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Exhaust System for Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi

6 Best Exhaust System for Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi: Buyer’s Guide

You’re aware of the modern Exhaust system, so we shouldn’t describe too far about explaining its diagram. In this content, I get something exposed that never happened. Aren’t you waiting to once over? Today’s topic describes the Top 6 Best Exhaust System for Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi (Exhaust system explained). 

For him, who drives through loads of paths out of passion, remain careful of modern automotive tools. The heartthrob exhaust system is one of the contemporary strikes. I know people are looking for the specific Exhaust System for Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi. Check out below; our experts chose the top 6 exhaust in choice.

What’s the x-factor of our prescription? Without question, all our exhausts available with reliable features and warranty. You can buy one of the top choices confidently. The functional exhaust system is adjusted in all configurations. Be careful about performance; it should be valid.

I prefer replacing the exhaust system only if you’re concerned about upgrading. Give prominence to advance potentiality, quick adapter, and affordable use. Top-rated brands of specific tools can innovate high-class performance in a vehicle. As our Today’s class on top Exhaust System for dodge ram 1500 Hemi, I specify great products but in limitation. Check out how these top-rated exhausts interacted with the global market.  

Best Exhaust System for Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi

What Exactly Is An Exhaust System?

Who doesn’t like roaming? Besides having a travel sensation, it is emergent to keep an eye on the exhausting system. Ask me why? An exhaust system works as a tunnel to execute burned gases from the engine. This process happens through a car exhaust system part, and we prefer calling it a muffler pipe or exhaust pipe kit. Whatever, this turbocharger should bring up to date to increase engine power. Thence, roll your eyes to the loudest exhaust system 2020.

How we picked these top 6 best Exhaust System for Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi

Depending on the world-renowned brand and reviews, we decided to shorten the 6 best exhaust systems ever. These products aren’t chosen in hassle; 1 Year marketing research helped us to gain real customer feedback. Besides sorting out online activities, Top products are implemented in the home garage so that we rate it on configurations. Dodge ram 1500 Hemi is our main focus; you’re allowed to install easy setup with required accessories.

OUR top pick

MBRP S5148AL Exhaust System

MBRP presents its most-picked installer series. The exhaust that you get an all-in-one package. Excellent sound control and torque improvements make the exhaust client’s top choice. If someone intends for heavy-duty construction and aluminized coating, MBRP assures the 16-gauge steel silica on the seams. It never gets rusted, nor the units pay any damage. Hundreds of configurations let the exhaust get installed in perfect shape. 

Best Exhaust System for Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi To Buy Today

MBRP S5148AL 3

Key features

MBRP is a high series exhaust system that can be installed all-in-one package. This kit is prescribed to higher horsepower and torque improvement. Single side exit can provide an outstanding sound control way of professional’s choice. The 16-gauge steel and the extra barrel surrounds with aluminized coating, so it is never going to be rusted even if left uncovered. MBRP allows the configuration suitable to Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi. Besides, hundreds of using features leave the exhaust user friendly to almost Dodge ram vehicles.




  • There’re audiences want to know how this MBRP model sounds, beastly or quiet?

Ans: The answer is, pretty natural when it gets started up. Besides, gearing the base high can be extreme and suitable for the loudest exhaust system. Easily cruised!

  • Will this fit the 2006 Dodge Ram 1500? (Quad cab)

Ans: Yes, I need a little effort. MBRP cat-back is long enough to fit. But, I experienced user executing the additional part; Depends on the configuration. What I can suggest is after removing the old exhaust liner, adjust a mounting bracket ahead of the muffler and set the rest of brackets (a pair) behind. Use the combination of the torch, welder, or additional wrench to accomplish it professionally.

If you’re conscious of aluminized steel with unlimited configurations, MBRP is the right product need to fit the latest technology. Click here for direct purchase.

Flowmaster 817633 Outlaw Muffler Kit

Key features

Exhaust system comes to upgrade along the Flowmaster as it has a direct fit outlaw for classic vehicles. As you can see in the product picture, it has a twin tail liner that produces a roar sound level. Proper maintenance makes this muffling system preferable for factory hanger locations. It provides a secure home garage setup—no need for extra stuff. You get the required parts and hardware just in a kit. Instruction included. It is prescribed for classic models (2009-2019) and RAM 1500 trucks (5.7 Hemi).




  • Is it prescribed for ram 2014 1500 express

Ans: Yeah, but I need to be home. Be careful if the liner us dual-tip stock equipped.

  • Does it fit a 2016 ram 1500?

Ans: Yes. Flowmaster kit encourages 2011-2016 Ram 1500. Note the following code: Ram: 1500V8; 2016 (5.7) + MFI + Laramie Longhorn + Sport

Flowmaster, our top-pick for being the most highly rated exhaust. You must consider this brand if you want several ways, along with rust-free action, sound modification, and warrantee. Click here and buy it. 

