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Best air cleaner for Harley 103

10 Best Air Cleaner for Harley 103: Buyer’s Guides in 2021

Hey! We are glad to get you here. You are very welcome to choose from the Best air cleaner for Harley 103. The Harley 103 is a bit aggressive by its features and highly improved than any single camshaft Evolution in the market. If you invest a few bucks to buy air cleaner on Amazon, it doesn’t bite an apple from you! 

Honestly, an air filter reduces unnecessary spending such as engine trouble, machine-specific, reusability, and performance. You will get no more grime now. Try once!

What is called an Air Cleaner? Must-knowing!

An air cleaner is also known as an air filter. An air cleaner’s primary work is filtering the air accurately and then letting the cleaned air enter into the motorcycle’s motor. Some of the enthusiasts don’t consider an air filter is essential. You must know why does air needs to be filtered! We rarely find any state out of pollution and dirty environments. When driving a vehicle through the highways, the motorcycle’s motor receives full particles of dust, grit, and dirt. It leads your engine to severe damage. As per our experience, we see many drivers damaging their scoring piston walls unknowingly. Through the damage, the efficiency of your motor is gradually decreased in life and efficiency. Therefore, using an air filter is significant and allows uncontaminated air into the vehicle’s engine.

OUR top pick

Best air cleaner for Harley 103

It is a high-performance Powersport air filter. We see no better replacement for a stock Harley air cleaner other than K&N Engine Air Filter. The installation process takes about 15 minutes (with professional hands). You’ll notice an immediate running in performance. The performance is considered up to 2-3 MPG as well. No hesitation, but a lower shift point is noticeable through the low gears. Take K&N Engine Air Filter as granted to climb steep hills and for better acceleration quickly. Professionals choose the product for lasting performance. Undoubtedly, it brings peppier performance than stock machines. Try it!

Best Air Cleaner for Harley 103 in 2020

K&N Engine Air Filter & Cleaner

Key features

It is K&N’s strategy to involve the cleaner to the next level. Undoubtedly, this Premium and Powersport Air Filter works just like it should. Don’t consider K&N products if you want an instant power gain. Instead of the expectation, K&N brings you accurate fitment for (1999-2015) HARLEY DAVIDSON. Using the K&N air filter will get you a better filter than stock paper and provides sufficient air to the engine’s compartment. Most of the time, we hear that the engine air filter works incredibly if used with the better exhaust. You get a successful power gain through the high RPM. It comes from the original manufacturer. To get it all packaged, visit Amazon. However, K&N Filter is a well-built product with mind-healing cleaning specs. You will notice a little on acceleration but no significant difference after installing the filter.

The owner of Carfiction says that ‘I ride in all weather though and have been through the maximum drivability. Click here to check more about ‘K&N Engine Air Filter’ on Amazon.

Arlen Ness 18-326 Black Big Sucker

Key features

Do you look for the best Stage I Air Filter Kit with Cover protection? Here we sponsor Arlen Ness air filter that is very well made. As per our teammate’s report, it has an exquisite packaging and easy instruction guide along with the purchase. For the aluminum backing plate, it looks like a pro option for the world’s enthusiasts. The installation process is not more than 20 minutes. You can do the installation with hand tools. After the install is done, we have experienced the dealer drop in stage 1 technology. No worry! The Arlen Ness products do the best work along with the standard exhaust, cams, and additional points. Choose the product to lean out of your low speed a bit. You’ll be happy with Arlen’s technology if you consider their air cleaner as a primary filter. 

Once you decide to use Arlen air cleaner, it’s like you can eliminate the need for hoses, filters, and any banjo fittings. Click here to check Arlen’s Stage I Air Filter on Amazon.

K&N Air Intake System

Key features

The great thing about an air intake system is protective, well-made, and professionally equipped with special hardware. We tried it for Harley Davidson 2008. Then, the shipment was structured with a disposable bottle of Loctite. Honestly, The K&N air intake is mounted with good looks and added performance in a bike. After installing the system, you won’t recognize much of a difference though we experienced the sucking noise coming from the intake. It happens for the added airflow, actually. You can do a quick test run for better knowledge. The installation process takes almost 30 minutes for a professional.

In some cases, it may take 90 minutes or a bit excessive of a high point. You can run for a beer and remove the bolts easily with a couple of tools. Note that, the product’s description on Amazon says that the Air Intake System won’t fit your 2016 Limited. Please don’t go for the details, and it includes the Air Intake System entirely. Click here to check more about the ‘K&N Air Intake System’ on Amazon.

