9 Best Air Cleaner For Sportster 1200: Ultimate Guide for 2021

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We introduce you to the best air cleaner for Sportster 1200! It is now easy to choose from top manufacturers. Carfictions always stay beside Harley lovers. Please have a look down below what’s trending in our store. 

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Harley Davidson has a rich history in the automobile industry. Global bikers need high-quality products for their motorcycle. They need addition, emotion, and increasing demand. Following a new trend is turned to a habit, especially for the Harley lovers! Am I right? I am one of those who encourage air cleaner for Sportster 1200. It would be best if you got your motorcycle compatible with any OEMs and aftermarket choices.

Why is the air filter necessary to add anyway? The air filter cleans the pollution of the air and then provides it to the engine. It would help if you considered air cleaners for Sporster is like one of the extraordinary features.

K&N Engine High Performance Powersport Air Filter For (XL1200C, XL1200X, XL1200N, XL1200R)Best Air Cleaner For Sportster 1200

K&N Harley air filter is our priority for maximum Sportster, especially the for XL1200C, XL1200X, XL1200N, XL1200R. The air cleaner is pricey for its next-level features. The appearance of the air cleaner is as premium as you Harley Davidson motorcycle. It matches well on Harley’s body. You may not like the 90-degree pipe of it. However, this air cleaner doesn’t conduct hit and feels comfortable with your legs. K&N Air Intake kit has a price that it deserves! You are recommended to choose from this manufacturer.

2004-2013 HARLEY DAVIDSON XL1200C Sportster Custom;
2010-2013 HARLEY DAVIDSON XL1200X Forty-Eight;
2007-2012 HARLEY DAVIDSON XL1200N Sportster Nightster;
2006-2011 HARLEY DAVIDSON XL1200L Sportster Low;
2004-2008 HARLEY DAVIDSON XL1200R Sportster Roadster;

Why Choose From Our Recommendation?

We ensure our brand authority and don’t choose from a certain manufacturer’s product. You must purchase the best aftermarket Harley air cleaner from someone that claims to be the world’s best reviewer. Plus, you should conquer the obstacles to buy from here and there. Read the reviewing guide more and more, and then decide. We only indulge best-selling products in our blog but never indulge what doesn’t exist.

1. K&N Harley air filter (Next-level) Bracket hobe – (For Harley Davidson 2004-2019 Sportster XL883 XL1200)

K&N Harley air filter (Next-level) Bracket hobe - (For Harley Davidson 2004-2019 Sportster XL883 XL1200)

This K&N air system is a next-level product for the 2004-2019 Sportster(For Harley Davidson 2004-2019 Sportster XL883 XL1200). The air cleaner is awesome to install. Most importantly, K&N Air cleaner improves the horsepower a little. Our professional says that the following Air Intake System can maximize 8.57 HP at 5533 RPM on average. K&N is indeed a bit pricy, but indeed it pays off!

What’s more, in this air cleaner? The intake system looks greater on Harley’s body. Besides making K&N Air cleaner compatible with the Sportster motorcycle, you get more choices for Harley’s Touring, Soft ail, and Twin-Cam models. Be aware of not using the air cleaner in states adopting California as it is considered not legal for highway regulations. You may feel a bit annoyed for the 90-degree pipe, but it is surprised to know that the K&N Air cleaner doesn’t conduct heat.


  • Lifetime air filter (washable)
  • 90 minutes installation
  • Improves throttle response

Fitment: Compatible with (as reviews) – 1200 nightster and sportster 1200 anniversary

You always feel your legs much cooler. Click here to check out K&N Air Intake System on Amazon.

2. KIPA Air Cleaner Intake Filter System Kit

KIPA Air Cleaner Intake Filter System Kit

It is a nice product for Harley Davidson Sportster with Billet Aluminum construction. KIPA air filter is a newly designed filter with all internal breathing system. I love the looks and performance of the KIPA Air Cleaner. Besides, the air cleaner is a bit advanced compared to a $500 option. Why so? Not only the way it looks and performs but a couple of modifications like clean installation, no oil catcher, re-usability make KIPA Air Cleaner dominating worldwide. Make sure you compatible this air system kit with fuel injected and carbureted models. KIPA Air Cleaner has a jaw-dropping price. You can afford it easily. You get an instruction guide along with the air cleaner, and it makes cable adjustments like a snip. KIPA air filter comes in the exact right size so that you do not get in trouble.


  • Quality looks and performance
  • Save hundreds of dollars (Affordable pricing)
  • Flexible piece to install

Fitment: 2011 Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom Police XL1200CP/ Custom XL1200C/ Low XL1200L/ Nightster XL1200N/ XL883N Forty Eight XL1200X

It would help if you remembered checking the qualification of the product on Amazon. Click here to check!