Borla 140307 Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust System

Key features

Borla exhaust system is covered with premium austenitic stainless steel. The cat-back position makes it add ultra power to enhance fuel capacity so that you can earn a great driving excitement; Best for increasing exhaust velocity with a healthy pattern. Using this exhaust, you can assure multi-core technology with world-leading horsepower. Besides, Borla follows the CNC manufacturing pattern with a 100% fitment guarantee. Warranty is recommended confidently. You are encouraged to buy because of absolute performance and features. In a manufacturing way, Borla exhaust uses a single round rolled angle cut in excellent proficiency.




  • Does it have any popping like a Magnaflow?

Ans: No, just deep tones and smooth growl

  • Does the Borla system meet cruising speeds?

Ans: Not aggressive in volume. You can drive all over with natural droning.

Borla is our 3rd choice for excellent exhausting tech in the best performance and accurate fitment. Click here to buy the cat black exhaust system with a lifespan warranty. 

MBRP S5146AL Cat Back, Dual Split Rear Exhaust System

Key features

What’s new? MBRP always covers its exhaust layer with aluminum rays, but this product is a wholly sealed tube. This model is featured to perform more pulling power, and MBRP dual split is improved by throttle response. It inspires the diesel exhaust liner. The entire client’s satisfaction comes with minimizing backpressure by utilizing cooling engine power to emit hot air out. Besides, Easy installation allows you to direct fitment for OEM hangers. No need for additional kinds of stuff; all you need is packed in one kit depending on all vehicle features. The optimal sound quality on-road provided.




  • Will it be needed to cut any pipes for fitment?

Ans: Not actually, but you may have to trim pipes. It depends on the bed and cab size. You can check out the instruction for easy fitment.

  • What kind of steel is the model made of?

Ans: 16 gauge aluminum steel

Buy this product for being optimal in performance and sound. Besides 3 Years warrantee, it allows pro instruction to setup the exhausting system more technically. Click here to buy it.

TOTALFLOW 314633 14 Inch Muffler 09-18 1500 Direct Fit Exhaust

Key features

Do you want to be familiar with a pioneer muffler technology? It’s TOTALFLOW, a great invention of the right time to correct the use of available vehicles like cars, pick-up, SUVs, the Diesel car, and more. Aluminum outlook makes it rust-free. You can get the TOTALFLOW kit with stainless-steel development.

Mainly, Totalflow is preferable to the clients for extra featured sound range; mild to loud tones are available. You can choose the specific exhaust kit from many vehicle’s application, especially sound optimization. 

The modern automotive system brings us budget friendly exhausts part with premium quality; if you are planning to design the fuel exit with advanced performance, Totalflow brings the dedicated solution in a little while. One unique way you find in the following brand is being inspective to customer reviews; they’re committed to improving product value.




  • Is the TOTALFLOW looks like Glasspack style muffler?

Ans: Sure! TOTALFLOW uses the straight-through and perforated core specification. It meets Glasspack muffler.

  • Which will be a quieter muffler, the dual-chamber or 18″?

Ans: Dual-chamber. It matches your requirements with natural ECO engine mode.

TOTALFLOW is a charm over the all exhausting vehicle system because of MIG welded lifespan. Click here and buy this exhaust system for performance in demand.

Pace Setter 72C2211 Performance Armor Coat Long Tube Exhaust Header

Key features

Pacesetter isn’t aluminum-coated but using ceramic-metal outlook; this one is best for color protection. Like the other five exhausts, Pacesetter improves vehicle performance but maintaining underhood technology. You can buy with confidence as the company declares 3 Years guarantee of authentic power supplication. ARMOR coat helps the high temperature and converts to the curing process. Two incredible work is done by Pacesetter exhaust; the first one is reducing back pressure and, secondly, scavenging the cylinders.



  • Does the pacesetter header have “square” ports?

Ans: Yes, it looks square by ports.

Pacesetter is our final choice, but maybe the accurate choice of your vehicle for Gasket’s instruction. 100% fit for specific for Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi. Buy in a click.

Why should an exhaust be upgraded?

An upgraded exhaust can get the car proper engine value. Being stuck in tail liner can be dangerous to any kind of vehicle, even firing. Converted fuel needs to emit trash immediately after use; a good muffle makes it easy.

Optimal performance can’t happen with the lowest grade exhaust system. Point to be noted, mechanics end up installing upgrade mufflers; instead, they focus reforming the engine. You must understand the science here as the engine works on the air intake, but the exhaust system develops the horsepower, fuel economy, and sound. Considering the gas flows exhaust need to be upgraded for lifespan guarantee.

All the exhaust system we mention are upgraded from recent technology. Not only muffler but also the following exhaust helps to improve Parts of an Exhaust; Example: Cylinder head, Exhaust Manifold, and Catalytic Converter.

Final Touch:

Professional automotive companies prefer to upgrade exhaust methodology for great engine tuning. No matter it costs some money, replacing the exhaust manifold, you can improve engine performance remarkably. Besides, a modernized system can reduce exhaust backpressure, so that engine power meets the four-stroke competence. The most positive side occurs in the heat-sensitive components that get prevented from being damaged. Heat management radiates the used fuel out of the vehicle, and this process is depending on the exhaust pipe and component. For that reason, you never miss applying the Best Exhaust System for Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi for lessening heat loss and backpressure.

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