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Best Cold Air Intake for 6.7 Powerstroke

7 Best Cold Air Intake for 6.7 Powerstroke in 2021: Buyer’s Guide

Who doesn’t look for maximum performance on their vehicle? You should tend to all premium options to get better mileage, such as the top manufacturer’s cold air intake system. You’ll be benefited from maximum performance, engine protection, and efficient fuel usage through a cold air intake.

In this reviewing guide, we bring 7 Best Cold Air Intake for 6.7 Powerstroke on expert’s suggestion. As per compatibility, our products can minimize air restriction and increase airflow by 15X better than stock.

A top-grade air intake comes with an enclosed airbox to protect the filter from dirt, residues, and contaminants. Why not results in better performance and earn engine protection with a cleanable cotton feature or dry extendable media? Choose from our 6.7 Powerstroke cold air intake reviews and earn more airflow than stock now!

What Is Cold Air Intake? How a Cold Air Intake Works?

In view of Wikipedia, A Cold Air Intake (CIA) is one of the essentials or aftermarket parts used to bring cool airflow into a car’s combustion engine. Those vehicles from the mid-1970s until the mid-1990s are engineered with a thermostatic air intake system to regulate air entering temperature. The attractive feature to know about a CIA can provide warm air to the cold engine and cold air to the warm engine. You’ll be benefited from maximum performance with the instant air emission controls. Note that modern vehicles don’t contain a thermostatic air intake system. They are drawn with factory-installed air intake to involve unregulated cold air. Indeed, aftermarket air intake systems are made for engine efficiency and performance.

Why choose this Cold Air Intake? Well, S&B is nominated as Number-1 manufacturer to provide the air intake with Oiled Cleanable & 8-ply Cotton Filter opportunities. On Amazon, you’ll see full customer reviews of it! Great product to improve 36.98% Airflow & 99.26% engine efficiency. S&B Cold Air Intake is an internationally certified ISO 5011 Standard. It looks better as the intake is constructed with premium silicone parts. Get the product in the following variations:

  • Click here to check for 2011-2016 Ford Powerstroke 6.7L.
  • Click here to check for 2017-2019 Ford Powerstroke 6.7L. 

You’ll get the S&B Cold Air Intake legal in all US states. What are you waiting for more than having significant performance increases? We highly recommend this intake system is compatible with your vehicle’s type.

Benefits of Cold Air Intake: Are They Worth It?

  • Breathing in more power

Built-in performance is possible only when a cold air intake system is set to the vehicle. It gives clean air to the engine. Maximum high-grade products such as K&N Cold Air Intake Kit come with a high-flow cotton gauze air filter. The cotton fibers help to block smaller contaminants even if human hair! Depth-loading filtration makes the air intake to trap dirt particles and maximize air flows through to the engine. Our professionals say that using a good air intake system scores 97%-99% filtration efficiency and adds more power to the engine.

  • Airflow

An aftermarket cold air intake helps airflow than a stock system. You’ll be benefited nullifying air intake temperatures. Why not ensure the cold air coming in equal to or better than the stock system’s air volume? Recently, modern vehicles are made of cold air intake systems. What’s the key to gain power from airflow anyway? A large parallel path that inspires laminar airflow accelerates the engine control system and fuel power thoroughly.

  • Racing

A free-flower air filter is an efficient way to pick up a little more power on Off-road trucks and dirt-track cars. Going through air filtration media will improve the mileage of a road racing car, presumably. Instead of getting caught in a dilemma between layers of oiled cotton gauge, choose from the top cold air intake for 6.7 Powerstroke. It’ll help in freer airflow.

Why Choose From These 7 Best Cold Air Intakes for 6.7 Powerstroke?

