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10 Best Injectors for lb7 Duramax in 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Choose from our 10 Best Injectors for LB7 Duramax! We are the first reviewing guide to reveal world-class injectors for real enthusiasts. You are probably from one of those clients. Our recommendation for you is to read our article till the end and get familiar with all super injectors for LB7 Duramax.

It is all truck owners’ dream to get a brand new injector replacement. You’ll get lots of options starting from mid budget to premium budget. Fortunately, our experts bring all genuine manufacturers’ choice. An ideal choice in that regard may be more expensive than a refurbished part. Why not demand a brand new product? You’ll get a higher peace of mind. Our recommended products will meet all OEM specifications so that you’ll get the injectors working optimally for LB7 Duramax.

We have noticed people asking for the best Duramax injectors for those Duramax trucks made in the 2001 – 2005 model years. If you’re confirmed to update your injectors for LB7 Duramax with a new body, choose from a hardened chrome-plated ball seat. Meet our top 10 injectors below!

Most positive-reviewed replacement injector for 2001-2004.5 LB7 Duramax! Bosch is the world-leading manufacturer to meet the standard specifications on diesel engines. The replacement injector will be a superior option to get your vehicle more performance and more durability. You’ll be provided necessary hardware for LB7 injector installation, including O-rings and copper crush washers. Get rid of all the expensive damage to your engine. Click here to check more about this good workmanship injector on Amazon.

What is the Difference between VCO and SAC Fuel Injectors?


VCO Injectors

SAC Injectors

Engineered with a moving needle inside

A SAC injector is engineered in a teardrop shape

It covers the holes of the injector’s end

A tiny cavity feeds into the injector

VCO nozzle has more material than the SAC style

Can be used in marine applications

You can take a VCO injector up to .028 hole size

Improved in lower emission standards

Used for a clean end to the injection event

Tend to have more of a knocking sound

What Are The Different Types of Fuel Injection?

Fuel Injection


Single-point or throttle body injection

This type of fuel injection is an old type of fuel injection, actually the most straightforward type. The Single-Point Injector mostly replaces the carburetor that is established with one or more fuel injector nozzles.

Port of multipoint fuel injection

Multipoint fuel injection devotes the injector nozzle to the intake port or the cylinder. These types of injections are called port injection too.

Sequential fuel injection

It is a type of multiport injection. Through the injector, the emissions improvements come in minimal doses.

Direct injection

More common in diesel engines, so that direct injection system is called DIG for direct-injection gasoline. Compatible with low-emissions lean-burn engines.

Why Choose From These 10 best injectors for LB7 Duramax?

We have a few qualities, why should you purchase from our recommendation. We don’t bring the best injectors for LB7 Duramax only and explain our entire expert’s suggestion.

  • We show you the most recent diesel logic of LB7 injector reviews! It’s our attention to all LB7 enthusiasts. We researched the world-renowned manufacturers and kept scheduling their products in the timeline. The keen project management that keeps us confident with their most recent technology is listed here. Keep a close eye on our LB7 Duramax Injectors and purchase on your budget.
  • The LB7 Duramax Injectors we keep in our reviewing guide are all about creativity, durability, and branding! We don’t choose from advertising but quality design and manufacturer’s authority. Carfiction is a school of old mechanics, and the mechanic’s research on the vehicle’s structure and brings us all strategic plan to choose the right injectors for LB7 Duramax. You won’t just be amazed at the materials look but will get great results.
  • People purchase to get results, not spending more money! We care for our readers who have been trying to purchase from reliable manufacturers. Those products we have mentioned in our reviewing guide are from award-winning manufacturers. All of the products will fit into the standards of your vehicle. You’ll get all the LB7 Duramax Injectors on deadline and budget.

Reviews of 12 Best Injectors for lb7 Duramax

Bosch Automotive LB7 Genuine Replacement Injector

Key features

Get this fuel injector replaced for 2001-2004.5 Duramax. Purchase from the ‘BOSCH STORE.’ Let’s see if this Bosch LB7 injector meets the entire requirement you expect! Firstly, this injector is constructed for OEM replacement. Bosch manufacturer declares the LB7 injector as a genuine OEM brand. It demands no core charge. Bosch Automotive is the world’s leading supplier to get you the most reliable fuel injection system. Why not be confident in choosing from a quality diesel injector? You’ll be provided original equipment specifications and an installation guide and be helpful to install the LB7 injector more specifically. It is what it said I’d is!

