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Best Glow Plugs for Duramax

7 Best Glow Plugs for Duramax in 2021: Buying Guide

During the winter season, the misfiring of diesel is noticeable. At first, it is to know that what the glow plugs do! A glow plug works as a heating device to fire up the diesel engines. Professionals around the world have been using this thing to aid start difficulties. Who wants preventing ignition here? A pencil-shaped piece of metal (Glow Plug) improves the cylinder block and heat of compression.

In this guide, we discuss 7 Best Glow Plugs for Duramax. These plugs are trending in 2021! The glow plug gets electrified and ignites the fuel even when the engine is hot for normal operation. You’ll be benefited by reducing the cranking time to start the engine.

Get a look, what’s in our suggestion! 

Best Glow Plugs for Duramax

Key features

This glow plug is structured for diesel engines. The engines are benefited with maximum heat and quicker cold starts. You’ll get a perfect replacement guarantee for Duramax & many vehicles on the road. The GN-type regulating coil in it will help to maintain ignition in all cylinders. Besides, the Self-regulating feature of the ACDelco Glow Plug controls the electrical flow. Why not avoid overheating and temperatures rise with this professional’s stuff? These premium aftermarket replacement glow plugs are determined to exceed your expectations. Nothing to do with the quality of the material; Highly recommended!

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How to Test Duramax Glow Plugs

Duramax glow plugs! A large number of people search for it on Google. Keeping 2021 in mind, we add Top-7 Glow Plugs for Duramax. You must have gone through the table! For more queries, it would be better to read each product’s review.

Let’s write a short formula to test Duramax glow plugs more correctly. Read us below.

You need a set of materials to go through the process.

Things you need:

  • Most people tend to test the terminals, but the appropriate way is to determine the multimeter’s resistance volunteer. How to do this? Turn the multimeter on, and set it to Ohms. Once it is set, connect the two leads of the multimeter. You’ll see resistance reading on display. Is the multimeter reads zero? Set the multimeter to a higher sensitivity. Note down the value of sense considering the matter in calculating the resistance of glow plugs.
  • Mostly, the glow plugs are structured in the cylinder heads with a heavy gauge wire. It looks similar to a regular spark plug wire. Disconnect the glow plug wires.
  • Touch the negative battery terminal through the multimeter to check the negative leads. Please, keep the tip to the terminal secured underneath the clamping mechanism.
  • Following the same task, touch the positive terminals on your glow plugs.
  • By touching both leading terminals, record the resistance reading on the multimeter. The reading is measured in Ohms (Ω). People often complain they have not been getting reading on the multimeter. It happens when the negative lead is still contacted with the negative battery terminal.
  • Calculate the resistance value of the glow plugs. Then, compare the resistance value with the factory specification. If the resistance falls out of the specifications or acceptable range, it’s high time to replace the glow plugs.
  • Repeat the procedure to replace the remaining glow plugs. If the glow plugs fail the test, the entire set should be replaced.

Why Choose From These 7 Best Glow Plugs for Duramax?

  • Quick engine start-ups (Assurance)

You must be noticing the engine warning light as it indicates something is wrong! A vehicle displays this light if the engine is not having a proper diagnosis and an authorized workshop. The glow plugs can be one of the prime solutions to recover the engine warning light from illuminating. Plus, new aftermarket glow plugs recover hard starting. A set of damaged glow plugs can’t recover engine functionality in cold conditions. The glow plugs in our recommendation can reach the right temperature in the combustion chamber. It helps to accomplish fuel ignition and start the engine quicker.

  • Prevents rough idling

You must go for a replacement if one or more glow plugs are clogged, burned out, or damaged. The engine becomes harder to start varying on the temperatures. It causes white smoke from the exhaust and rough idling. A set of aftermarket glow plugs will improve burned performance at their tips.

  • Increased in the fuel optimization

If you expect real fuel efficiency, determine to correct temperature and fuel with top-grade glow plugs. In this guide, we list Top-7 products for Duramax that will determine a significant role to play. Based on local weather, the diesel gets blended with specific additives and creates lower energy. The glow plugs in our recommendation will help add sufficient heat to the combustion chamber so that you’ll benefit from the stringent demands of the road. Get rid of negatively affected fuel efficiency with a vehicle’s specific glow plugs.

