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Best Shocks for Ford f150 4x4

10 Best Shocks for Ford f150 4×4 in 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Since 1948, the F-series of Ford has been aesthetic worldwide. But, what’s more, popular than F150 vehicles? When driving Ford on the roughest road, good manufacturer’s shocks will make your day and prepare you for upcoming challenges! Here we bring ‘Best Shocks for Ford F150 4×4‘ with a professional’s recommendation. If you’re from real enthusiasts, check our products below. Have a good deal!

Those Ford trucks that don’t have perfect shock absorber can get you plenty of stress, and back pain is one of these extreme stresses. You’ll feel the vibration with the bad shocks. Be careful of choosing the specific shocks for your F-150 truck. If the OEM shocks are not optimum for your vehicle, choose from our recommendation. We explained all about F150 shock absorbers for 2021.

There’s a lot of variation and matchmaking! All you need to do is reading every product in our reviewing guide and select the precious strength for Ford F150. Let’s know what the heavy-duty rear shocks are for F150 as demand!

Why not purchase from an Award-winning manufacturer like Rancho? This time, Rancho presents the high-grade QuickLIFT Loaded Strut and Shock Kit that is improved in 9-position tuning technology. Besides, you get a ‘Lifetime Warranty’ by purchasing this shock kit. The Rancho shocks are enhanced in a liquid metallic finish. Get it purchased for Ford F150 4WD 2009-13.

If you need more information, please read us below or click here to check the Amazon product.

How to Check for Worn or Failing Shocks and Struts

Who wants to drive their vehicle with worn shocks or struts? It results in a bad ride. Until you’re a car freak, you won’t understand the necessity of heavy duty rear shocks for F150. I know you are here to replace aftermarket shocks with bad shocks and struts. Our article is dedicated to your name. Haven’t you see our product listing yet? Please, have a look!

  • As with receiving all trending questions, we are asked to check for worn or failing shocks and struts. Here we shall show you some real signs of worn shocks and struts. A set of worn shocks will make stopping distances on slippery roads. Still, top-grade manufacturers create opportunity over the thousands of miles with their aftermarket shocks for Ford F150.
  • Once the shocks are worn, you get impermanence at off-roading, highway speeds, and commuting. Once a Ford truck feels unstable on the highway, you feel bounces on the bump as the vehicle continually moves up and down. The movement is not obsessive; still, you will notice it.
  • As per as experience, I got my Ford truck one-sided in turns. During taking a turn, the vehicle leans a bit to the outside and feels shaky. Mostly, the front end of the vehicle dives unexpectedly. Until you press hard on the brakes, you may not understand the vehicle’s Rear-end squat.
  • Bad shocks and struts are responsible for ‘Tires Bouncing.’ You’ll get the tires bouncing after hitting a severe bump. Sometimes, you may hear a clunking noise while driving!
  • If a pair of shocks are worn, you’ll notice leaking fluid from the shocks or struts. This is a sign of broken function and damaged internal fluids. If the shocks are not adequately functioning, get them replaced with high-grade aftermarket shocks.

Bilstein 4600 vs. 5100, Which Are the Best Shocks for the Ford f150?

Bilstein 4600 vs. 5100! Ah, no more debate. We are here to nailing it out.

The Bilstein 4600 series is a standard creation for factory replacement shock absorbers. These shocks can be adjusted to trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps. Plus, they are engineered with a monotube design. You can utilize them as an in-stock replacement. The 4600 series of Bilstein shocks can control on and off-road amazingly.

Moreover, these yellow shocks contain a digressive piston and valves. Through the components, you’ll achieve better turning, consistency, braking, and acceleration. Why not has a firmer response than a standard factory shock? The ‘KEY-FEATURE’ of Bilstein 4600 shocks is being able to reduce immoderate body roll. The 4600 shocks are purchased for stock height trucks. Indeed, Bilstein 4600 series is more affordable and appropriate for off-boarding, towing, and regular driving.

