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Best H4/9003 LED Bulbs

8 Best H4 LED Bulbs: Getting on in Years (2021)!

Why are you looking for the Best H4 LED bulb? People choose to modify their car or motorcycle with high luminous bright light than stock halogens. It has never been an easy decision to purchase from a bunch of proficient manufacturers. We have explained TOP-8 H4 LED bulbs for cars & motorcycles.

Still, we found out people asking Google, What’s the best H4 LED bulb for a motorcycle? We recommend none other than ‘SEALIGHT H4 9003 HB2 LED Motorcycle Headlight Bulb.’ Check this product on Amazon. It has all positive reviews.

Choosing from our recommendation will make driving at night in the fog more aesthetic. Making the whole trip that way will enlighten the dark minds! Now, it’s easy to illuminate the dark streets amazingly. Read us!

Which H4/9003 LED bulb is the best?


These H4 bulbs are improved with the newest Korean CSP LED chips and can produce maximum output when driving at night. The attraction of the BEAMTECH H4 LED Bulb is 5X brighter and durable than the halogen lamp. We have researched the average lifespan and found out 30,000 hours extended serving life. No heating issue at all! Easier installation and sizeable current startup will heal your mind! Get them used for rally and race tracks.


  • Improved in Korean CSP LED chips
  • 6500K xenon white light
  • 25W each bulb
  • Safe for driving at night
  • 30,000 hours lifespan + One year warranty

Check ‘BEAMTECH H4 LED Bulb’ on Amazon. 


  • We bring ‘Legality’ round

Those headlights that provide brightness between 50 and 100 meters are legal. We ensure all our lights bright enough without blinding oncoming drivers from the other side. We read the US’s rules and regulations, and we recommend making a purchase knowing all the rules and regulations of your country or state!

  • We focus on ‘Search Intent’

People are searching for a bunch of LED options! Among all great LED bulbs, we focus on writing about ‘TOP H4 LED BULBS’ today. You must be reading our content to purchase from exact compatibility. As you can see, all our LED bulbs offer an upgrade for halogen sockets. Get rid of roaming here and there! We mention popular headlights for night driving in our guide. Don’t let your vehicle be frustrating! 

  • We keep ‘Quality & Warranty ‘in mind 

Check our H4 LED bulbs individually; they offer a minimum warranty of ‘Two Years.’ Your chosen product must include a valid warranty. For that, be mindful of dealing with top-grade companies. Fahren, Beamtech, Sealight, Auxbeam, and all our recommended manufacturers are world-renowned. You are assured of free technical support from them in case of any queries. 

LED vs. Halogen Headlights; which is best?

Who thinks halogen headlight is efficient? Old mechanics love halogen for its yellow vibes; still, we young people wouldn’t love halogen for its white light illumination and a lot of heat in comparison. Scientifically, the halogen bulbs can’t produce long term brightness and resulting in lost energy. If I tell specifically, LED bulbs are 5X, and HID bulbs are 3X brighter than the standard Halogen lights. Be realistic to buy from aftermarket LED bulbs.

LED headlight bulbs provide a high level of brightness without any heating issue and flickering oncoming traffic or vehicles. The 360-degree beam pattern of LED bulbs creates full shine instantly as opposed to old halogen bulbs. Halogen or HID needs a few seconds to achieve maximum brightness. Indeed, LED headlight bulbs are expensive but outweigh this increase in cost with quality. 

8 BEST H4 LED BULBS; Read in a Row



A most-reviewed LED bulb is what we often look for! These H4 LED bulbs are a creation of BEAMTECH that are improved with Double-sided CSP LED chips. During the night ride, it’s possible to produce excellent output on the road now. We have experienced a safe night drive through the headlights as they make 6500K xenon white, which is far better than halogen headlights. Don’t worry about its lifespan! Mostly, they have 30,000 hours of serving life. You can make an easier installation. Why not choosing the bulbs for rally and race tracks? They are just as awesome.


  • Improved in Korean CSP LED chips
  • Can produce 6500K xenon white light
  • 30,000 hours serving life
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Easy installation

Customer questions & answers:

Question: Will these bulbs work as high and low beam?

Answer: You must confirm the size of the installing box through the original user manual. Sometimes, it’s wise to take out bulbs, and putting them back would let you know about the compatibility.

Question: Should I plug it in like my old bulbs?

