10 Best H13 LED Bulbs in 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Among all great LED headlight bulbs, the H13 LED bulb is doing great, fitting lots of vehicles and being reliable for night driving. The traditional bulbs fall flat on the road, and sometimes they end in smoke during rain or winter season. Yellowish light is what I don’t like because it feels like a fish out of water! LED bulbs are great. White bright illumination with 360-degree road coverage will be excellent.

In this guide, we show the world’s best H13 LED bulb with ultra super features. Maximum of the bulbs have thousands of reviews on Amazon. You can read all the positive reviews at a glance. If I specify similar features, these brightest H13 LED bulbs have Durable aluminum construction, heat dissipation technology, and 50,000 lifespan sureties. Fahren, Hikari, Beamtech, SEALIGHT, and all other brands in our article are the market leaders. You’ll receive an excellent response from them along with a warranty.

No more waiting! Start reading each product’s review. Surprisingly, the best pick is selected here.


BEAMTECH H13 LED Bulb | 50W 6500K Extremely Bright | All In One Conversion Kit


These are the brightest H13 LED bulbs and improved with the newest CSP Chips, and they are made for the most significant light output. The installation is easier than regular headlights. BEAMTECH construction seems to be a solid build with a nice weight. It is amazing to know that these bulbs produce more lights than stocks, but the beam pattern meets all premium bulbs’ qualifications. BEAMTECH bulbs work at low heat so that the bulbs have a prolonged lifespan of 30,000 hours. I can say they are a perfect upgrade in replace of original halogen bulbs. The beam light spreads in front of your vehicle amazingly. Highly recommended!

Beamtech H13 LED Bulb Specs:

  • Great bulb for the money
  • Illuminates better than traditional bulbs
  • Packaged in solid ‘Health and safety’ construction
  • Bright and clear
  • 3-Year Warranty

Check ‘BEAMTECH H13 LED Bulb’ on Amazon.

H13 LED Bulb Fits What Cars; What Does h13 Bulb Fit?

You are familiar enough with bulb sizes, aren’t you? The vehicle’s guide includes the bulb sizes according to the technology. H13 LED bulbs fit almost 95 percent of cars as their locking tabs and plugs are much adjusted even though we would like to include a few car models such as Jeep Wrangler, F150 (All Models), F250, F550, RAM 2500-3500, Nitro, Torrent, ETC! It is an expensive decision to replace stock halogen with the best H13 LED bulbs. The bulbs go around 5+ years consistently.

In below, you can see what H13 LED BULB FITS WHAT CARS!

  • Camaro 10+ H13 or HID-D1S
  • Aspen 07+
  • Town & Country 05-08
  • Caliber 06-up
  • Challenger 09+ HID-D1S or H13
  • Dakota/Durango 04-10
  • Nitro 07+
  • Ram Pick-Up 1500 06-08 H13 + Special Modules
  • Ram Pick-Up 2500-3500 06-09 & 10-up H13 (2 headlamp models)
  • Escape 09+
  • Excursion 05+
  • Expedition 07+
  • Explorer Sport Trac 07+
  • F150 (All Models) 04+ H13 or H6054
  • F250 – F550 05+ H13 or H6054
  • Flex 09+ H13or HID-D3S
  • Mustang 05+ H13 or HID-D3S
  • Yukon / Yukon XL, Hybrid 07+
  • Yukon Denali / Denali XL 07+
  • Patriot 07+
  • Wrangler 07+
  • Mark Lt 06+
  • Tribute 09+
  • Grand Marquis 06+
  • Mariner 05+
  • Cooper/Cooper S 07+ HID-D1S orH13
  • Eclipse 06+ H13 or HID-D1S
  • Raider 06+