Professional’s Thought:

Bosch genuine OE fuel injectors are made for superior performance, function, and durability. Be confident to purchase from the world’s leader! Even though the injector meets all OE specifications, the injector can be a cheaper alternative for the adage. Bosch LB7 Replacement Injector is like “you get what you pay for.” Thousands of affordable products exist in the market. Don’t choose from them as it cuts corners potentially. A quality part from ‘Bosch Automotive’ will save your engine from expensive damage.

Click here to check this ‘Bosch Automotive LB7 Injector’ on Amazon.


Key features

This product is specified for CHEVY + GMC DURAMAX (2001-2004) 6.6L diesel engine. Thanks to Dieselogic for such a replacement injector. When choosing an LB7 injector, the main thing to focus on is the ‘Core Policy.’ In case, Dieselogic builds all the Diesel injectors in original condition. Undoubtedly, this is an award-winning Dieselogic’s best replacement injectors for LB7. Unlike the OEM version, the DURAMAX LB7 6.6L injector is made less susceptible to cracking. You won’t feel way to leak or other contaminants. Get the engine’s optimal performance done.

Professional’s Thought:

Dieselogic’s LB7 6.6L fuel injector is installed with O-rings and original specifications. Your engine will remain free of leaks and other associated risks. Once purchased, the Dieselogic original fuel injection system will be provided with all actual dimensions and installation guide. I can say it is an entire fuel injection system. Got no complaint!

Click here to check this ‘Dieselogic Duramax LB7 6.6L Injector’ on Amazon.

Reman Auto Electronics GM 6.6L Duramax (LB7) Fuel Injector

Key features

‘Reman Auto Electronics’ is a recent manufacturer but provides the best Duramax injectors to the LB7 enthusiasts! Our mechanics titled this injector as a premium remanufactured product. The Reman’s injector is improved in new o-rings and seals. You’ll receive the injector as a common rail fuel injector. Indeed, the control valves and Nozzles of the (LB7) Fuel Injector are flow tested to the core. As per our experience, we got this Reman’s product built with the latest internal and installation components together with New Nozzle, New Combustion Seal, and O-rings. Purchase from Reman Duramax (LB7) Fuel Injector if you want a solenoid performance. Highly recommended!

Professional’s Thought:

I have named it Premium LB7 fuel injector even though the product is identified as a common rail fuel injector! I have received the fuel injector with all necessary hardware and internal components such as its Nozzle and proper installation kit cum ‘Combustion Seal and O-rings.’ If you intend for a solenoid performance, this Reman injector will get a response in time. It passed all injector tests, including full load test, mid load test, and idle test. Probably, a prepaid label is given with the purchase to meet OE specifications.

Click here to check ‘Reman’s Duramax (LB7) Fuel Injector’ on Amazon.

XI CAI JIE Remanufactured Genuine Replacement Injector

Key features

Get this ‘XI CAI JIE’ brand fuel injector purchased for 2001-2004 GM 6.6L LB7 Duramax. The attractive feature of this genuine fuel injector is being improved in a high-quality control standard. Before delivery, the injector is inspected with 114% detection. The manufacturer declares this ‘XI CAI JIE Replacement Injector’ to be made of superior quality. You can operate it efficiently. I am impressed with the warranty period as the product’s warranty is estimated at 15 years. Be mindful of the product’s quality. It is Refurbished but ensured of High-Quality condition. Check the item if it meets your vehicle’s OEM specifications.

Professional’s Thought:

It is a pure OEM standard fuel injector that ever remanufactured in ‘Refurbished and High Quality.’ You’ll get genuine ability to replace this ‘XI CAI JIE’ injector at the state of an art facility. Because of its ‘Quality Control Standard,’ the ‘Replacement Injector’ can be a better alternative to improve the original failure mode. Indeed, ‘XI CAI JIE’ brings a new edition among the best LB7 injectors.

Click here to check the ‘XI CAI JIE’ Fuel Injector for LB7 Duramax on Amazon.

Sinister Diesel SD-732-502 Reman Injector 01-04 Duramax LB7

Key features

You are requested to visit the ‘Sinister Diesel Store.’ You’ll get an innovative engineered fuel injector for 01-04 Duramax LB7. Don’t worry! This product is extensive field-tested and provides exceptional quality control over the engines. The installation process won’t displease you. It has ‘Direct Fit’ quality to achieve a perfect replacement and more extended lifespan performance. We have invented the Sinister Diesel Injector for a great price. Undoubtedly, you’ll be provided quality, reliability, and a perfect replacement through the injector and built-in perfection!