Reviews Of 7 Best Glow Plugs for Duramax

ACDelco 9G Professional Glow Plug

Key features

Here, we bring you the glow plugs for a 6.6L Duramax—a top-rated product to choose from for Diesel engines only. The design is improved to heat the diesel engines for cold starts. The construction involves a GN-type regulating coil and self-regulating coil to control overheating temperature rise and electrical flow. A full range of reaches from 21 mm to 40 mm will be compatible with various applications.

Professional’s Thought:

ACDelco glow plugs are a professional’s thing! These plugs are designed to match diesel engines. The engines get sufficient heat that is required for cold starts. ACDelco products are great for an ideal & high-quality replacement. Through the replacement, you’ll be benefited on the road today. High-grade glow plugs help to maintain ignition in all cylinders. Get optimized in throttle response. Get around putting this in & fire up the start works with these aftermarket replacement spark plugs.

Click here to check ‘ACDelco 9G Professional Glow Plugs’ on Amazon.

All-motor-part's Glow Plug

Key features


  • 6.6L V8 LBZ LGH LLY LML LMM Duramax Engine
  • Express 2500, 3500 (2006-2016)
  • Silverado 2500 HD (2006-2016)
  • Silverado 3500 (2006)
  • Silverado 2500, 3500 HD Classic (2007)
  • Sierra 2500 HD (2006-2016)
  • Sierra 3500 (2006)
  • Sierra 3500 HD (2007-2016)
  • Savana 2500, 3500 (2006-2016)

A fantastic replacement glow plug helps to generate sufficient heat for a diesel engine. All-motor-part’s Glow Plug is an amazing product to let the engine to run and function properly. During the cold weather, these plugs pre-heat the air in diesel engines through the combustion chamber. Like all aftermarket products, these glow plugs improve trouble starting, engine misfires, and vehicle acceleration. The installation is done easily on top of the cylinder head. Just remove the wires from the glow plug one at a time. The main thing to consider about the glow plug is its high-quality OE fit, form, and function. It’s a brand new & aftermarket replacement part by All-motor-parts.

Professional’s Thought:

What’s the attraction? Get increased in glow plug heat and improve a diesel engine to function correctly. These glow plugs would be a mandatory issue during the cold climate to solve engine misfires, decrease in power, and acceleration. Sometimes, people experience trouble engine starting. In case, All-motor-part’s glow plugs avoid smoke coming from your exhaust.

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8pcs Diesel Glow Plug for Chevy GMC 6.6L V8 Duramax LB7

Key features

XSPANDER is a renowned brand to provide all essential automotive parts, including glow plugs. If I come to the fitment, the glow plug is compatible with Duramax. Check out the fitment below. Quality Assurance from the manufacturer adds more value to purchase XSPANDER Glow Plug. OE specifications and connectors have an explicit fitment guarantee. You’ll be benefited from an easy installation. The glow tube of the plugs resists corrosion and vibration to provide long service life. Get these glow plugs for post-heating; thus, you are benefited from the warm-up phase and environmentally friendly result.

Professional’s Thought:

We identified lots more benefits from these ‘XSPANDER Diesel Glow Plugs.’ The automated feature of the glow plug helps control the electrical flow that comes out of the battery to avoid overheating. Reviewers around the US appreciate the 2 seconds pre-heating time. No more cold start is knocking now! You can be one of them to earn reliable starting even in a cold climate at -30 °C! We recommend the XSPANDER manufacturer to achieve quieter engine running!

Click here to check ‘XSPANDER Diesel Glow Plugs’ on Amazon. Be a candidate to get reliable heat for cold starts.

Carb Omar' Set of 8 New Glow Plugs for 2001-05 Chevy GMC

Key features

You may be caught in doubt whether the ‘Carb Omar’ brand is reliable or not! It is a much popular brand to provide genuine glow plugs with quality-controlled certification. Plus, the glow plug is tested with ‘Brand New and High quality’ features. The installation is easy & made for direct replacement with the old or broken one. The package includes 8 New Glow Plugs as pictured.