10 Best H13 LED Bulbs Comparison in 2021

ProductsBrandLumens-Color TemperatureWatt-WarrentyLifeSpan(hours)Check Price
BEAMTECH H13 LED BulbBEAMTECH8000LM-6500K50W-1Y30,000
Fahren H13 LED Headlight BulbsFahren12000LM-6500K60W-2Y50,000
SEALIGHT H13 LED Headlight BulbsSEALIGHT10000LM-6500K60W-2Y50,000
Glowteck H13 LED Headlight BulbsGlowteck 12000LM-6500K70W-2Y50,000
HIKARI Ultra H13 LED BulbsHIKARI12000LM-6000K60W-2Y50,000
LIGHTENING DARK H13 LED Headlight Bulbs LIGHTENING10000LM-6000K80W-2Y50,000
Alla Lighting H13 9008 LED BulbsAlla Lighting12500LM-6000K90W-1Y30,000
Torchbeam H13 LED Headlight BulbsTorchbeam12000LM-6500K48W- 2Y50,000
Marsauto H13 LED Headlight BulbsMarsauto16000LM-6500K60W- 1Y50,000
Stark Industries H13/9008 APX Series 90W LED HeadlightsStark Industries9600LM-8000K90W-1Y30,000

Best H13 LED Bulbs; Check Specifically

1. BEAMTECH H13 LED Bulb| 50W 6500K Extremely Bright| (Brightest H13 headlight bulb)


BEAMTECH H13 LED bulb is made with Double-sided CSP LED chips. The driver feels great output at night. It’s essential to ensure maximum protection in driving. The LED bulbs illuminate 6500K xenon white on the road, which results far better than the halogen bulbs. If we see clearly, the halogen bulbs can’t do proper heat dissipation so that they last shorter. The BEAMTECH LED bulbs are engineered with the least current startup without extra electromagnetic radiation. BEAMTECH bulbs run in low heat and tolerable voltage. The official lifespan of them is estimated at 30,000 hours. Installation is easier; close to the halogen design!

We recommend this bulb kit to those who want a clear light beam pattern for rally and race tracks.

Beamtech H13 LED Bulb Specs:

  • Engineered with world-class LED chips
  • Focused light beam pattern
  • Works in low heat
  • Super 30,000 hours lifespan
  • 3-Year WarrantyWarranty
  • Perfect plug & play replacement
  • Good build quality
  • Packaged nicely
  • For some pickups, you’ll have to order resistors to make them work separately

Question: Some vehicles will need an anti-flicker / decoder kit for the H13 LED Bulb. Will I get it on Amazon?

Answer: Yes! It’s available on Amazon. You’ll receive the best Anti-Flicker Headlight Bulb Decoder of your choice.

Question: Are these for the high beam or low beam?

Answer: Yes, BEAMTECH H13 LED headlight bulbs to fit the High Beam and Low Beam Headlight!

Check ‘BEAMTECH H13 LED Bulb’ on Amazon.

2. Fahren H13/9008 LED Headlight Bulbs | 60W 12000 Lumens LED Headlights Conversion Kit

Fahren H13 LED Headlight Bulbs

These Fahren 9008/H13 LED bulbs are engineered with top-grade LED chips. Super design of these headlight bulbs ensures accurate beam patterns on the road. The light range bids fair to be broader and farther by leaps and bounds. The official declaration and customer’s satisfaction proves the headlight’s brightness. It’s genuinely brighter than halogen. It’s quite a pride purchasing from a reliable source. Fahren is the most reliable source for H13 bulbs. The construction of the bulbs involves an aviation aluminum frame and a turbo-cool fan of 1,2000RPM. You can go with these headlights for 5+ Years. The installation takes 10 minutes, and the fitment is CAN bus-Ready and compatible with 98% of Vehicles. They work without error. Nice and bright! We can tell one thing about Fahren bulbs: ‘ these bulbs are more superior than factory bulbs.’ Definitely recommended!

Fahren H13 LED bulb specs:

  • 360° Adjustable Brightness
  • Whole aviation aluminum structure
  • Lasts long as advertised (50,000+ hours)
  • Installation same as halogen
  • 2-Years Warranty
  • Great distance
  • Nice side pattern
  • Quick plug and play; great lights
  • It was reported that a vehicle was turned on the lights and got flickered sort of strobe light

Question: What would I be doing if I get minor flashing problems?

Answer: Well, purchasing a CAN-bus decoder will fix headlight bulb flickering problems. Check H13 LED Canbus Decoder here.

Question: Will these works correctly in my vehicle?

Answer: If H13 LED bulbs are well-suited for your vehicle, Fahren will be the reliable headlight bulbs. You can check customer reviews; it’s positive.

Check ‘Fahren H13 LED Headlight Bulbs’ on Amazon.