Professional’s Thought:

You’ll see lots of fuel injectors in the market, but Sinister Diesel Injector is the best pick for 2001-04 Duramax (LB7). This manufacturer’s injector is Innovative built-in engineering. Plus, it provides exceptional quality control to the vehicle’s ride. What are you waiting for more than years of dependable service? You’re recommended ‘Sinister Diesel Injector’ once if looking for a perfect replacement injector or a high-pressure fuel filtration system.  

You can also purchase a whole set of ‘Sinister Diesel Injector’ for (LB7) 2001-2004 GM Duramax.

Click here to check ‘Sinister Diesel Injector’ on Amazon.

Sinister Diesel Injector Set for Duramax (LB7) 2001-2004 (Set of 8)

Key features

A big-budget set of 8 Sinister Diesel Injectors! You must purchase this fuel injector set to recover a vehicle’s lost horsepower and torque. Previously, we discussed the same ‘Sinister Diesel Injector’ as a single injector. Let’s talk again a bit more about this ‘Sinister Diesel Injector Set.’ The injectors are designed to control diesel fuel delivery. The diesel fuel goes correctly into the combustion chamber through the Sinister injector. If the stock injectors deliver an improper fuel delivery, the following injector set will be the best replacement to delete poor performance and get you new OEM factory performance. The sinister manufacturer doesn’t compromise with their diesel injectors even though the injectors are of remanufactured quality.

Professional’s Thought:

The best quality of fuel injectors can increase the delivery control and design the ‘Power Stroke Diesel Engine’ precisely. Stock injectors lose their appeal over time, so that it becomes essential to wear something premium to deliver proper fuel optimization and performance. Indeed, Sinister diesel injectors can restore your lost horsepower and torque pleasantly. The mounting hardware is not included. However, Purchase with two years of confidence!

Click here to check more about ‘Sinister Diesel Injector Set’ on Amazon. What are you waiting for a new OEM Factory performance?

Badger Diesel LB7 Genuine Replacement Injector

Key features

Check it out for 2001-2004.5 Duramax! Badger Diesel is a renowned manufacturer to provide all diesel logic LB7 injector reviews correctly. We prefer choosing from genuine OEM specifications instead of the Chinese replacement. In professional’s feedback, the following replacement kit is Badger Diesel’s best invention. You’ll get no hassle to get the injector replaced with 6.6L Duramax Diesel. Badger Diesel LB7 injectors are constructed for superior performance and durability. I can say, Badger Diesel’s LB7 injector is the most reliable among the local or Chinese injectors. Check it out!

Professional’s Thought:

Badger Diesel brings you the standard equipment for all diesel engines. At first, you’ll earn superior performance through the injector and achieve maximum durability for the LB7 engines. As you know, LB7 is announced to be one of the reliable diesel engines, and it demands original equipment specifications for the ideal staging. Unquestionably, Badger Diesel Injector can be called the most reliable injector for the LB7 motor.

Click here to check ‘Badger Diesel LB7 Injector’ on Amazon. Get the genuine replacement with confidence.

EMIAOTO Genuine Replacement Injector for 2001-2004 LB7 Duramax

Key features

‘EMIAOTO’ is a renowned brand to provide all genuine replacement injector for 2001-2004 LB7 Duramax. You get the injector kit in new and remanufactured condition. We appreciate the manufacturer as they build their following fuel injector in high quality. We recommend an EMIAOTO fuel injector only if you want the product in the same size as the original injector. You’ll be provided an instruction guide; through this, the replacement is simple. Be confident to purchase with confidence as you get a 1-year warranty throughout the injector.

Professional’s Thought:

We loved the way they advertise and deliver their product in 10-20 days. Loved EMIAOTO! The item condition remains in ‘Refurbished and High Quality.’ EMIAOTO injector meets the OEM specifications. As far as we justified this product on the marketplace, it has received overall positive reviews. I would recommend ‘EMIAOTO Fuel Injector’ for a smoother and quieter ride.

Click here to check ‘EMIAOTO Genuine Replacement Injector’ on Amazon.

Holice Duramax (2001-2004) LB7 6.6L Diesel Injector

Key features

The LB7 injector is a high-precision injection system. You get it environment friendly too. As like as all manufacturer’s products, you receive Holice Injector with the new and high-quality condition. The client’s review seems to be positive. Choose this product if you want to solve the acceleration problem. Be mindful of choosing ‘Holice Duramax Fuel Injector’ as an aftermarket model. It has a high demand for modern diesel engines such as LB7 6.6L Diesel. Indeed, Holice Diesel Injector is tested against original equipment standards.