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What’s the most popular Bilstein 4600 series for Ford F150? This is ‘Bilstein 33-187396 4600 Series Shock Absorber.’ Click on the product’s name and check the product on Amazon.

On the other hand, the 5100 series of Bilstein shocks have poles apart from the 4600 Series. Whereas the 4600 series of shocks are made in a yellow body and dust blue boot, the Bilstein 5100 series is constructed in a black metal body and black case. The 5100 series is bought for stock height trucks. One of my friends had a lifted truck, and he asked me what the appropriate sequence of shocks is for him between Bilstein 4600 vs. 5100. If an individual has a lifted truck, go with the 5100 shocks.

What’s the most popular Bilstein 5100 series for Ford F150? Click here to check out ‘Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Rear Shock Kit’ on Amazon. You’ll get the trending 5100 series of shocks available for 2009-2013 Ford F150 4×4 in 2021.

Why Choose From These 10 Best Shocks for Ford f150 4×4?

You can choose from specific categories. We have specified Ford F150 shocks for 4×4 vehicles. Let’s have a look at how we have surrounded our products by types. All our Ford F150 shocks are from top manufacturers. If not good shocks, you’ll face bouncing up and down when driving around the Highway and Off-road trails. Choose from the following shocks!

The 10 Best Shocks for Ford f150 4×4 Reviews in 2021

3 Best F-150 Shocks for Commuting / Highway / Street

Bilstein 33-187396 4600 Series Shock Absorber

Key features

You’ll receive this Bilstein 4600 Series shock with a direct fit upgrade. Get it compatible with height trucks and SUVs. You are recommended to use Bilstein shocks in place of OE shock absorbers. Bilstein shock absorbers build these 4600 Series shocks with a monotube design. You will reach the acme of fade-free performance. Indeed, these Bilstein Shocks are engineered with a digressive piston; through this, you’ll have a better-handling ride even in challenging road conditions. Why not purchase from Bilstein? Their shocks are tuned for a specific application such as Ford F-150 (4WD). What are you waiting for more than optimal performance? For significant ride quality, choose from better-handling shocks like Bilstein 4600 Series!

Professional’s Thought:

I experienced these Bilstein shocks with my 2012 f150 Ecoboost! What a change in ride height ability. The vehicle looks noticeably stiffer but handled better for the rugged trails. After installing the kit, I hooked up for a long time and felt less bouncing over bumps. I loved the way how the whole rig handled better during the drive! Indeed, I found difficulty installing the bottom hole lined up. You may need to muscle it! You’re recommended to have someone who knows the installation process entirely. The Bilstein shocks will make you confident in handling the load.

Click here to check ‘Bilstein 4600 Series Shock Absorber’ on Amazon.

Monroe 911262 REFLEX TRUCK Shock Absorber

Key features

Monroe is a renowned brand to provides you the most addictive shock absorbers! Monroe 911262 Shock absorber is a perfect match for ‘REFLEX TRUCK.’ These shocks will create genuine impressions for those vehicles that are engineered with a higher center of gravity. The most attractive feature of Monroe shocks is being featured in Acceleration Sensitive Damping (ASD) technology. You will be benefited by adjusting difficult road impacts. Plus, it is possible to control your Ford truck against excessive roll and dive. Indeed, Monroe shocks are reliable to improve a vehicle’s drivability and performance. An ideal batch of shock absorbers will not only get you to ride comfort but improve the safe handling of your vehicle. After installing Monroe shocks, you’ll see how easy it is to maintain vertical loads on the tires. Aren’t you excited to have a balanced ride?

Professional’s Thought:

Let’s share a live experience. One of my friends ordered this Monroe product, and it was delivered with black colored shock absorbers. He utilized these shocks in his 2007 F150 and got a straightforward installation. Surprisingly, he didn’t jack the truck up. He kept the bolt torque spec is 66 ft-lbs, compressed the plastic strap, put the top bolt in loose, set the bottom of the shock by the bottom bracket, and then cut the strap. He said he got no hassle getting the bottom bolt in. At length, his F-150 rides better now.