3. SEALIGHT H13 LED Headlight Bulbs | 10000LM 60W Hi/(H13 dual beam LED)

SEALIGHT H13 LED Headlight Bulbs

SEALIGHT is a renowned manufacturer to bring a world-class H13 conversion kit. Ensuring safe driving is an essential task for all drivers. Your vehicle must be equipped with top-grade LED bulbs for perfect beam pattern on the road. SEALIGHT provides its headlights bulbs for safe driving. This best LED H13 bulb contain ultra-thin chips that perform 30X brightness in the roadway. Now, it’s easier to drive through the hazards. We have noticed this manufacturer gives a natural look to the ‘Heat Dissipation’ technology and builds the H13 headlights with an aviation aluminum heat sink design. Thousands of client reviews prove the bulbs last long. People who don’t like cold bluish color and yellowish color on the road can choose these H13 led bulbs for apparent 6500K cool white color brightness. You can see a lot better with these SEALIGHT H13 LED headlight bulbs.

SEALIGHT H13 LED Bulb Specs:

  • Thumbs up upgrade for a truck
  • Color temperature is cool white & perfect
  • Maximum and heat dissipation
  • Built-in CAN Bus for almost 99% of vehicles
  • 2-Years warranty
  • You can replace both headlights as well as fog lights
  • These are made to replace our dim headlights
  • Brightest high beams by far!
  • These bulbs cast bad shadows (Not sure, read reviews)

Question: Do these SEALIGHT H13 bulbs work as the daytime running light feature?

Answer: I would say ‘YES.’ You can let running lights on features.

Question: Are there two bulbs or all four included?

Answer: SEALIGHT H13 LED Headlight Bulb Kit is with a pack of 2.

Check ‘SEALIGHT H13 LED Headlight Bulbs’ on Amazon.

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4. Glowteck H13 LED Headlight Bulbs | 12000 Lumens 68 Watt 6500 Kelvin (best headlights for rain)

Glowteck H13 LED Headlight Bulbs

Among all the renowned manufacturers of headlights, Glowteck has the superpower for rain. I appreciate Glowteck’s conversion kit that contains two headlight bulbs with the maximum light output. The H13 bulbs are engineered with a Cree XHP50 chipset that produces a well-spread beam pattern on the road. You’ll experience consistency like never before. Who doesn’t want to replace traditional OEM stock with the best h13 led bulb? Take 10 minutes to install Glowteck bulbs. It rarely requires professional installation for some automobiles. You’ll be glad to know that this headlight kit suits high and low assembly. Great as a dual-beam pattern! Even if you’re very skeptical of the LED systems, you can’t deny the strategy of crystal clear white beams. Glowtech H13 LED bulb kit is aesthetic for a clean and bright shines. Excellent customer service!

Glowteck H13 LED Bulb Specs:

  • Big improvement on traditional lights
  • Well-spread beam pattern
  • Made with maximum heat dissipation design
  • It takes 10 minutes to install
  • The lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • After installing OEM headlights, you won’t be disappointed
  • Comes with ballasts, two zip ties, mounting tape, instructions & one online registry card
  • Common sense is all it takes for installation
  • These are a knockoff of a knockoff as headlight points down when high beams are turned on

Question: How many H13 bulbs are included with the Glowteck kit?

Answer: Each Glowteck kit contains two bulbs. Install each bulb for the right and left of the vehicle.

Question: What if the headlight battery goes out for the LED?

Answer: You’ll get to replace that burned-out bulb as Glowteck provides a 2-year Warranty!

Check ‘Glowteck H13 LED Headlight Bulbs’ on Amazon.

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5. HIKARI Ultra H13 LED Bulb 6000K Cool White Fog light Conversion Kit

HIKARI Ultra H13 LED Bulbs

HIKARI is famous for its High-Tech LED bulbs. You’ll be experiencing the brightest led bulbs ever as these HIKARI H13 LED bulbs have a uniform beam pattern. I had these installed in the F-150 for about two weeks now. Honestly, HIKARI bulbs are incredibly bright and safe for night driving. The installation is identical and the same with halogen bulbs. Those who love driving on long trips and remote roads can choose this conversion kit. The beam light matches the original beam pattern. You’ll receive an instruction guide with proper directions. No complaint about longevity! They won’t die soon. Price is reasonable compared to build quality. It would be the best deal!