  • What does the genuine cold air intake do? Your car’s engine is like a pair of lungs and can be installed from aftermarket choice for better performance, power makes, wheel-turning horsepower, and torque. Our recommended products’ attraction contains more cold air, such as oxygen molecules to eliminate warm air. Your engine gets to burn fuel properly during the combustion cycle and increases horsepower and TQ. The same amount of fuel distribution adds oxygen to a fire and enriches the engine with rich cold air than the stock air intake tract.
  • Besides being concerned about horsepower and torque, why not be concerned about the warranty? We take this responsibility for you. You will be benefited by saving time and money if choosing from our recommendation. Most of these air intake kits can be reused over and over again. Get rid of changing a new air filter between 10,000-15,000 thousand miles. We bring top manufacturer’s product including K&N, Banks, S&B & aFe Power. What do you expect more than having guaranteed performance and guaranteed quality? Make your vehicle compatible with all driving conditions.
  • Who doesn’t want purchasing from street legal air intakes? Our 6.7 Powerstroke cold air intake reviews include all street-legal products for 50+ states. Local intakes aren’t tested to comply with the Executive Order (EO) and Correct Emissions Standards (CES). In case our air intakes have a California Air Resource Board (CARB) certification that guarantees a particular air intake kit as to the year, makes and model of the vehicle. Keeping the compatibility of today’s article, we bring ‘Top Cold Air Intake for 6.7 Powerstroke.’ Get it all street legal!

Best Cold Air Intake for 6.7 Powerstroke Review in 2021

Banks- 42145 Ram Air Intake System

Key features

‘Banks’ is the real manufacturer to provide ‘Good Fitment’ for 6.7 Powerstroke. We got it appropriate on the 2016 F250 with 6.7 Powerstroke. The air intake system is an ‘All in One’ kit that includes Filter, Housing, Ducting, Intake Pieces, and Clamps. Plus, you get the necessary hardware for vehicle-specific installation. The instruction guide helps proper fitment and finish. You’ll hear the turbo whine up! As per a mechanic’s view, the incoming air temperature feels much cooler than the engine compartment. After installation, many people say that you experience less black smoke. People experience a nice turbo whistle now.

Professional’s Thought:

A positive reviewer said he installed this Intake system to his truck for great fit & finish. The turbo whistle is now reached around 1200 RPMs. This is a “Highly” recommended Air Intake System. Another reviewer commented that he’s getting 23 mpg in the meantime of driving about 80 on the highway. A lot more throttle response and a quicker reel of the turbo. This airbox is fantastic and can be bought with a 5 Year Warranty.

Click here to check ‘Banks- 42145 Ram Air Intake System’ on Amazon.

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit (2011-16)

Key features

A high-performance intake kit is essential to increase horsepower, and if that kit comes from a K&N manufacturer, it would be the professional’s suggestion. Indeed, ‘K&N Cold Air Intake Kit’ is guaranteed to ultimate longevity 10-Year/Million Mile. Why not stay protected for the life of your vehicle? If I specify the horsepower, it is Dyno-tested with up to 50% more airflow. You’ll receive a K&N air intake kit with uphill performance and acceleration. As a performance air intake kit, the K&N’s intake is constructed for better throttle response, 50% more airflow, and improved engine sound. Get your engine rid of harmful contaminants through the intake kit. What are you waiting for a relatively easy install? The instruction guide you’ll be provided is easy to follow. Good directions.

Professional’s Thought:

There are lots of options on Amazon. Still, we prefer the ‘K&N Cold Air Intake Kit’ for its detailed instructions. Our research shows that the air intake kit has increased performance, outstanding durability, and world-class protection that saves the engine from harmful contaminants. You can go up to 100,000 miles without filter cleaning. Be professional to assemble and install this ‘Air Intake Kit.’

Click here to check ‘K&N Cold Air Intake Kit’ on Amazon.

Note: Check these K&N air intake kits below for compatibility

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit for 2017-2019 Ford Super Duty (F250, F350, F450, F550)

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit for 2011-2015 Ford SuperDuty (F250, F350, F450, F550)

S&B Filters 75-5104 Cold Air Intake for 2011-2016 Ford Powerstroke 6.7L

Key features

This S&B Air Intake is known as one of the top 5 for 6.7 Powerstroke! People purchase it for 36.98% More Airflow & 99.26% More Performance. The significant achievement of this air intake is being certified as ISO 5011 Standard. It is internationally accepted & tested. S&B intake is made to avoid CEL (Check Engine Lights). The premium silicone look of this air intake looks better and lasts for a lifetime. The robotics formula of S&B air intake will help the correct amount of oil to the filter. It is the most-reviewed air intake for 6.7 Powerstroke. You’ll receive it legal in all US states.