Answer: I needed to remove the heat sinks as I experienced h7 bulbs on a 2018 Jetta to install the clips. On these H4 bulbs, it’s relatively easy to adjust them. We read good reviews on them.

Check ‘BEAMTECH H4 LED Bulb’ on Amazon. 

2. Cougar Motor H4/9003 LED Bulbs

Cougar Motor H4 LED Bulbs

Thanks to Cougar Motor for sending us an ‘All-in-One’ kit with high luminous efficacy than your stock bulbs. You’re living in a modern era. Be mindful of upgrading your vehicle’s brightness through the latest technology. Why not ensure a perfect beam pattern with ‘Cougar Motor H4 LED Bulbs’ today? You’ll be benefited from 5-years of brilliant continuous light. Besides having whole aluminum housing, ‘Cougar Motor’ makes its H4 bulbs with Powerful Turbo-Cool Fan (7,000 RPM). It kills maximum heat and makes the light’s performance without error. The manufacturer offers lifetime support.


  • Improved in ‘Superior XPL LED Clips’
  • Turbo Cooling Fan of 7,000 RPM
  • 50,000 Hours Lifespan
  • 360° Beam Angle
  • 2-year warranty

Customer questions & answers 

Question: Can these bulbs be used on Dodge ram 1500 for high beams?

Answer: We have tried it in the 2011 Dodge Ram 1500. At first, I wasn’t sure about the compatibility. Later, I searched for the vehicle’s requirements. You can Google with “Philips automotive bulb look-up.”  Referring to your vehicle manual or checking the original headlight manually will ensure the fitment. Thanks & Best Regards!

Question: Won’t these bulbs change from high beam to low beam?

Answer: The manufacturer declares to be H4 LED Headlight & 9003 High/Low bulbs. You can ask the manufacturer for further details like correct units or installation errors. One of the reviewers says that these bulbs have LED’s, one for high beam and one for low beam.

Check ‘Cougar Motor H4 LED BULBS’ on Amazon.

3. HIKARI H4/9003 LED Headlight bulbs

HIKARI H4/9003 LED Headlight bulbs

You must be reading this guide to purchase a set of H4 LED Bulbs, aren’t you? HIKARI H4 or 9003 bulbs are six times brighter and durable than incandescent bulbs. Experts said that HIKARI bulbs use all required resistance to control vibration, moisture, and humidity. The installation requires no significant modes to the wiring structure. These headlights are packed with a Phillips screwdriver pattern. It’s possible to adjust headlights by the backside assemblies. You need to use a screwdriver. Why not making night lights more lined up with plug-and-play installation today? Hikari Technology encourages 2 years warranty for the H4 LED bulbs. Purchase with confidence!


  • 10000lm per pair
  • Engineered with Japanese CSP LED Technology
  • IP68 water/dust protection
  • The LEDs are way brighter
  • Fit the bill perfectly

Customer questions & answers

Question: How these adjustable bulbs work cause it doesn’t move at all? 

Answer: We’ve visited HIKARI’S diagram and found the diagram showing that the headlight is pushing the collar with alignment teeth. The O-ring gets toward the LED bulbs to rotate the collar.

Question: What if one bulb is out from the pair of these lights? What’s the warranty?

Answer: Purchase with confidence! The manufacturer allows free customer service and keeps the bulbs less than 2 years warranty.

Check ‘HIKARI H4 LED BULBS’ on Amazon.

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4. INFITARY H4 LED Headlight Bulbs

INFITARY H4 LED Headlight Bulbs

Well, people have been purchasing this H4/9003 Conversion Kit so much! People often look for dual beam LED bulbs. Choose this! INFITARY makes its bulbs with high power COB chips. It would be easy to distribute perfect light pattern on the road during the night or foggy ride. The illumination contains no dark spot. Long-lasting LED features such as IP67 (Waterproof protection) and Turbo-Cooling Fan will make a more substantial heat sink effect extend working life more than 30000 hours. The installation process is done in 20 minutes. Once installed successfully, these LED’s won’t get loose with your everyday driving.


  • Results in 10000LM COB Chips per pair
  • 30000 hours lifespan
  • IP67 protected in extreme conditions
  • Can be installed in 20 minutes
  • 3-yr warranty

Customer questions & answers

Question: Will this INFITARY H4 LED bulbs to fit a 2013 Volkswagen Jetta S without extra parts? 

Answer: Yes, they will fit just fine. We recommend ordering a new bracket to hold the LED light bulb. It keeps the bulbs in place as these LED’s are much bigger than the stock halogens.

