. The lifespan is estimated at 30,000 and 50,000 miles. Why are you waiting for a quicker acceleration? Choose the product!

Click here to check ‘NGK G-Power Spark Plugs’ on Amazon.

Bosch Automotive Spark Plug

Key features

Do you want to buy from Bosch Automotive Store? The store gives you those spark plugs with 4X Longer Life availability. We suggest the manufacturer’s plug with amazing OE Replacement. You’ll get superior ignitability through the recent spark plug technology. Maximum enthusiasts have complained to start their car with a great spark. Try the product and get your car started with no lag or delay. I would love using ‘Bosch Spark Plug’ to get my car run better in the first try! What we like about the spark plugs is its 360 Degree continuous laser construction. We like the Bosch store because of their corrosion-resistant strategy entirely improved with an iridium firing pin. We experienced higher revs about this product. The spark plugs are made for better response. Professionals have a positive impression on Bosch Automotive Store.

The packaging will reach you in a flimsy envelope. However, the manufacturer should package their spark plugs with more protection. Luckily none of my ordered plugs were damaged and worked well and more responsively.

Click here to check more about ‘Bosch Spark Plugs’ on Amazon.

Champion Copper Plus Replacement Spark Plug Store

Key features

Champion Spark plugs are designed in a multicolor strategy. Besides, the spark plugs are engineered in the copper core center electrode. What we love about these spark plugs is its accurate control of heat range. You get longer life through it. Let’s discuss our experience with the product. I have bought these plugs for my client’s purpose, and I got routine maintenance in the 2004 Dodge 4.7L. The vehicle prefers the copper plugs by the motors. The maximum corrosion-resistant alloy of the Champion Plugs makes it like an ultra seal coated shell. We recommend using this product for Automotive and Powersport applications. Maximum enthusiasts purchase the plugs and use them for a good acceleration onto the freeway. The Spark Plug has a Universal Fitment and empowerment by the professional advice.

A few hundred miles and the copper plugs run smoothly. Use a torque wrench for proper installation.

Click here to purchase ‘Champion Spark Plugs’ on Amazon.

NGK G-Power Platinum Spark Plugs (4 PCS)

Key features

Are you having issues with power and starting your car? A few enthusiasts feel troubles with fuel burn, so that they look for reliable Platinum Spark Plugs in the market. Undoubtedly, NGK has everything to run your vehicle amazingly. You receive 4 Pieces of spark plugs in a single order. One of my friends has a big compliment about the following spark plug as he tried a set of Platinum Spark Plugs in his 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 4.7L. The installation process is quite easier. Try flushing the transmission and replace NGK G-Power plugs in the place. What’s the specific specification of the ‘NGK G-Power plugs’ anyway? After installation, you get 18.5mpg and a better driving quality by the running errands. My opinion about these plugs is long overdue. Get your fuel mileage increased!

Click here to check ‘NGK G-Power Platinum Spark Plugs’ on Amazon.

NGK V-Power Spark Plugs

Key features

Visit the Sixity Auto Store and enjoy the NGK V-Power plugs for 2002-2007 Dodge Ram 1500. You get a special fitment for 4.7L V8 4.7L engine authority. The engine kit set is a bit treated with insulator design. Plus, the spark plugs have their ability to be corrosion-resistant material by time. Don’t spend time on researching many power plugs but choose from a reliable manufacturer. The process will help you to feature cold-rolled threads. Why not preventing damage to the cylinder? Anti-seizing properties of the NGK V-Power Spark Plugs keep you superior by the cylinder head. The first impression about the spark plugs is OEM certified and standard racer-approved plugs. At length, the ‘NGK V-Power Spark Plugs’ are built-in superior strength. 

Consider purchasing the product as a powerful Engine Kit Set. Click here to check ‘NGK V-Power Spark Plugs’ on Amazon.

Denso Platinum TT Spark Plugs

Key features

Denso is a prominent brand to release its Spark Plugs in good quality. All the spark plugs from this manufacturer will help all the mileage. The Denso spark plugs have nice compatibility with for 4.7 Dodge Ram. Undoubtedly, the spark plugs are renowned as longevity stuff. The core material of the following spark plugs is constructed in platinum. We love the quick shipment from the manufacturer. Indeed, Denso resistors are a little shorter but give a summer benefit thoroughly. These fit perfectly to the vehicle. I have experienced my vehicle gets through the fouling out the plugs. If you have vehicles, you’ll face running down issues mostly. Take it easy! My honest compliment about Denso plugs is prepped and ready to roll.

Click here to read more about ‘Denso TT spark plugs’ on Amazon.