Professional’s Thought:

This Holice Injector is constructed in the latest condition. It is simple to install and replace the following injectors. You are requested to check the fitment. Especially, inspecting the pictures of the injector will be an easy solution. This is a great opinion for the 2001-2004 LB7 Duramax models.

Click here to check ‘Holice Duramax (2001-2004) LB7 Fuel Injector’ on Amazon.

Climbo 2001-2004 Diesel Injector

Key features

I have seen all clients are much satisfied with ‘Climbo 2001-2004 Diesel Injector.’ The truth is Climbo makes their products for maximum performance. Besides, the injector has a medium price. You will get an installation kit with the purchase. As per world enthusiast’s reviews, we have got no clue about unwanted pollutant emissions. Once in a lifetime, if you got deceived with aftermarket injectors, please check this Climbo Injector for a better warranty. Climbo Fuel Injector meets all original specifications entirely.

Professional’s Thought:

Injectors are expensive to replace even though Climbo fuel injector works fine and saves money during the installation. What are you waiting for? Get engine performance improved with Climbo manufacturer. Get a high standard quality in a comparatively cheaper alternative.

Click here to check ‘Climbo 2001-2004 Duramax LB7 6.6L models Diesel Injector’ on Amazon. 

Industrial Injection's LB7 Duramax Injector

Key features

Thanks to ‘Industrial Injection’ for providing us the new injector designs and the Race-2 29 Lpm 30% with complete satisfaction. The following injector is improved in advanced technology, through that you’ll face no more difficulties and white smoke emissions. As I have read the client’s reviews, there is no complaining about the price tag; rather full of positive comments. The manufacturer declares this Duramax Injector to be a strong desire for diesel innovation. I think this injector works great as fuel filters and eliminates fuel contamination.

Professional’s Thought:

This is a high-grade LB7 Duramax Injector. The main work of the Industrial Injector is to fix low fuel quality. You will get the LB7 injector with all additional points for fuel filters. Why don’t you get an extra layer of insurance? Those enthusiasts who are concerned about the price tag and quality assurance can go with this product.

Click here to check ‘Industrial Injection’s LB7 Duramax Injector’ on Amazon. If you want a bit advanced in manufacturing, please check the similar product for Duramax Lb7 Race3 31 Lpm 40%.


Best lb7 injector kit: Duramax LB7 Master Fuel Injector Kit

'Pensacola' 01-04.5 GM 6.6L Duramax LB7 Master Fuel Injector Kit

Pensacola 'All in One' Fuel Injector Kit

‘Pensacola’ New OEM Fuel Injector kit includes the following things:

  • (8) set of New OEM Injectors
  • (8) Glow plugs of DieselRx
  • (2) installation kits including Rocker Gaskets
  • (8) Injector Sleeves
  • (8) Banjo Bolts (Return Line)
  • (1) Complete Set of Fuel Lines

Get all the ‘DURAMAX PARTS’ actual & most up to date. Purchase with confidence. The ‘Fuel Injector Kit’ has 2 Years of Warranty. The fitment type is a direct replacement. 30 days of a full refund if returned between months!

Click here to check more about the ‘Pensacola Fuel Injector kit’ on Amazon.

Given thought to buy the ‘Best Injectors for LB7 Duramax’

You must consider a few things when buying the best LB7 injectors, such as Fuel injector type, the flow rate, and the size. You have bought your vehicle costing a lot, right? So, why not take care of the vehicle and ensure a long lifespan? You are probably one of those enthusiasts who have been running your car with the help of diesel. Why don’t you have constant maintenance then? As with all vehicle components, choosing a fuel injector for ongoing maintenance would not be a bad idea at all. You’ll see lots of fuel injectors available in the global market. Within a large quantity of products, be mindful of choosing the right fuel injectors for LB7 Duramax. We have explained the real factors that you need to consider before purchasing LB7 injectors.

  • The type of fuel injector

Without realizing the type of fuel injector, you can’t go for purchasing the right solution. We have read four types of fuel injectors available in the market.

  • Diesel fuel injector
  • Performance fuel injector
  • Petrol fuel injector, and
  • Stock injector

Last Friday, I received a question that was asking me, ‘Does an LB7 have a fuel pump?’ Indeed, every LB7 Duramax from 2001 to the LML in 2016 has a fuel pump. Once you have identified the type of fuel injector, don’t delay to purchase from high-grade manufacturers.

  • The flow rate

Then, the flow rate is essential to choose a fuel injector. The flow rate is usually measured in PSI. If you selected a specific manufacturer, please read the manufacturer’s description on the injector how much flow rate you’re provided with! Let me give an example. Most of the car has 3 bar diesel fuel injector. For them, the flow rate is appropriate with 43.1 PSI.