Click here to check ‘Monroe (911262) REFLEX TRUCK Shock Absorber’ on Amazon.

KYB 349108 Excel-G Gas Shock (Black)

Key features

Thanks to KYB for recommending us Excel-G Gas Shock (Trending in 2021). This product is an OEM replacement shock and featured for the Ford F-150 vehicles. If a mechanic, the KYB Gas Shock is a real choice to purchase for! You’ll be experiencing original handling as the shocks are calibrated explicitly for Ford F-150 vehicles. What’s most attractive in Excel-G Gas Shocks? A Teflon coated piston is engineered inside of these KYB shocks, and through that piston, you’ll achieve a positive seal and durable lifespan for a seamless working cylinder. The piston is designed with triple chrome plated piston rod. You won’t be jiggling like having ants in one’s pants! KYB Excel-G Gas Shock is a perfect choice to eliminate rattles as the shocks have solid mounting eye rings for doorway pull-up and bolt bushings to grating noise.

Professional’s Thought:

If ride comfort is important to you, restoring an OEM replacement shock by KYB recommendation won’t be a bad deal! Professional’s love KYB’s shocks for lane change responsiveness and stability. KYB Excel-G Shocks are provided with all necessary hardware. No doubt, this manufacturer develops their shocks for performance purposes. You would love restoring Ford’s original capabilities with Excel-G Gas Shocks. The construction of the KYB shocks is improved in a nitrogen gas-charged and twin-tube design. Choose this shock kit if you want OEM replacement for the Aftermarket.

Click here to check ‘KYB 349108 Excel-G Gas Shock’ on Amazon.

3 Best Ford F-150 Shocks for Towing / Hauling / Heavy Duty

Rancho Suspension QuickLIFT Loaded Strut and Shock Kit

Key features

Have a good day! We have this shock kit available for Ford F150 4WD (2009-13). Rancho is an Award-winning manufacturer. I love this manufacturer for being equipped with quickLIFT loaded assemblies for a vehicle, especially for the Ford truck. This time, Rancho brings its high-grade Strut and Shock Kit. You can read all their product reviews on Amazon. All positive reviewers around! These shocks will be a great alternative if you demand an aggressive stance. Why not using Rancho’s product if you want more drivability in a larger wheel and tire. The installation process is quite usual. Maximum reviewers say that Rancho shocks are great for smooth installation. Sometimes, we face big clunking noise while driving. Mostly, it happens from the right front. In case, have an inspection if all is tight. You may get the shock mount loose. Replacing with a tightened shock kit will get you more consistency in performance.

Professional’s Thought:

Rancho Loaded struts and shocks will help to level out the truck and provide you a great ride. Installing this shock on an F150 is like a feat in itself! You’re recommended to use these shocks as the stock shocks. They play pleasantly and smoothly once you adjust them. Why not getting your ride more stiff and responsive all day long? The price worth every penny as the shock kit works as a leveling kit too. As per as experience, it lifted my F-150 about 2 inches.

Click here to check ‘Rancho’s Strut and Shock Kit’ on Amazon.

Bilstein 47-256958 B8 6112 Suspension Leveling Kit

Key features

Bilstein B8 is a front suspension kit that will improve the front lift by 0-2.75 inches. Who doesn’t know about Bilstein products? As with all great equipment, the’ Bilstein B8 suspension kit’ is made for more ground clearance. You get the suspension kit available for larger tires and Ford F150 (2015, 2016, and 2017) trucks. People choose this suspension kit to increase wheel travel. As with all Bilstein shock absorbers, the following suspension is improved in multiple snap-ring grooves. Through the feature, you can set spring seat positions like chalk and cheese. In a purchase, you’ll get a pair of 60mm shock absorbers along with cold wound coil springs and spring seats. Bilstein suspension will give you a tremendous off-road experience with the best direct fitment. Choose it if it matched the requirements.