Kuryakyn 9992 Hyper charger Air Cleaner

Key features

The cleaner is something unique and made of Blood Groove design. You can fit the air cleaner to any 1996-2017 Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. What I most love about the air cleaner is its matte black appearance with wrinkle power coat opportunity. As per my experience, the product will match the black look on your S&S 111 engine. Undoubtedly, it is most appropriate for your Road king. Besides having old-school hotrod style, the Kuryakyn air cleaner helps provide a little more airflow to the carb. I would recommend the air cleaner for a pop on installation. The installation is miles better with the instruction guide though you may feel remove the gas tank and throttle cables harder.

Click here to read more about Kuryakyn 9992 Hyper charger Air Cleaner on Amazon.

K&N Engine Air Premium Filter

Key features

Another milestone from the K&N store is its Powersport Air Filter. The premium air filter from their option is made for 2001-2008 HARLEY DAVIDSON. The K&N air cleaner is engineered with high-performance and Ultra Classic Electra Glide. If you notice any failure inside the rubber gasket, grant K&N’s Engine Air Premium Filter is a superior product to use. Importantly, you can use your K&N oil. You’ll go a million miles with this filter. As per our experience, we used the filter for the 2009 Harley FXDF. We noticed the only gripe about the diameter as the diameter is slightly larger in quality, the cover may not sit quietly and thoroughly dried before re-installation. However, you won’t feel like any downtime activity if you use Harley as the main transportation.

One thing to remember that the K&N Engine Air cleaner is Holes matched and fits accurately. Comparing the OEM air cleaner, the K&N Engine Air cleaner is slightly narrower in depth. Therefore, you will get no reduced performance and intense wear. Click here to check ‘K&N Engine premium Air cleaner’ on Amazon.

HTTMT MT226-BK Black Air Cleaner

Key features

HTTMT shop is a storehouse of the best fitting air cleaner. You get it compatible with Harley Low Rider Touring Road. The cleanser is structured with Quality parts, and car enthusiasts choose ‘HTTMT MT226-BK’ for adequate fitment. The only problem with this air cleaner is not provided with an instruction guide. You must watch YouTube for the installing process. The bike has a better running and aggressive look with a carb support bracket. The air cleaner is not glossed black but colored in a satin finish. After installing the product, you won’t notice any cracks inside the engine’s airflow. The ‘HTTMT MT226-BK’ Air Cleaner Kit is built to be Generic Brand Filter & Washable filter at once. At length, the installation process is super easy.

Click here to read more about HTTMT MT226-BK Black Air Cleaner’s specifications on Amazon.

Turbine Black Edge Cut for Harley Air Cleaner

Key features

Happy-motors is a renowned brand worldwide though you may hear this brand for the first time! The street glide air filter will fit your Harley road king. If you are in a touch of Harley road glide (2008-2016), choose this air cleaner. The best reason for liking the product is the air cleaner’s fitment is perfect, though. You will love their customer service department as the product’s delivery is significantly earlier than expected. The build quality of the air cleaner is top-graded and brings you an easy installation. A 2015 Harley Davidson Road King can directly surround the mounts. Try this for the original look, original fitment, and importantly actual performance.

Click here to redirect on Amazon and know more about the Turbine Black Edge air cleaner.

K&N 63-1125 Performance Intake Kit

Key features

Do you want it better for a Harley Davidson? The K&N provides versatile options to enthusiasts around the world. As per John’s view (One of our professionals), the look is expected to tune the bike. You can easily adjust the Dyno systems and performance gains by numbers realistically performance. Stats like America, is always advertised on K&N’s site and performance improvements. Depending on the issue, A bike enthusiast achieves the milestone of quality performance. Within all K&N’s products, this Intake Kit is a bit improved for HP and TQ gains. You’ll get the horsepower gained of 7.78 HP at 4953 RPM. Isn’t it incredible? The installation process is straightforward. It takes almost 60 to 90 minutes. The K&N products are reusable for a lifetime.

Click here to buy ‘K&N 63-1125 Performance Intake Kit’ on Amazon. You are promised to improve the throttle response and sound quality with the intake kit. 