HIKARI H13 LED Bulb Specs:

  • Accurate and brightest light ever
  • They are high and Low beam
  • Enhances night driving significantly
  • The price can not be beat
  • 2 years warranty
  • They’re incredibly bright
  • Making night driving significantly
  • Install is identical to original bulb
  • You may experience lights actually functioning

Question: How long do they last before replacement?

Answer: I have checked HIKARI H13 bulbs in multiple vehicles and, on average, found them durable for three years without fail. You can go through the WarrantyWarranty. They are great lights and won’t let you go back to stock again.

Question: Do HIKARI H13 bulbs come with the decoders?

Answer: Not with the decoders! They come with the drivers.

Check ‘HIKARI Ultra H13 LED Bulbs’ on Amazon.

6. LIGHTENING DARK H13 LED Headlight Bulbs | 10000 Lumens CREE Chips | (H11 led bulb high or low beam)


This is a High/Low conversion kit with a 360°Adjustable Beam Pattern. ‘LIGHTENING DARK’ is a prominent brand to make its H13 LED bulbs with customized LED chips. The brightness on the road is commercial, focused, and safe for night driving. You must be mindful of purchasing those LED bulbs which cover a wider and farther lighting area. It’s aesthetic to choose H13 LED bulbs with 6,000K cool white lighting. The bulbs are not a built-in fan but engineered with thermal analysis technology. You can continuously use the bulbs keeping the temperature of the LEDs controlled. All in one design of H13 bulbs let you make an easy installation within 20 minutes. Now, it’s easier to drive your vehicle even in extreme situations. LIGHTENING DARK’S bulbs are water, dust, and Fogg resistant.


  • Improved with thermal analysis technology
  • 5+ Years brilliant continuous light
  • 20 minutes installation
  • No streaking or splashing problems
  • 2 years warranty
  • Very bright clean look (Bright as hell)
  • You’ll love every bit of it
  • For installation, it can be your new favorite hands down!
  • Assembly instructions for the wiring are hard to read

Question: We have noticed a few customers commented that their low beams ducking randomly; what’s the solution?

Answer: Sometimes, the drawback collars tend to break! Otherwise, they have a superior beam pattern.

Question: Do these H13 LEDs come with the wiring harness (ballast)?

Answer: Firstly, H13 bulbs are the latest and upgraded version and built-in ballast. You won’t need an additional external drive part. The performance remains fruitful, and installation is plug_and_play.

Check ‘LIGHTENING DARK H13 LED Headlight Bulbs’ on Amazon.

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7. Alla Lighting H13 9008 LED Bulbs | 12500 Lumens 90W 6000K Xenon White light

Alla Lighting H13 9008 LED Bulbs

I was amazed to see these H13 bulbs! Compared to the halogen, they are great at night. You should install them properly to get all the benefits. These forward lighting bulbs have a mini & petite design and accurate dimension as halogen bulbs. We recommend this conversion kit for all vehicles. Even those vehicles that have dust covers can use the bulbs. Works without dark spots! Because of being constructed of LED Chips, Alla lighting bulbs are quite impressive to make a difference. The upper and lower bulbs are the same size and same patterned. You can also add extra anti-flicker harnesses from the same manufacturer to prevent flickering issues. I feel stock bulbs have even lower illumination than a cellphone light! Replacing stock dim halogen with LED forward lighting Bulbs is a great deal.

Alla lighting H13 LED Bulb Specs:

  • High-illumination bulbs
  • Improved with customized LED Chips
  • 30,000 hours lifespan
  • International street legal certified
  • 1-Year WarrantyWarranty
  • The upper and lower bulbs are the same
  • Compared to the halogen these are great at night
  • What a clear improvement!
  • Made like the color of warmth

Question: Will these bulbs work inside projector housing?

Answer: Not actually!

Question: Will these H13 bulbs work on a mini cooper? Does it need additional decoders?

Answer: They are upgraded, and built-in work fine without flicker at all.

Check ‘Alla Lighting H13 9008 LED Bulbs’ on Amazon.

8. Torchbeam H13 LED Headlight Bulbs | 12000LM 6500K Cool White | Replacement Bulbs

Torchbeam H13 LED Headlight Bulbs

You must buy these bulbs for improved visibility. The Torchbeam headlight bulbs include advanced LED chips that illuminate 40X brightness over stock halogen bulbs. There’s no option left other than T2 H13 bulbs. You’ll get them available for safer driving. The installation receives just in minutes. The construction is much durable, rigorously tested, and efficient heat dissipated. It will go over 50,000+ hours. Who doesn’t want brighter than regular bulbs? These bulbs charge the standard amount of money. You must have taken a lot of looking on Amazon; still, these bulbs are so far so good. They’re worth the money.