  • (2001-2004) CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2500HD 6.6L DIESEL
  • (2001-2004) GMC SIERRA 2500HD 6.6L DIESEL
  • (2001-2005) CHEVROLET SILVERADO 3500
  • (2001-2005) GMC SIERRA 3500

Professional’s Thought:

The glow plug introduces a short pre-heating time starting from 2 seconds! Now, it’s not harder to get your engine started even at -30 °C! Why not earn a reliable starting? ‘Carb Omar’ glow plugs are featured of post-heating opportunity. Besides achieving a quick start, you’ll earn an environmentally friendly result. Why am I talking it nature friendly is because of its 40% less pollutant emission in the course of the warm-up phase.

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Wellman Fast Start Glow plugs

Key features

You must be an OEM parts guy! Here we bring a real American made product to you. Take a chance to grab these glow plugs with better quality and uniformity. You’ll get it all the better than factory parts. A bunch of positive reviewers says it all “The Good Stuff.” Wellman Glow Plugs create a chance for faster engine start-ups. This Wellman set of 8 plugs helps managing reach optimum temperatures. The glow plugs are constructed with Superior Electrical Insulation (SEI) & High Thermal Conductivity (HTC). The cold remains protected from unfortunate exhaust gas damage.

Professional’s Thought:

Now, this Wellman stuff is improved by DieselRxÂÂ manufacture, the leading US manufacturer of glow plugs. Longer lasting glow plug helps faster engine start-ups and improves the bad element to perform well for several months of running. Great glow plugs! Get it all work out with the top manufacturer’s suggestion so that it’s easier to start your Duramax in cold weather. No more trouble codes!

Click here to check ‘Wellman Glow Plugs (Set of 8)’ on Amazon.

DieselRx DRX00057- 8 Glow Plugs

Key features

Pack of 8! DieselRx manufactures glow plugs is renowned worldwide for its genuine feature & performance. They work adjusting optimum temperatures very quickly. Why don’t you go for faster engine start-ups with these glow plugs? DieselRx Glow Plugs’s construction is inspired by high thermal conductivity; thus, it’s easy to be protected from exhaust gas damage. Besides, the Superior electrical insulation helps controlling current draw for rapid heat of coil. Keep resisted from corrosion and vibration with a premium set of the longer-lasting glow plug. DieselRx glow plug improves temperature by 40°F higher during cold weather or when in a rush of current.

Compatible with:

  • Duramax 6.6L with LLY, LBZ & LMM Engines

Professional’s Thought:

This set of 8 DRX glow plugs helps high thermal conductivity for quicker engine start-ups. We have noticed the DieselRxÂÂ glow plugs have been containing metal sheath and open coil type for excellent work condition. One of the reviewers said that he received the glow plugs in good condition. All is well. On Amazon, this glow plug set has most 5 stars reviews. Recommended to all Duramax owners!

Click here to check ‘DieselRx DRX00057- 8 Glow Plugs Set’ on Amazon.

GM Genuine Parts 62G Glow Plug

Key features

GM brand is to fulfill the need for cold starts. The glow plug is designed to give diesel engines sufficient heat and self-regulating electrical flow. These glow plugs are similar to the ‘ACDelco Professional Glow Plugs.’ You’ll get the opportunity for a high-quality replacement. Make it ideal for off-road vehicles today. Maintaining ignition in cylinders is essential if the engine requires proper throttle optimization or response. These are the aftermarket replacement glow plugs to meet your vehicle’s fitment accurately from 21 mm to 40 mm reaches.

Professional’s Thought:

No faults with these glow plugs! A savvy amateur can fit them within three hours. People said in reviews that it is better to watch the YouTube videos, especially the steering shaft joint’s removal process. Make easier access to meet the tip. Our professionals recommend using a small amount of never-seize on the threads right at the chamfer. The installation is easy with a torque wrench. Aren’t you want to do this exactly?

Click here to check ‘GM Genuine Parts 62G Glow Plug’ on Amazon.