Question: What if your radio won’t work when these are installed and on?

Answer: It happens through a compatibility issue mostly; still, using a CANBUS or an H7 bulb decoder can solve your problem. Hopefully, this will be helpful.

Check ‘INFITARY H4 LED BULBS’ on Amazon.

5. Auxbeam H4 LED Bulbs

Auxbeam H4 LED Bulbs

We would like to say, AUXBEAM H4 bulbs are one step upgraded than other replacement kits or light halogen bulbs. Being constructed with F-S2 Series and providing the brightest light through the high power COB chips will impress you. The lumens output is estimated at 4,000LM per bulb. It’s incredible to express 6500K xenon white color during the night ride to show a more precise road situation. The LED’s can be optimized to a 270-degree angle and won’t flicker oncoming traffic at all. Get increased in performance! Choosing from the AUXBEAM manufacturer will maximize efficient heat dissipation as the headlights come with a 12,000RPM turbofan. Legal for off-road use!


  • 8,000 Lumens
  • Improved in high power COB chips
  • 12,000RPM turbofan does maximum heat dissipation
  • Street legal
  • Made in the USA

Customer questions & answers

Question: How do these H4 bulbs mount with the 2 low beam lights on the bottom and the high beam light on top?

Answer: The mount is done precisely like another stock bulb. We have inspected three prolongs; 1 big and 2 small. Locate the big thing on the socket side! The rest of the mount comes flawlessly. We recommend not installing the project higher than 1.3 feet to avoid dazzling oncoming vehicles.

Question: Is each AUXBEAM H4 bulb rated 72W?

Answer: These bulbs have combined rating of 36w per bulb! They are incredibly bright for nighttime driving. I highly recommend them.

Check ‘Auxbeam H4 LED Bulbs’ on Amazon.

6. AUXITO H4 9003 LED Headlight Bulbs

AUXITO H4 9003 LED Headlight Bulbs

AUXITO brings you same beam design with stock bulbs but with better visibility. The headlights are improved in ZES LED chips. During the drive, you’ll see a perfect beam pattern on the road. The brightness is compared to be 200% brighter even with these headlights have the same size as halogen bulb. The construction of AUXITO H4 bulbs is made of aluminum shell. Plus, IP65 waterproof technology helps to protect bulbs from water, dust, and residues.

What’s more? No heating issue even after continuous use is seen! The manufacturer assures the bulbs to be a built-in powerful fan. This ‘Turbofan’ cools down the heat minutely. You get a 2-Years warranty along with the purchase!


  • Improved ZES LED chips
  • 200% brighter than stocks
  • Protected with IP65 waterproof technology
  • Wireless design
  • 40,000hrs long lifespan

Customer questions & answers

Question: Should you maintain the OEM headlight interior or remove it?

Answer: AUXITO H4 Bulbs are plug & play type. So, it’s not required to change the original headlight housing.

Question: Will they work in a 2003 Ford F-150?

Answer: These H4 LED bulbs are not compatible with the 2003 Ford F-150. Better, you try ‘AUXITO H7 LED Headlight Bulbs.’

Check ‘AUXITO H4 LED BULBS’ on Amazon.

7. SEALIGHT H4/9003/HB2 LED Headlight Bulbs

SEALIGHT H4/9003/HB2 LED Headlight Bulbs

Well, almost all our recommended H4 LED Bulbs have 10000lm Ultra-thin Design. What’s new in this SEALIGHT H4 LED Pack? You’re ensured of a safer driving experience. The manufacturer declares the LED bulbs to be 300% brighter than halogens. The latest high-grade CSP chips are the power of these H4 bulbs. You get to go through hazards in the roadway. 12,000RPM cooling fan eats the heat and keeps the H4 bulbs active for almost 50,000 hours of continuous lighting. Now, don’t fear driving at night. Some vehicle needs additional decoder or anti-flicker harness to avoid error codes.


  • 300% brighter than stocks 
  • High-grade CSP chips
  • 12,000RPM cooler
  • 50,000 hours lifespan
  • 2-Years warranty

Customer questions & answers

Question: Do these lights run on AC or DC?

Answer: You must like SEALIGHT H4 Led Headlight Bulbs. We appreciate your interest in these bulbs. They run on Direct Current (DC).

Question: Will SEALIGHT H4 LED bulbs to fit a 2009 Harley street glide?

Answer: Yes. They will without load equalizer needed.