Professional’s Thought:

Bilstein shocks are excellent! One of our old mechanics installed this leveling kit on his 2017 F150 FX4 Supercrew. As per his narration, the Bilstein shocks are twice as good as the factory shocks. He almost had 4,000 miles on these shocks and found them as great off-road performance shocks. Indeed, I researched a lot about this Bilstein manufacturer before purchasing its shocks. Everything I got the Bilstein shocks as advertised. I feel the shocks absorb bumps well and reduce the floating feel. Bilstein leveling kit is all about optimal on-road and off-road capabilities.

Click here to check ‘Bilstein B8 6112 Suspension Leveling Kit’ on Amazon.

Fox 2.0 Performance Coil-Over + Rear Shock Set

Key features

‘Fox-Shox-U-S’ is a renowned brand. This brand provides their shock set for Ford F150 (14-16) 4×4 vehicle. You will get two front coilovers and two shocks included for vehicles. The performance kit will help the front lift at w/0-2″ and the rear lift at w/0-1″. The height can be maintained with an adjustable preload ring. I think the Fox shock set is a brand in advanced technology. The suspension of the Fox manufacturer is extruded in an aluminum body. You will get the Coil-Over and Shock Set with an increased cooling capacity. For being extruded aluminum body, Fox IFP shocks remain rust-resistant. A composite bushing is engineered in the shock set that helps to cancel unexpected noise and vibration. If you are looking for performance Series IFP shocks, Fox 2.0 Performance kit brings you maximum performance. Get the suspension for race-proven damping ability.

Professional’s Thought:

I faced someone who bought Fox 2.0 suspension for maximum performance. He said he goes through the roughest road conditions as the Fox 2.0 suspensions’ rear shocks are improved in better off-road handling ability. Why not purchase this product with a one year warranty? You’ll remain safe from any type of premature failure. If not?

What’s more than a warranty against defects? This application is impacted with aluminum body and cooling capacity so that you will never feel rust. Indeed, it is the latest edition in shock technology. Can be purchased with confidence!

Click here to check more about ‘Fox 2.0 Performance Coil-Over + Rear Shock Set’ on Amazon.

4 Best F-150 Shocks for off-Road Trails

Detroit Axle - 4pc Front Struts and Rear Shock Absorbers

Key features

This product is for those enthusiasts who have Ford F-150 (2009 – 2013). Detroit Axle shocks have fitment for 4×4 only. They are not recommended for Raptor! The kit includes 2x Complete ‘Rear and Front’ shock absorber assembly. Besides, you’ll get all necessary hardware, including Struts, Coil, Spring & Mounts, for a quick installation. I think Detroit Axle is the only manufacturer in the market to declare a ’10 Year Warranty’ on their product. Engineers of this manufacturer concentrate on making the shock absorbers in first-class quality to get less amount of vehicle body roll. You won’t feel hesitation to drive off-road and won’t feel extra movement over terrain.  Even though a few people call it pricy, the shocks can be set to the highest setting. At length, it is an iconic product to improve ride quality.

Professional’s Thought:

With over 30 years of experience, Carfiction has found a leading global retailer to provide heavy-duty rear shocks for F-150, and it is ‘Detroit Axle.’ I drove from Michigan to Florida on the new suspension and felt zero amount of vehicle body roll. I had turns and movement over the roughest terrain. You may experience a little pain to install struts. No more complain!

Click here to check ‘Detroit Axle Shock Absorber Kit’ on Amazon. Good price!

