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Best Exhaust for Yamaha Raptor 700

7 Best Exhaust for Yamaha Raptor 700: Buyer’s Guide in 2021

Must you be finding the best exhaust for Yamaha Raptor 700? In this guide, we shall give you real opinions on the contrary stock exhausts. If you search Google, What is the best Yamaha Raptor 700 exhaust system? Probably, Google drives you to us as we have been surrounding top-grade exhausts from top manufacturers. The aftermarket exhausts have a customized touch to elevate your raptor to the entire presentation.

Have a look at the top-leading products. We have scheduled all the exhausts that have Stainless Steel or Aluminum construction. Replace the standard exhaust with the aftermarket exhaust if you want to feel the maximum power and sound in your ride. What we focus on choosing aftermarket exhausts is U.S.F.S. certification. Fortunately, Top-7 products in our recommendation have its legality and spark arrester inserted into them.

What is the best Yamaha Raptor 700 exhaust system?

OUR top pick

best exhaust for Yamaha Raptor 700

Key features

We have top products in our recommendation though our research says that ‘Big Gun Exhaust’ with a sport utility system is considered the best dual exhaust for yamaha raptor 700. The color of the exhaust is black, and the material is improved in Aluminum material. Combined .049 stainless steel and aluminum muffler canister leads the exhaust system to earn maximum horsepower and torque gains for ATVs and U.T.V.s. Besides, this exhaust is made to last longer. Compared to any standard exhaust, Big Gun Exhaust have much lighter weight. The stock unit of the muffler design has maximum clearance and restriction to the future collisions. U.S.F.S. forestry approval makes the Big Gun Exhaust reliable to buy. Check it! 

Top 7 Best Exhaust for Yamaha Raptor 700

H.M.F. Yamaha Raptor 700 Full Blackout Exhaust + EFI

Key features

HMF engineering presents its blackout exhaust for Yamaha Raptor (2015-2020). Usually, world enthusiasts tend to change their existing exhaust and purchase something aesthetic. This thing is probably the best-suited product for your Yamaha Raptor with increased utility and performance. H.M.F. is a brand of significance and maintaining their exhausts with high-temperature ceramic coating. The ceramic coating will keep your head pipe, inlet, and end cap protected and drive your raptorRaptor to maximum impact strength. The sad news for the standard exhaust is getting abrasion and corrosion at the surface too early. For being that case, H.M.F. exhaust works like a pro and keeps its exhaust from corrosion and chemicals. Easy installation, and I recommend this company for early delivery.

An unrestricted core is designed inside the exhaust system that will increase power to the features. People purchase from H.M.F. Engineering Inc. as the company has ‘Two Year Warranty’ for their exhaust systems. Click here to check ‘H.M.F. Blackout Exhaust’ on Amazon.

Yoshimura RS-2 Signature exhaust for Yamaha Raptor 700/R/SE 2006-20

Key features

The exhaust design is improved in the RS-2 Signature Series. It has good aluminum construction. Plus, it lasts longer and is designed for maximum power output. What’s more? Yoshimura is a world-renowned brand to gift you their powerful exhausts. World enthusiasts love to be in the latest exhaust design. For being that case, Yoshimura comes with an RS-2 exhaust design. You will like it at first sight! The specialty of the exhaust design is maintaining durability and performance. If you want an increase in power and sound through spending some pocket money, choose this product! Hopefully, you’re one of them to raving about Yoshimura Comp Series.

The professionals view on the exhaust is its aluminum muffler sleeve. We experienced the necessary hardware and detailed instructions that give a quick installation. The price is very affordable, looks great, and sounds even better like a real muffler sleeve. Click here to check more about ‘Yoshimura RS-2 Signature exhaust’ on Amazon.

Big Gun E.V.O. Sport Utility Exhaust

Key features

Undoubtedly, ‘Big Gun Exhaust’ is the best-suited system for Yamaha Raptor 700. You get the product available in Black color. The exhaust comes with a Dual Full System. ‘Big Gun Exhaust’ has an E.V.O. Sport Utility and Aluminum construction; people earn maximum clearance to the horsepower and torque gains through this. The utility is quite structured for ATVs and U.T.V.s. It was my second choice! Previous O.E.M. exhaust was cracked and raspy than this E.V.O. Sport system. Indeed, the ‘Big Gun’ exhaust has much lighter weight than the stock assembly. Let’s come to its structure. The exhaust is structured in .049 stainless steel. It gives you a similar vibe to an aluminum muffler canister. The construction helps your raptorRaptor with the rear brake caliper. Moderately, the ‘Big Gun’ technology has its sleek muffler design to avoid collisions.

What’s more, do you expect to trail legally? This is the right option to increase horsepower on most models. I guarantee you won’t have any droning issues with the Big Gun’s exhaust. Get your old muffler off to install a newer muffler much easier. Click here to check more about ‘Big Gun E.V.O. Sport Utility Exhaust’ on Amazon.