3. Y&J Air Cleaner Intake Filter For XL1200 XL1200L XL1200X 

Y&J Air Cleaner Intake Filter For XL1200 XL1200L XL1200X 

Get this System Kit For Harley Davidson Sportster. The Y&J air cleaner is structured with Sport CNC machined Plate, and the internal breathing system makes the air cleaner astonishing on your bike. You must consider Y&J Air Cleaner for maximum compatibility. It has an excellent fitment with internal breathing passages. Through the fitment, you get a super clean installation. The cleaner’s good news is no additional mounting bracket is required as you get the mounting bracket equipped with onetime purchase. At length, you get a clean installation through the gasket and mount. Put them directly to the throttle body. The intake filter has a Black polished surface, which is anodized and looks amazing on my bike. It works great. The filter is re-usable even after a simple wash. Y&J manufacturer develops their following air cleaner for fuel-injected models. Plus, the air cleaner is best-suited for carbureted technology.


  • Makes the engine more aggressive
  • Billet Aluminum construction
  • Clean installation

Fitment: 2011 Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom Police XL1200CP/ Custom XL1200C/ Low XL1200L/ Nightster XL1200N/ XR1200X / XL1200X

Therefore, Y&J Air Cleaner Intake Filter is renowned for Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200. Consider it! Click here to check Y&J Air Cleaner for Harley’s Sportster 1200 on Amazon.

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4. XKH- Chrome Air Cleaner For Harley Sportster XL 883 1200 04-15

XKH- Chrome Air Cleaner For Harley Sportster XL 883 1200 04-15

Are you waiting for another Intake Filter System Kit compatible with the Harley Sportster 1200 model? Watch it! We have tested this air cleaner for 2005 Sportster 1200. It fits great. What we liked most about XKH Air Cleaner is the fastest shipment! Besides, It is horrible that they don’t provide instructions though it is effortless to install the air cleaner. In short, our experience of the installation process is a snap. A few Amazon reviews referenced about missing parts. I think these are paid reviews, though! Because we have not experienced any single part missing! XKH air cleaner was bolted right up to our Harley motorcycle. At length, you get increased engine performance through the air cleaner. Undoubtedly, The chrome air cleaner is a bit improved than a stock air filter.  


  • Highly constructed than any stock air filter
  • Looks fantastic
  • Increased engine performance

Fitment: 1988-2015 Harley Sportster

Click here to check more about XKH- Chrome Air Cleaner on Amazon.

5. Arlen Ness 18-803 air cleaner (Big Sucker) For Harley Davidson sportser 1200

Arlen Ness 18-803 air cleaner (Big Sucker) For Harley Davidson sportser 1200

Do you want to buy it from the Arlen-Ness store? Arlen-Ness performance air filter kit has awesome quality and maximum improvement in power. As we have told you earlier that professional mechanics tests our aftermarket products, Arlen’s cleaner is also inspected. We installed Arlen-Ness air cleaner on 97 Harley Sportster 1200 flawlessly. It looks great as the cleaner’s construction is engineered with an aluminum backing plate.

Moreover, the air cleaner is Carb supported and brought super quality for Harley Davidson. How to understand if Arlen’s air cleaner is a bit aggressive compared to the stock cleaner?


  • High-flow filter
  • Increased in throttle response
  • 30 minutes installation

Fitment: For Harley Davidson sportser 1200

You can feel the sound and operability is increased through a real quick rip. At length, Arlen’s product looks pretty cool by Sporty’s side surface. Click here to check Arlen’s air cleaner on Amazon.

6. Spike turbine AIR CLEANER For sportster 1200 models

Spike turbine AIR CLEANER For sportster 1200 models

Happy-Motor sponsors this product. Who doesn’t love having a gray filter for their Sportster models? We tried it on a 2016 Harley Roadster, and it fits great. The following spike turbine cleaner’s structure is developed with Billet Aluminum, and the design is considered durable in use. You must check if your chosen product is made of high quality. It is good to know that Happy-Motor’s products are built in the delicate craft. You’ll notice maximum airflow through the air filter design, and gradually the airflow develops the throttle body. Isn’t it praiseworthy?


  • High-volume air filter
  • Reliable quality
  • Packaged in all mounting hardware

Fitment: 1996-2019 XL1200C Sportster 1200 Custom ; 2007-2011 XL1200L Sportster 1200 Low ; 2018-2019 XL1200NS Sportster Iron 1200 ; 2004-2008 XL1200R Sportster Roadster ; 1996-2003 XL1200S Sportster Sport

Click here to check more about Spike turbine AIR CLEANER on Amazon.