Monroe 58643 Shock Absorber

Key features

Monroe shock absorber is constructed in special modifiers such as all-weather fluid to reduce unexpected friction in rod reaction. Don’t you want to ensure a smooth ride? People love purchasing Monroe shocks to adjust to the extreme road and weight conditions. Because of consistent sealing between the pistons, a vehicle can adjust better control. What are you waiting for more than increased durability? These shocks will give you uncompromised ride comfort. You can get them used for everyday driving and get more demanding for operating conditions. We received a question a few weeks ago if Monroe F-150 shocks are ideal for light trucks. ‘Yes,’ they are. Be mindful of considering this ‘Monroe 58643 Shock Absorber’ as ‘Load Adjusting Shock Absorber.’ Get the ride height maintained up to 1,100 lbs. This kit contains two shocks. If you need extra, purchase them in pairs.

Professional’s Thought:

That being said, these shocks are used on my 05 F150. Got them replaced with the OEM shocks! I think Monroe shocks are better for on bumpy roads. Easy to install! I didn’t take the tires off. I did put the jack under the frame in the rear of the vehicle. Whatever, I enjoyed the ride. It doesn’t sag at all! The trailer doesn’t make my pickup bounce and over bumps. Highly recommended!

Click here to check ‘Monroe 58643 Shock Absorber’ on Amazon.

Sensen 1214-0169 Shock Absorber

Key features

SENSEN is a renowned manufacturer to provide high-quality parts for OEM specified vehicles. Besides, you’ll get their aftermarket products such as ‘Shock Absorber’ available 24 hours. The shock absorbers from Sensen are compatible with 09-11 Ford F-150 (4×4). Japanese-made NOK seals improve the construction of rear shocks. You’ll achieve a lifetime warranty from the Sensen manufacturer. The shocks look aesthetic with a premium quality finish and save the shocks against corrosion and rust. Our professionals have tested these absorbers against top leading competitors and got them addictive with quality and performance. What are you waiting for more than having long-lasting rust protection? Choose from Sensen absorbers.

Professional’s Thought:

These shocks are great for changing the ride quality to a premium range. One of my familiar people has installed these pair of shocks in his 2015 Ford F-150 FX4. It was an excellent experience to implement the Sensen shock absorbers for 09-11 Ford F-150 4WD Rear. The wonders are packaged well and arrived very quickly. They will improve the ride quality and get you safety over the stock setup. Check if the ‘Sensen 1214-0169 Shock Absorber’ fits your vehicle.

Click here to check ‘Sensen 1214-0169 Shock Absorber’ on Amazon.

Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shock Rear Pair

Key features

Get this Bilstein shock kit for 2009-2013 Ford F150 4WD vehicles. You’ll be just provided rear pair of shocks. Be mindful of choosing these shocks only if they are compatible with 4WD Vehicles and gives you a w/0-2″ Lift. The exciting thing about Bilstein 5100 shocks is being provided with Shock boots. Those enthusiasts who want their vehicles for performance ride, durability, and off-road trails can choose Monotube gas-charged shocks. The manufacturer advertises that one will be given all necessary hardware such as washers, bushings, and nuts included in his purchase. No worry, you can utilize factory shock mounting bolts during the installation process. You need not spending a single penny more to buy necessary hardware, even if mounting bolts! As you know already that Bilstein’s shocks have a ‘Lifetime manufacturer’s Warranty’ against premature damage.

Professional’s Thought:

You should research a lot on these Bilstein shocks as Mike (One of my neighbors) did for his 2013 Ford F150 vehicle. Let me share a bit about him. As a mechanic, I support all our neighbors, friends, and family with a comfortable car fix. The manufacturer provides an installation guide; through this, you know how to get rear shocks installed upside down. Still a great product! I contacted tech support at Bilstein. Good response! It took 40 minutes to install these shocks by myself. You may need to work with the compressor to get that last extra inch of compression. Probably, the ride is stiffer than stock.

Click here to check ‘Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shocks’ on Amazon.