Big Gun Exhaust 07-1232 ECO ATV Silver Slip for Yamaha

Key features

Let us talk a bit about Big Gun Exhaust. They are lightweight and improved in maximum power. Now, you must take a look at this new product. What’re more people want more than Eco Series? A few things like performance, craftsmanship, and sound are designed in the exhaust so that you will be delivering maximum power to your raptorRaptor. I assure you about Big Gun technology. The brand is structured with an aluminum muffler canister. Leading dirtbike models are using ‘Big Gun Exhaust’ regularly and getting a lot more air through it. About 30 minutes of installation will make your day!

You don’t require an installation guide or local distributor to install the exhaust. Click here to check more about ‘Big Gun Exhaust’ on Amazon.

H.M.F. Yamaha Raptor 700 2015-2020 Black Slip-On Exhaust + UNI

Key features

HMF Engineering has been developing Yamaha Raptor with the Performance Series. You will get maximum flow through the non-restrictive core. The superior design of the H.M.F. brand gets you increased power. What helps to get you maximum flow anyway? You get it throughout the entire power curve. We love the construction of this H.M.F. slip-on exhaust. The structure of the H.M.F. exhaust is improved in T6061 Aluminum. You get less weight than the stock exhaust. The professionals consider this following exhaust as the complete exhaust shell. Be confident to purchase from H.M.F. exhausts as the exhausts are improved in U.S.F.S. approved spark arrester. Besides, you get ‘Two Year Warranty.’ World enthusiasts tend to various color options. In case, H.M.F. engineers come with industry-leading options.

Isn’t it fun? Why not get a completely custom look today? Click here to check ‘H.M.F. Black Slip-on Exhaust’ on Amazon.

Pro Circuit T-6 stainless steel exhaust

Key features

Let’s introduce you to the dual exhaust from the ‘Pro Circuit’ manufacturer. The manufacturer makes their exhaust systems with T-6 stainless steel. You get a long lifespan through it. The maximum performance of the Pro Circuit exhausts lets the raptorRaptor get driven between off-road racings. The following exhausts are constructed in a full exhaust package, including the head pipe, y-collector, mid-pipe, and end-caps. We recommend choosing the ‘Pro Circuit’ exhaust for a professional look.

Hopefully, you want racing sound requirements for your Yamaha Raptor. This item is best suited to your requirements. Aluminum canisters provide the ‘Pro Circuit exhaust’ with better durability. Click here to check ‘Pro Circuit steel exhaust’ on Amazon.

H.M.F. Yamaha Raptor 700 Competition Full Exhausts + E.F.I. + U.N.I

Key features

‘H.M.F. Engineering’ is a renowned manufacturer. This time, the manufacturer offers you their full system exhausts for the 2015-2020 Yamaha Raptor. Undoubtedly, the H.M.F. exhaust is prominent as the highest performing aftermarket exhaust worldwide. What’s more, do you want to have H.M.F. Competition Series? If you are a rider, it is your responsibility to gain the ability to change the power and sound in your vehicle. You feel different types of riding conditions with varying kinds of exhaust inserts. The best decision to acquire an optimized performance is enhancing versatility through the aftermarket exhausts. So, we recommend purchasing from H.M.F. manufacturers as they have best-suited options similar to the current riding conditions.

‘H.M.F. Engineering’ provides ‘Two Year Warranty’ with all their exhausts. Purchase with confidence! Click here to get ‘H.M.F. Competition Full Exhaust’ available on Amazon.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Exhaust for Yamaha Raptor 700

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Exhaust for Yamaha Raptor 700

You shouldn’t just research the best exhausts and purchase from top manufacturers. Be mindful of exploring the benefits of aftermarket exhaust systems. What I love about an aftermarket exhaust is getting tuned with superb sound. Stock exhausts are not everything as our desires. Let’s talk about those things that encourage Exhaust for Yamaha Raptor 700. Read and know them attentively.

  • The Finish

Firstly, the finishing of an exhaust system tells everything about it! A wide range of exhausts available in the market; choose from them. Don’t be confused until we stay by your side with the top manufacturer’s product. World enthusiasts love choosing from the black chrome, carbon fiber, and stainless stain materials. Be mindful of your choice. In this guide, we reserve your choice through the sought-after finishes. Give a personal preference when choosing an exhaust system.

  • Exhaust’s diameter and length

The exhaust is an alternative solution to maximum performance. When purchasing exhausts for the Yamaha Raptor, you should try to maintain the right diameter size. Fortunately, we bring you the accurate fitment for your raptorRaptor. The inlet diameter has enriched all the products in our recommendation. Check before you buy it!

  • Price range

The price should be affordable! Easy purchase is the first condition to buy an exhaust system entirely. World enthusiasts have the right option to buy from our recommendation. Check our reviewing guide to understand the budget range.

Final Thoughts

We have talked about the best exhaust for Yamaha Raptor 700. Get a look in this guide and understand the right product in a minimal budget range. The design of these exhausts helps you with a long lifespan. Besides, the personality of the following exhausts has positive compliments. Check the products clicking on them, and see the client’s opinion. You may get a genuine solution to a stock engine throughout the content. High-performance exhausts have a better complement to receive air and discharge sound in qualities.

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