Krator Chrome Dual Spike Intake Air Cleaner

Key features

Krator is a world-renowned company that provides Compatible Air Cleaner for Harley CV. The design of the Krator air cleaner looks premium and cannot be seen on standard bikes. You get the mount just right to the scale. After using the air cleaner in a Harley Davidson V-Twin engine, we rarely see any crankcase to breathe. A great addition is added to the mountain bracket. Indeed, it increases the drivability to your motorcycle. It is good to know that the Krator air cleaner is a generic air filter. It is replaced with a K&N product. The appearance is attractive with Red Filter and chrome black finish. Billet Aluminum Cone keeps the Krator air cleaner durable for the carburetors. You will love how the cleaner is 360 Degree Slotted by its spike cover!

Click here to check the product (Krator Chrome Dual Air Cleaner) on Amazon. 

Motorcycle Air Cleaner Intake Filter

Key features

ZW Homeland is an Intake filter with a colossal improvement in style. Undoubtedly, the Motorcycle cleaner is a bit improved over stock filters. After testing the air cleaner entirely, we got the Motorcycle Air Cleaner the same after 13,000 miles. No matter if your bike goes through rain, weather, and lots of suns! The attractive section of the ZW filter is not being faded or oxidized by its color. We notice the manufacturer’s seal weeps a little over long periods. One of our friends tried this cleaner for his 07 Sportster. As per his feedback, the ZW intake filter is affordable but glossy by look and performance. The Air cleaner’s quality is standard with the rubber and metal surface. 

Click here to read more information about ZW Homeland’s Air cleaner. The power is very noticeable and increased by torque and horsepower.

What does an ‘Air Filter’ do? 5 incredible benefits! 

In the introduction, we said that an air filter cleans the air entirely from dirt, grit, dust, and other debris. Thus, the motorcycle’s engine remains free of severe damage and pollution inside. It brings your motorcycle increase in life and efficiency by a motor. Here you know five incredible benefits of Air cleaner for Harley 103. Read below!

  • The first choice of an air cleaner is ensuring clean air to the engine. Our research got a significant result about the airflow as the air cleaner purifies the air even from 100 time’s dirtier indoor air. Therefore, the best air cleaner for Harley 103, keeps the bike’s engine healthy. 
  • Secondly, an air cleaner purifies the unpleasant dust. We need to go through highways, and there is dust everywhere. No matter what you use on a bike for protection shield, dust will accumulate. What an air cleaner do is trapping dust and increases performance to the next level.
  • Do you know? An air filter removes up to 99 percent of airborne particles, mold spores, and pollen that floats around the air. It causes your bike’s engine to get sick. For being instant, it is required to include an air filter to the motorcycle’s part. It benefits cycling the air in the room efficiently with the internal filters structured inside an air filter. If you eliminate 99 percent of airborne pollutants immediately, you get an increase in vehicle’s horsepower.
  • Once airborne pollutants get inside the engine, you get lessen performance and decrease in horsepower. An air cleaner is something to stop grimes and contaminants from spreading. Are you worried about lost performance? It would help if you neutralized the long-term breathing, and for that, an air filter is significant to give you the confidence to your bike.
  • The air cleaners fit everywhere in a Harley 103 motorcycle. You must check the owner’s manual and choose from a variety of features. We discussed a few top-listed products that will keep the air healthy to the vehicle’s engine.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between a Stage 1 and Stage 2 air filter?

Stage 2 has a 20% larger air filter than the stage 2 element. Depending on the research, we can say that Stage 1 is sufficient for any street or highway bikes. It includes cams and bolt-on modifications in a street bike. Even a stage 2 cleaner won’t hurt the air cleaning value anymore.

  • Do I need to tune my Harley if an air cleaner added?

You don’t need to tune, retune, or any Fuel management system for the process. Adding just mufflers are appropriate. Most of the dealers tell you that your motorcycles need SE mufflers. However, replacing an air cleaner is like adding more air to the value of the engine.

  • Can you wash a Harley air filter?

Yes! At first, you should take a bucket full of warm water and mild soap. Washing through the air filter is like get out of any residual dirt with foam cleaner. It would help if you continued washing the air cleaner repeatedly three times. The process helps clean out any remaining debris and residue eternally.


The best air cleaner for Harley 103 is essential, and it gets your engine optimized entirely. An air cleaner helps to restrict grimes and pollutions, so that engine’s performance goes by an optimal level. Choosing from a good brand will be the most significant source of your carburetor and EFI systems. Why not get your engine to the next level category? Do it today. Let us know if you want to know more!


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