Key features

Mopar is a qualified manufacturer to get you the genuine spark plugs. The box is estimated in a set of 16 factory plugs. The professional’s opinion about the spark plugs is being genuine, OEM specified. Choose the product as a treatment for the 4.7L Gasoline engines. We have got it qualified for the ‘2009 DODGE DURANGO.’ If you feel like replacing stock plugs with the aftermarket plugs, Mopar plugs increase your vehicle’s capability to 30,000 miles. It is mostly recommended for the 4.7L engines. Why not source more performance to the vehicle’s engines? Get your vehicle with more valuable engine capacity.

Mopar spark plugs are mostly OEM certified and give your vehicle feel running like new. This is a complete set of 16 plugs.

Click here to check ‘Mopar 4.7 SPARK PLUGS’ on Amazon.

NGK G-Power Spark Plugs for 1997-2004 Dodge Ram 1500

Key features

Visit the ‘Sixity Auto Store’ and check the ‘NGK G-Power Spark Plugs’ to improve fuel efficiency, engine’s compatibility, and focused sparking area. Our recommendation for this product is to develop quicker starts. However, you’ll get improved in fuel efficiency. ‘Sixity Auto Store’ provides all standard-grade spark plugs to the enthusiasts. Get the plugs compatible with domestic and import vehicles. It reduces emissions through the platinum center electrode. The electrode keeps the fuel economy increased and manageable in harsh-condition. The ignition system has a very faster start and efficiency by the combustion chamber.

NGK is the largest OE-supplier and provides all the manufacturer’s spark plugs for domestic and import vehicles.

Click here to check ‘NGK G-Power Spark Plugs’ from the ‘Sixity Auto Store’ on Amazon. 

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Spark Plugs for 4.7 Dodge Ram

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Spark Plugs for 4.7 Dodge Ram


Before purchasing spark plugs for 4.7 Dodge Ram engines, be careful to choose from the best-suited materials. As we have discussed earlier, the types of materials, Cooper is very suitable for older vehicles. The older vehicles have a low-voltage distributor-based ignition so that Cooper gets very compatible with them. Modern vehicles have options to choose from Platinum and Iridium materials. When you choose from the plug specified manufacturer, you get increased in economy, performance, and longevity.

  • SIZE

Compatibility or size is one of the main factors to choose from the right spark plugs. The spark plugs are specified with the thread or nut. A few enthusiasts ask us if all spark plugs have the same size! In case we tell you that all spark plugs are not meant to be the same sized. There is a difference between the common-sized spark plugs and spark plug sockets. Check the number of the spark plug as the ‘W’ size indicates to be 14 mm x 1.25 pitch, and ‘X’ size indicates to be 10 mm x 1.0 pitch size.


A spark plug should behave like a better heat insulator. It can be hot and cold based on the temperature. Top manufacturers have been working on the heat range of a spark plug so that enthusiasts get proper significance with ascending numbers. Get your choice for hotter plugs. Choose from our recommendation.

Benefits of Changing Spark Plugs

The benefits of replacing spark plugs are like getting your car started without a hitch. You won’t feel hesitant to start your car anymore. Let’s discuss the benefits in a row. 

Firstly, the aftermarket spark plugs will create optimal combustion through the entire combustion system. These types of consistent production will lead you experiencing a lot of performance. 

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Secondly, replacing the spark plugs will improve the fuel economy. The NIAS announces that new spark plugs will turn the reduced fuel efficiency to maximize fuel economy. 

Thirdly, if you want an energetic start, please replace the existing ignition with a set of aftermarket spark plugs. It will give you an opening experience. Don’t leave your car for a jerky start but make it legal in the highways.

Finally, the aftermarket spark plugs keep your vehicle from harmful emissions. The regular engine will keep you from air pollution. World enthusiasts have a good impression regarding the engine tune-ups.

How to Replace Spark Plugs 4.7 Dodge Ram?

Step: 1

Take a set of the new spark plugs on hand. If you feel a gap in the socket, try using a gapping tool and reform the spark plugs gap. Choose from the right How to Replace Spark Plugs 4.7 Dodge Rammanufacturer and be friendly with the correct size. All of our recommended plugs are pre-gapped and correctly set, though. Check your vehicle’s owner manual and set the spark plugs with a feeler gauge in the distance.

Step: 2

Try installing new spark plugs by hand and lead the plugs sparking snugly. Try wrenching the spark plugs using a socket wrench and get the plugs to tighten through the mounting extension. Don’t tighten the spark plugs too tightly. Torque the spark plugs as OE service and specifications. 

Step: 3

At length, the spark plugs should be replaced through the ignition coil. Clicking a plastic boot inside a rubber boot is mandatory. Use dielectric grease for easy removal next time. That’s all to do to replace spark plugs 4.7 Dodge Ram!

Final thoughts

You must have checked our Top 10 products. They all are the best spark plugs for 4.7 Dodge Ram and available on the market at a very low price. The maximum plugs are in our listing are meant to be iridium plugs and establishes significant performance and fuel efficiency to the vehicle. Let us know for more queries, and we shall reply to you shortly. Thanks for being with us.

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