Check ‘SEALIGHT H4 Bulbs’ on Amazon.

8. Fahren H4/9003/HB2 LED Headlight Bulbs

Fahren H4/9003/HB2 LED Headlight Bulbs

These H4 bulbs come with 12000 Lumens super bright light. I would love to drive in a broader and farther lighting range and will purchase from Fahren instantly. Ask me, why? A super focused beam pattern helps 360-degree illumination on the road, 3X brighter than stock bulbs. The construction includes an aviation aluminum body, heat sink design, and supercooling ability. You’ll get a long lifespan of almost 5+ Years. The Fahren bulbs work with 98% of the vehicle’s computer accurately.


  • Improved in Automotive-Grade LED chips
  • 12,000LM per pair
  • 50000 hours lifespan
  • CanBUS-Ready
  • 2-YR warranty!

Customer questions & answers

Question: How do you know bulb size of a vehicle?

Answer: I recommend consulting the auto parts store or checking the big-box store’s book or searching the owner’s manual is better in case. Better, you Google it!

Question: How many per package?

Answer: Dual super bright LED headlights are in a package!

Check ‘Fahren H4 LED bulbs’ on Amazon.

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3 Considerations to Purchase ‘Best H4/9003 LED Bulbs’

  • Price

It is not beyond us are LED headlight bulbs having a higher price range than standard headlight bulbs. Transforming your vehicle with H4 LED bulbs will allow you to pay the extra money; still, you’ll earn more advantages from these lights. We have seen hundreds of brands presenting H4 LED bulbs. Remember that not a price always guarantees quality. I have noticed that low-priced LEDs have low lumen count light intensity and a shorter lifespan. You must ensure price range and lifespan all along.

  • Life expectancy

We choose those H4 LED bulbs that have a minimum lifespan of 30,000 to 50,000 hours. Most halogen bulbs offer 6,000 hours life expectancy, which is far neglected than the super LED features. When choosing the best h4 bulbs, be mindful of getting them with a cooling fan or heat dissipation system. It is advantageous to assure maximum night driving regularly, and for that, it’s essential to choose from those bulbs that last up to six years.

  • Installation

Most of the LED bulbs have the same illumination, and you better know about LED’s strategy. We would like to purchase from ‘Easy Installation.’ Check the product you intend to buy if it has a ‘PLUG & PLAY’ opportunity to get installed without a professional’s help. We recommend ’10 minutes installed’ bulbs in this list. If still, you’ve not checked us, please do ASAP! 

How to Install H4/9003 LED Headlight Bulbs

I investigated a minor hack of how good H4 LED bulbs work on a car. Then, I learned to install these bulbs by following the steps!

  • What’s first? You must disconnect the negative switch from the car’s battery terminal.
  • As I had old HID lights with rubber housing, I removed them along with the black plastic rings from the bulbs.
  • It’s essential to install the plastic ring on the headlamps of the car. Keep the ring secured!
  • Now, please insert the H4 LED bulbs with a little pressure. Turn them clockwise until they’re secured.
  • Be mindful of making space to keep the electrical cord connected with the original plugs of the car.
  • Afterward, reconnect the battery’s negative source, start your engine, and turn on LED lights.
  • You can adjust brightness better through proper tools and tactics.


  • Are H4 LED headlight bulbs legal?

We all know that LED bulbs are much more common in cars nowadays. People have been purchasing H4 LED bulbs as brake lights, fog lights, and interior lights. We can’t make a legal surety! Using these bulbs is still questionable. Some states forbid installing halogen bulbs to LED.

  • Is it worth upgrading to LED headlights?

These headlights are much brighter than stocks and revealing great opportunities on the road. Besides, LED headlight bulbs have a long lifespan. They have more energy efficiency. At length, LED’s don’t need quite a replacement. Good at a high price!

  • Are LED headlights better in the fog?

None other headlights can beat LED fog lights in popularity. Compared to halogen fog lights, the LED’S provide many advantages. In our opinion, switching to LED headlights is a great decision. You’ll get maximum white light production on the eyes. SEALIGHT 6000K Xenon White LED Fog Light Bulbs are the most-reviewed headlight bulbs on Amazon. You can take a look!


Upgrading from the latest technology increases the vehicle’s appearance! People often look to replace their stock halogen with the best H4 LED bulb. This guide of us is an original reviewing campaign that fulfills high-manufactured headlights demand. You’re one step away from being updated!

Thanks for reading us.

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