Things to consider when buy Best Shocks for Ford F150 4×4


We have discussed those manufacturers that are more familiar and expert to fix common quality issues. Bilstein, Monroe, Sensen, Detroit Axle, and Fox-Shox-U-S are the experienced manufacturers to manufacturing aftermarket shocks. In this guide, you’ll get all their products. You will be benefited from a real portion of quality and legal requirements. A good manufacturer creates expertise in your shock’s type. Purchase from them to fix a large number of jiggling problems.


You can’t deny the power of Ethical sourcing as it creates headlines! In the global industry, it is vital to be reliable in the eyes of a buyer. The US manufacturer’s F150 shocks that we have explained are made from strength to strength capabilities. Who doesn’t want purchasing from the world’s most significant ethical source? A genuine reviewing guide meets you with industry-standard products in a compliant manner. Choose from our recommendation.


Manufacturers like Bilstein and Monroe have popularity around the US, and they strive to improve their shocks for enthusiasts continually. In our reviewing guide, you’ll find continual improvement of the F150 shocks. It would be significant to achieve better audit scores and increasing the vehicle’s standard with aftermarket shocks. Why not go a long way with the latest creations?

How to Replace Shocks and Struts in a Ford F150 4×4

Ford F150 4×4 shocks replacement won’t take time! The installation process of shock absorbers is considered to be the vital truck’s work. A good suspension will allow your F150 vehicle for a smoother ride. Sometimes, it feels excessive banging when driving the truck, and it happens because of worn shock absorbers. Let’s know the process of replacing shocks on each wheel on the truck. Read us. 

How to Replace Front Shocks in a Ford F150

  • Firstly, be careful of lifting the front end of your Ford truck. A jack stand will work best to remove the wheels. Do it by loosening the lug nuts. You will get easy removal.
  • Remove the lug nuts keeping the shock’s upper end to the frame. Please, separate the tire-rod end from the steering knuckle and loosen the lock nuts and end’s position on the rod.
  • You’ll see some fasteners that connected the shock’s lower end to the control arm. Unbolt them! Then, try to remove the shock assembly from the vehicle accurately. Probably, you’re equipped with new shocks for the Ford F150 4×4. Install them in place and reinstall the lower fasteners, tire-rod, and end nuts to their position. Get the front shocks replaced!

How to Replace Rear Shocks in a Ford F150

  • Then comes the rear shock replacement. All you have to do is raise the truck’s rear, following the front end with jack stands. Keep the jack under the rear axle and remove the shock absorbers maintaining the axle and load off the shock absorber.
  • Now, get the nuts and bolts removed from the existing suspension and make the shock absorbers more comfortable to get installed. Now, start the installation process with the lower axle and the upper mounting bracket. At length, remove the existing shock absorbers.
  • Install the aftermarket shock absorbers in place and then tighten the bolts like the front end. Lower the floor jack stands lower of the vehicle. You’re done! 

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  • How can I make my Ford F150 smoother?

We bring a few steps through them; it’s possible to run your truck like a pro! Firstly, it would be mandatory to soften the suspension system and then reduce the unsprung mass. Having aftermarket F150 shocks will eliminate the over bumps. If necessary, you can change the wheels and tires.

  • What is the best year Ford F150 to buy?

Well, 2015 Ford trucks won the ‘BEST BUY AWARD’ and are quite popular around the United States of America. This version of Ford trucks is titled for Motor Trend’s 2015. We love these 2015 F150 vehicles for their top of the line features.

  • What makes Bilstein shocks so good?

The ‘KEY-FEATURE’ of the Bilstein shocks is being equipped with extra dampening ability. You can get the Bilstein’s shocks used for quicker road conditions. This manufacturer’s shocks are built-in proper ride comfort.


A Ford F150 truck demands the central suspension system for having proper control overdrive. What are you waiting for more than a smooth steering opportunity? Once a vehicle is equipped with worn shocks at both ends, it is like burning the candles as you don’t get a comfortable ride. There are tons of options globally, even though we bring you the 10 best Shocks for Ford F150 (4×4). Choose from our recommendation.

Thanks for being with us; Greetings.

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