Professional’s Thought:

One of the reviewers said he bought this air intake for his 2014 F-250 Super Duty 6.7L Diesel! Easy install and a great chance at acceleration. You get significant performance increases. It is easily a 1-2 miles noticeable difference in town! We highly recommend this intake system. S&B is renowned for providing the #1 aftermarket part you’ll have ever put on any vehicle. Why not get a free-flowing filter and smooth intake tube at all?

Click here to check ‘S&B Cold Air Intake for 6.7L Powerstroke’ on Amazon. Get it for 2011-2016 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke.

Note: If you’re looking further to ‘S&B Cold Air Intake’ for 2017-2019 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke, Click here to check the similar brand on Amazon.

aFe Power Magnum Performance Intake System

Key features

Advanced FLOW engineering (aFe) brand is renowned worldwide for high-performance air filters & cold air intake systems. This time, the manufacturer brings a performance air filter for Ford Diesel Truck (11-15) V8-6.7L Powerstroke. What’s new in this Intake system? This is a 5-Layer performance intake system. Washable cotton gauze will be helping maximum power and maximum airflow at a time. It features a 3-angle filter adaptor & intake tube (roto-molded). Sounds nice after the install!

Professional’s Thought:

Awesome product! The construction of the air intake system is made for maximum performance. It Produces an additional 26 horsepower, and you can hear the truck breath. The slight turbo sound of the air intake feels nice after install with factory mounting locations. It fits like a glove.

Click here to check ‘aFe Power Intake System’ on Amazon.

Sinister Diesel Cold Air Intake Pipe Filter System

Key features

Purchase this product for a quick replacement for 2011-2015 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke Diesel. The construction of the ‘Air Intake Filter’ is made of 10 x 24 x 10 inches Aluminum attribute. The attractive feature of the Sinister Diesel filter is able to last for a long time. As with plastic, aluminum construction won’t fail to perform. Also, the air filter can adjust the extreme temperature in the engine compartment. World reviewers do agree that Sinister Diesel Cold Air Filter increases maximum airflow. I loved its air intake pipe, which is polished and powder-coated black. Who doesn’t want durability for an air intake? For being that case, Sinister Diesel constructed its Air Intake System with high-quality aluminum alloy. Get enhanced in-service life!

Professional’s Thought:

One should spend on a high-quality part! We have gone through many 6.7 Powerstroke cold air intake reviews and found Sinister Diesel Air Intake Filter Kit. The intake surrounds the CNC mandrel bent, which ensures smooth airflow. You’ll experience driving and racing on a track with a Sinister Diesel cleanable air filter. Get provided with all the required accessories. It makes installation easier. The following air intake is pretty self-explanatory pulling an air filter. Get the engine breathing a lot better.

Click here to check ‘Sinister Diesel Cold Air Intake & Pipe Filter System’ on Amazon.

Galaxy Auto Wrinkle Black Oiled Filter Cold Air Intake Kit

Key features

Are you waiting for a mid-range product? Get it purchased from the ‘Galaxy Auto’ manufacturer. You’ll get it affordable. The filter is compatible with 2011-2016 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke Diesel. This airbox is excellent! The fit and finish of the intake kit are entirely constructed. The manufacturer provides an instruction guide that is perfect as well. At first, you may insist on choosing this manufacturer’s product as the sound might be too quiet. In reality, it sounds great!

Professional’s Thought:

This is something else I would consider. We spend quality time researching the airflow and efficiency of Powerstroke engines. The kit is easy to install! We found the ‘Galaxy Air Intake Kit’ remarkably similar to the ‘K&N Cold Air Intake Kit’ cheaper. If required something excellent than local products, you’ll be more than pleased.

Click here to check this ‘Galaxy Auto Oiled Filter & Air Intake Kit’ on Amazon.

aFe Power Magnum FORCE 54-32412 RAM DieselIntake System

Key features

No air filter is more potent than an Oiled & 5-layer air filter! What if a top-rated manufacturer such as ‘Advanced Flow Engineering (AFE) offers the Outflows of factory intake by 113%? Real enthusiasts won’t miss this opportunity. Besides having a 5-Layer advanced, oiled feature, the cotton gauze media ensures maximum airflow. The installation is much hassle-free and improved in all mounting locations. The intake kit has a powder-coated heat-shield (One-piece) and intake tube (One-piece). The Pro 5R filter is engineered with 100% polyurethane for long life.