Torchbeam H13 LED Bulb Specs:

  • 400% Brightness than regular bulbs
  • Rigorously tested for durability
  • High-tech fan installed (10,000RPM)
  • It goes up to 50,000 hours, even with longer-lasting illumination
  • 24-month WarrantyWarranty
  • Great spending at brightest bulbs
  • It took about 30 minutes or so (For installation)
  • They are on longevity
  • They started flicker into the unit (I don’t know if my friend’s fault)

Question: Has anyone compared Torchbeam LED bulbs with Philips halogen bulbs? Are they brighter than halogens?

Answer: The LED is 40X brighter. The size seems to be the same as halogen bulbs and easy to insert.

Question: Are these H13 bulbs easy to install, or it needs wiring kits?

Answer: No additional kits are required. It’s easy to install.

Check ‘Torchbeam H13 LED Headlight Bulbs’ on Amazon.

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9. Marsauto H13 LED Headlight Bulbs | 16000LM 6500K 60W Xenon White Light

Marsauto H13 LED Headlight Bulbs

Marsauto lights are packaged well, and the brightness is definite. The installation seems to be painful, but the light output makes a huge difference compared to stock bulbs. Honestly, the stock lights are not accurate as Marsauto H13 lights. The headlight bulbs are made with advanced LED chips. The chips can produce cool white light for safer driving. The bulb’s beam pattern is accurate as halogen filament design but more upgraded in exact cutoff point. The lights won’t flicker oncoming drivers. Talking about the installation, it’s comfortable and compatible with 95 percent of vehicles. Marsauto H13 bulbs are high-effective, waterproof, and robust in design. The high beams are awesome. You’re recommended!

Marsauto H13 LED Bulb Specs:

  • 400% brightness
  • Perfect and 360-degree beam pattern
  • It fits 95 percent of vehicles
  • Much easier to install (Unbolt the headlight assembly)
  • 50,000 hours lifespan
  • They are packaged well
  • Look solid
  • HUGE difference in light output!
  • No real adjustment at an angle

Question: Why do H13 LED bulbs flashes on and off onto high beams?

Answer: You can contact Marsauto through Amazon. You will get a quick response and probably will get a replacement.

Question: How to fix High beams if they don’t work?

Answer: You need CANBUS to fix it

Check ‘Marsauto H13 LED Headlight Bulbs’ on Amazon.

10. Farenheit OPT-H13 High Performance 3000 Lumen 4000K COB LED OEM Headlight Bulb (H13 4000K LED)

You’ll find that spending just a little time and money on your car means you won’t need to spend all day at the mechanic. Add some style and happiness with our COB LED headlights. In only minutes, these easy-to-install units will make driving in any weather conditions more pleasant while looking totally fresh (and much brighter) than ever before! With high quality materials, an impressive 50000 hours of life expectancy as well as being 180% brighter than other aftermarket options, this is not a decision to be made lightly! Check us out today to see what else we have for your ride so it feels like home on the road for years into the future…

Farenheit H13 LED Bulb Specs:

  • 3000 LUMEN Emitting Diode
  • H13 4000k LED color temperature
  • 360 degree adjustment
  • Made without noisy fans that go bad.
  • Must having cheaper bulbs for the price
  • Great in in light output
  • They would flicker if you turn them off

Check on Amazon.

11. Stark Industries H13/9008 APX Series 8000K 90W LED Headlights Conversion Kit (Best H13 LED Bulb 8000K)

The H13 APX Series 8000K 90W LED Headlights Conversion Kit is the latest technology in headlights. A simple plug and play LED conversion kit, this model has all of the essentials for a high-end product including: innovatively designed digital headlight with a “brightness machine” as our competitors say; clean white light to illuminate your way ahead with an sharp pitch that cuts through even dark nights during bad weather; a direct replacement part for your car or bike’s original xenon or halogen bulb (referring to the bulbs not included); intelligent on-board system that keep things cool under 85°F so you never have to worry about burning out early; and up to 36x more light than a standard low beam.