  • Right-sized injectors

The size of the best replacement injectors for LB7 should be accurate. People make a mistake choosing the right sized fuel injectors. Indeed, maximum aftermarket or replacement injectors have the same size but different construction. I feel you’re a mechanic yourself, and you can feel the correct size of an LB7 fuel injector. If not purchased in the right size, it will damage the car and cause an unexpected accident.

Lb7 Injectors’ Replacement: Lb7 Injectors Remove Process

Well, the removal process of LB7 Duramax Fuel Injectors is explained step by step below. Take a look. Indeed, the automobile engine can be intimidating during internal operation. Jokes apart! With a proper tool and techniques, it is possible to complete the task at hand. You may seek the solution, ‘How to Remove LB7 Duramax?’

We have done our operation for Duramax Diesel LB7 Engine 2001-2004. GMC or Chevrolet Pick-up Truck is most often vehicles that contain that engine.

  • Firstly, mandatory work is to ‘Drain the Coolant.’ Then, find the drain valve on the passenger side. The valve is mostly engineered besides the wheel. You can use a bucket and a cloth to capture the debris. These materials will work as filtration.
  • Then, disconnect the battery once you see the coolant is draining! Disconnecting the battery will prevent unexpected damage to the ECM and modules.
  • Once you have disconnected the battery successfully, remove the A/C condenser. Using a fan belt tool is recommended. Keep it with a 1/2 drive ratchet. You’ve to remove the tensioner pulley nut off the engine (Passenger Side). After removing the A/C condenser, fold the condenser by the passenger side battery.
  • Do you see a water thermostat and coolant neck at this point? Remove it. Also, remove the FICM. FICM means the ‘Fuel injection Control Module.’ Remove it from the engine. Through this, you can go under the valve corners. All you need to do is sliding the plastic tabs outwards and remove the FICM accurately.
  • You should then gradually remove the Glow Plug Harness, Fuel Line, Fuel Injector Keys, Harness of the Fuel Injectors, Returned Lines, and Fuel Injector.

At length, work with the injector cups to replace all the injectors. You should watch this tutorial to remove LB7 Duramax injectors more correctly.   

Lb7 Injectors’ Replacement: Lb7 Injectors Install Process

  • Start removing the passenger side wheel, and then remove the inside fender made in ‘Black Plastic.’
  • Draining the radiator’s coolant is mandatory, and you should do it only by removing the drain plug on the bottom passenger’s side. If the coolant is not drained, there is a high possibility of making the cylinder damaged if an injector cup comes out when removing the existing injector.
  • Now, unhook the blue turbo intake hose by loosening the 10mm nut on the clamp. Pull the hose off! Do the unhooking process by the top of the engine and set it aside. Remove all the tubing, intake, and fuel filter bracket from the passenger side and cut off the Fuel Injector Control Module (FICM).
  • You will see slide tabs on the FICM. Disconnect the accounts by the driver’s side on the tab. After disconnecting all the engine wires successfully, remove the FF ad FICM precisely.

To read more, visit this thread or watch a live tutorial on YouTube.

 Note: Are you looking for a Diesel Injector Installation Kit? Check the most popular Duramax Diesel LB7( 01-04) Fuel Injector’ on Amazon.


  • How many miles will an LB7 Duramax last?

As per as Association of Diesel Specialists, the 6.6L Duramax is the most reliable and popular diesel engines available on the market. With proper maintenance, the LB7 Duramax will go for the 350,000 to 500,000 miles is the norm.

  • Is the LB7 the best Duramax?

The Duramax engine was only compatible with GM trucks. Clean versions like LB7 can still command a pretty penny. Most often, enthusiasts face problems in injector failure with the LB7 Duramax engine. Once the issue is addressed, the LB7 is extremely best for the Duramax.

  • How much does it cost to replace injectors on LB7?

We have seen those professional mechanics who replace eight injectors on an LB7 Duramax altogether can charge $1500 to $3000 depending on the hourly rate or performance at the same time.


We have shown the ‘Best Injectors for LB7 Duramax’ to you. Now, you decide to make a purchase, isn’t it? Indeed, the maintenance cost of the injectors is much costly. Even though you can’t deny the maintenance and make any shortcuts, a new replacement will make a positive vibe for your car’s engine and pocket. Aren’t you happy choosing from all the right injectors for your LB7 Duramax engine? If purchased, be mindful of installing it correctly. We have tried providing you all the necessary views of the diesel logic lb7 injector reviews. Even though you have got a question, please comment on us. Thanks for being with us

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