Professional’s Thought:

The install is overall straight and comfortable. You’ll be benefited from an increase in throttle response. Now at idle, it’s possible to hear the engine’s sound in and out of the cab. It works pretty well! One of the reviewers complained, why did the manufacturer make a hole for the mass airflow sensor? It feels closer to the engine heat. Also, the air intake has stretched the wires to the max. Easy removal and replacement are possible in a cuss fest. Professional’s recommended! 

Click here to check ‘aFe Power Magnum Air Intake System’ on Amazon.

Things to Know to Buy the ‘Best Cold Air Intake for 6.7 Powerstroke’

  • The foremost thing to consider purchasing a cold air intake is its vehicle-specific design. You’ll see, our recommendation mentions specific engine, fitment, vehicle types, years, and models for each product. Our focus is to provide cold air intake for 6.7 Powerstroke. Now, it’s your responsibility to verify if that product you’re ordering is recommended for your specific vehicle. If recommended, get a quick installation assurance from us.
  • The construction/material is the second thing to consider for a cold air intake. As we discussed above, the cold air intake should be able to remove the collection of heat. Mostly, your engine is provided with colder air flows. Be mindful of the construction if your purchasing intake is made from heat-resistant materials.
  • No offense! Aftermarket cold air intake makes your drive and rides comfortably. An intake with plenty of opportunities like water or wet-weather shield will be an essential task to consider as it gives you maximum water protection. If the cold air intake remains water sucked, you get rid of engine failure problems.

How to Install a Cold Air Intake of 6.7 Powerstroke

  • Have a start with disconnecting the negative battery terminal, and then loosen the hose clamp from the stock air tube using the screwdriver. Do it at the throttle body. Besides, the air tube should get slip off the throttle body accurately.
  • You’ll see some screws holding the Mass flow sensor (MAF) between the factory air tubes. Remove them! Then, remove the MAF sensor. Please, be mindful of keeping the MAF aside safe.
  • For being an instant job, remove bolts from the factory air box. The air tube should be kept solidly off of the throttle body. At that point, take out the factory air intake!
  • You must be having the new cold air intake parts. Unbox the cold air intake, and get the air filter into the air tube using a hose clamp. It helps in securing the tube correctly. Besides, do slide the non-filter end of the intake tube through the airbox until the filter is set inside the airbox.
  • What’s next? Well, the silicone tube that is constructed on the throttle body should get slip off! Set the airbox into place with bolts to secure it.
  • Then, attach the Mass flow sensor (MAF) sensor to the intake tube and bolt-on airbox lid. Following the method, reconnect the battery in place and start the vehicle for a few minutes to blend the air volume. You’re ready to go for a drive now! 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many miles can a 6.7 Powerstroke go?

After years of research, we have gotten the 6.7L Powerstroke with 200,000-mile mark efficiency. During this time, you may need a few repairs. However, most of the reason proves that this engine meets 300,000 or even 400,000 miles.

  • Can a cold air intake damage your engine?

The cold air intake improves the engine but affects if the intake is failing performance. A clogged system will decrease the performance & fuel economy. Like, all the vehicle’s equipment, the cold air intake gets clogged by days and continuously sucks air in. It affects the engine’s performance eventually.

  • How much HP do high-grade cold air intakes improve?

It makes such a significant improvement. In most cases, the filter improves a horsepower gain of 5 to 20 ponies in most cars. You’ll be benefited from fuel efficiency and engine sound too.


Our article is enriched with Top-7 Best Cold Air Intakes for 6.7 Powerstroke. Among all the intakes in our recommendation, we highly prefer reading ‘S&B cold air intake 6.7 Powerstroke reviews’ if you own 2011-2016 Ford Powerstroke 6.7L or 2017-2019 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke. We have lots more options for you to increase the airflow of dense and clean air. Why not increase the efficiency of your engine ASAP? These aftermarket intakes are made for the horsepower, throttle response, and mileage of your vehicles. It is said that using a cold air intake increases 5 to 15 HP approximately.

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