Best Glow Plugs for Duramax (Things to consider)

  • Determine, How Many Glow Plugs Do You Need!

As per research, it is said that each engine cylinder needs one glow plug for each compartment. The glow plugs work like a ‘Chain Of Command’ theory. If one glow plug is damaged, it is required to change all the plugs simultaneously. Most of the glow plugs are packaged in a set of 8 plugs. You’d be benefited from optimal vehicle performance if you replaced them all. You’re recommended to purchase them all to save costs from our guide. Never hassle to replace these plugs as they are considered to be the lowest-priced vehicle parts.

  • Knowing Vehicle’s Type & Use Of Glow Plugs

Almost entirely, the glow plugs are categorized by temperature between hot, medium, and cold features. Within all prime types of Glow plugs, people purchases glow plugs for Fuel, Engine type, Engine size & Acceleration. The fuel in the nitro percentage determines the ignition point and produces instant heat in the winter. For standard engines like Duramax specification, you may choose standard glow plugs. Compared to bigger engines, the smaller engines need hotter glow plugs for better acceleration. Be mindful of purchasing colder plugs for engines that run warm and produce more power.

  • Advantages of Duramax Glow Plugs

A manufacturer that promises reliability throughout the service life for the glow plugs should be more focused than other local manufacturers. Our guide is full of legend, a seller who creates their glow plugs with 100% faster warm-up time. The precise operation happens nevertheless of the outside temperature. Check the ‘KEY-FEATURES’ of the glow plugs if they are significantly constructed with quality materials & less-knocking start-up feature.

Remove & Replacement Procedure

A ‘Glow Plug Removal Tool’ is required to remove a broken glow plug. We recommend Laser – 5205 Damaged Glow Plug Removal Set.’ You’ll be benefited from the following features below:Laser - 5205 Damaged Glow Plug Removal Set

  • Removes broken or damaged glow plugs more correctly
  • Can remove 8mm and 10mm glow plugs
  • Improved with Quality Steel
  • Having a Ratchet Tap wrench
  • Comes in a blow case

Remove & Replacement Procedure

Professional’s thought on ‘Laser – 5205 Damaged Glow Plug Removal Set’-

This tool pays off within the first 30 minutes of use! I have used it for 02′ Duramax that had three left land side glow plugs clogged off. The step drill bit in the set helped me to drill them out. You will be surprised to know that I had not tapped the extractor anymore. It was easy to clean the threads with the tap and handle. You’ll be benefited fitting new plugs right in without removing the head. Connect all of the new ones in less than an hour.

Let’s discuss shortly to remove broken glow plugs.

  • Keep Freeing the Threads
  • Drill out the hollow part
  • Tap the body to a thread on the inside
  • Build the puller
  • Pull the plug away from the bolt head
  • You’re almost done! Do cleanup to result

Watch the live Duramax Broken Glow Plugs Removal Process & Replacement Procedure on YouTube. 


  • What is the best brand of Duramax glow plugs?

Still, I feel ACDelco is the world’s leading manufacturer of Duramax glow plugs. Although, people say that NGK is more widely regarded to meet emissions regulations. The ACDelco manufacturer is improved in proprietary technologies. You can check our top-pick to conquer the world’s roads today.

  • How much does it cost to replace Duramax glow plugs?

As per our research & experience, the cost is between $200 and $300. Within the replacement cost, the labor costs are estimated.

  • Can I drive with faulty glow plugs?

If a single glow plug is failed, it would be better to replace the whole set. I tried driving my car with burnt-out glow plugs and faced a malfunction all by itself. You should not go unaddressed the clogged glow plugs for a long time, or it will cause damage to the starter and the battery.


We have explained the 7 Best Glow Plugs for Duramax. You must be benefited from the suitable regulating glow plug if choose from our recommendation. The diesel engine demands a quiet start. Purchasing the most-reviewed glow plug will ensure the highest level of performance.

The aftermarket Duramax glow plugs save maximum fuel and protect the engine from overheating besides having a smooth starting. It’s fun to have the smooth function of the diesel engine. What are you waiting for more than having sensitive engine start-ups?

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