Stark Industries H13 LED Bulb Specs:

  • 8000 Kelvin Blue APX series LED
  • Intelligent gauge fan technology
  • 1-Year warranty
  • 60 seconds of adjustments
  • I got the plug perfect fit for the Ford
  • A lot britter then expected
  • You’ll need to bend the electrical pins in the bulbs

Check on Amazon.

Difference Between H13 and 9008 Bulbs

H13 are part of the CANBUS system and allow your parking lights to work. H8 leads (9008) disconnect with the CAN BUS, which means that both headlights and parking lights share the same filament. It is important that whenever you replace one headlight bulb, you also replace both side marker bulbs too as they will not be as bright without a parking light close by to regulate their filament’s power. Also, the high-beam on H13s can only be activated when a low beam is turned on (9008).

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Benefits of H13 LED Bulbs

  • High-luminous light is far better than stock bulbs. During a night drive, it’s essential to see further and wide without flickering oncoming drivers. Fortunately, our recommended brightest H13 bulbs are upgraded with Double-sided CSP LED chips. The super design of the bulb can flip accurate light on the road. Modern bulbs are compatible with 98% of Vehicles with or without an Anti-flicker decoder.
  • The lifespan of the H13 LED bulbs is estimated at 30,000 to 50,000 hours. You’ll also get free assistance from them 24/7. The heat dissipation technology involves a turbo-cool fan and builds the headlight construction with an aviation aluminum frame. As per experience, top-manufacturered bulbs can run in the least voltage and don’t create electromagnetic radiation.
  • For drivers with high expectations, go for the H13 bulbs. It creates maximum light output on the road. We prefer them as racing vision that represents the current state of LED technology. You must be thinking of the price range. Well, it is not that much increased than halogen bulbs. It’s quite affordable. Check our top-pick specifically. You can pick the right pick for your vehicle.

H13 Bulb Replacement

Installation can be done with or without a warning canceller / Anti-Flicker. We show both installation processes below. But, be mindful of some installation notes like turning your vehicle off. Wearing gloves will be beneficial. Keep the new LED bulbs in a safe place and keep them away from flammable materials. You need 2 x H13 LED and an integrated driver.

Method 1 (Installation without Anti-Flicker)

  • At first glance, a clear glass lens is seen around the LED bulb. It’s required to remove the protective glass lens.
  • Then, packet the new H13 LED bulbs off and insert them in the headlight assembly properly.
  • At last, the bulb should be connected to the vehicle’s OEM harness.

Method 2: (Installation with Anti-Flicker)

  • Like the first method, we recommend detaching the LED bulbs’ glass lens and placing it aside.
  • Then, please connect H13 LED bulbs to the warning canceller and secure the bulbs in assembly.
  • Finally, plug the Anti-Flicker into the vehicle’s OEM harness.


  • Is H13 bulb the same as 9008?

H13 bulbs are the same as 9008 bulbs. The difference is 9008 is a code used by a manufacturer, whether H13 is known as a brandable sign. In some cases, H13 bulbs are an upgraded design of the 9007 bulbs.

  • What’s the remedy to headlight bulbs flickering issues?

An anti-flicker harness is required at that time to stop flickering or stroking. It mostly happens for DRL’s fact!

  • Are H13 bulbs high and low beam?

Most of the H13 bulbs come as a pair and compatible with High / Low Beam Headlights. You can check our LED bulbs with maximum light output and heat dissipation technology.

  • Are H11 and H13 bulbs the same?

Both H11 and H13 bulbs are light bulbs that contain a small amount of mercury. The difference between the two lies in their wattage and base type.

H11s have a single pin base, while H13s have both a dual side (or multiple center) contact base with its own threads as well as the original low voltage thread from the origination point at which it was soldered to screw-in parts such as sockets ‘t go together’ directly, but must be connected first by an adapter like this or come in kit form like this.

One final thing that should be noted about fluorescent hues is that they do not ‘hang on’ for predictably long periods of time given typical daily usage patterns.

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Final talks:

We have discussed the best H13 LED bulbs in this guide. These bulbs are far better and efficient than halogen bulbs. The performance is occupied with more light and less heat, and the lifespan is 50X guaranteed than standard bulbs. If a car look is critical to you, buy from our recommended H13 LED bulbs to give your car or truck a beautiful appearance. Thanks for being with us!

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