7. GUAIMI Air Cleaner Intake Filter System For 1988-Present Sportsters(All Models)

GUAIMI Air Cleaner Intake Filter System For 1988-Present Sportsters(All Models)

GUAIMI store presents its air filter Kit For Sportster XL1200. This product is constructed with Top-grade Aluminum Housing. You can consider the GUAIMI air cleaner for a long time. Plus, the filter is re-usable. You can wash it, dry it, and re-oil it! GUAIMI air cleaner is reliable for eliminating restrictions in a Harley Sportster engine. We have expected an instruction guide and the intake filter, but it was disappointing not to get any single guide. Certain people may feel it difficult to install the filter system. However, the GUIMI air cleaner is equipped with fashion design. It gets your motorcycle a charming and unique appearance. Why not feel pretty sturdy feature in your Harley Davidson today?


  • Improved in high-quality aluminum Housing
  • Re-usable air filter
  • Fitment: All Sportster models

Fitment: 1988-Present Sportsters(All Models)

Click here to check GUAIMI Air Cleaner on Amazon.

8. Krator Air Intake System For Harley CV Carb Delphi V-Twin

Krator Air Intake System For Harley CV Carb Delphi V-Twin

Who doesn’t love purchasing from the Krator store? Let’s get big applause for their premium air cleaner kit for the 2004-2019 Sportster. Krator manufacturers make their products with improved throttle response. You can go with the following High-Flow Air Filter as the filter helps horsepower magnificently. It can be a great addition to your Harley Davidson! Undoubtedly, the Krator air cleaner is made to be a lifetime air filter. You can install it within 60+10 minutes! You will like the Krator intake system is not high pricy even after designed with 360 Degree Slotted Spike technology. After installing it on a 1200T Harley Davidson, we noticed how immediately the intake system improved performance.’


  • Improve throttle response
  • 60 minutes installation
  • Engineered in 360 Degree spike cover

Fitment: Harley CV Carb Delphi V-Twin

Krator air filter doesn’t conduct heat anymore. Click here to check the ‘Krator Air Intake System’ on Amazon. 

9. GOOFIT Air Cleaner Compatible with Sportster XL883 1200 1991-2016

GOOFIT Air Cleaner Compatible with Sportster XL883 1200 1991-2016

It is an Intake System Kit with Black Velocity Stack. Get the product compatible with Sportster 1200. GOOFIT air cleaner is So far so good. You may think purchasing from K&N manufacturer, but this will do nicely for an affordable budget. The construction of the GOOFIT Air cleaner is as similar to top-grade manufacturers and improved in Billet aluminum. Therefore, it looks great. At first sight, the air cleaner feels like good material. You get the product 100% brand new from the manufacturer. All you need to check the installation requirement before buy! Never underestimate GOOFIT air filter than any top manufacturer as the brand is improved in proven high performance.


  • Feels like good material
  • Surrounded with Internal breathing system
  • Easy installation

Fitment: Replacement for Sportster Iron 883 XL883 XL1200 Forty Eight 48 Seventy Two 72 1991-2016

Click here to check Lingdu Air Cleaner on Amazon.


  • Stock & aftermarket Sportster air filters…which is best?

Previously, I was wondering about the stock air filter to be the best in reliability. But I don’t think so now and any more!

The stock air filter is designed to reduce engine noise, being compatible with muffler and noise regulations. However, if you decide to replace the stock air filter with an aftermarket product, you get a little extra performance. Stock appearance is made to minimize costs. Why not get more advanced today? Please choose from our recommended aftermarket products.

  • What is the purpose of a clean air filter in a motorcycle?

Instead of calling it the air filter’s purpose, we must say the air filter saves the engine from air pollution, debris, and dust. Through the process, your motorcycle’s engine gets improved with airflow. An air filter is made to accelerate the performance of the bike. Installing aftermarket filters will raise the motorcycle’s horsepower incredibly. Fresh air helps fire in the engine.

  • Is K&N Harley air filter best? 

No doubt about that! K&N has different choices for Harley Davidson. You can choose from their shop. No budget issue at all. Starting at $50, K&N provides ultra featured air filter to the enthusiasts. 10 Year longevity is K&N’s top feature for an air filter.

Moreover, the K&N engine air filter increases 50% more airflow than stock air filters. Why not increasing both power and acceleration in your Harley Davidson today? Check K&N air filters on Amazon.

Things to know more! 

Hopefully, you choose the Best Air Cleaner for Sportster 1200 from this reviewing guide. We included from top manufacturer’s product. What we focus on while selecting these air filters is that they are budget-friendly. You are recommended to check from a quality and give value to the cost. In this guide, we have included K&N’s next level air filter, which is pricy but meant to be a great addition to your Harley Davidson. What are you waiting for other than a healthy air filter for your bike? Be wise to spend money! 

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