The 10 Best aftermarket headlights for Silverado

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Nothing can beat clear and illuminated headlights! Aftermarket headlights are far better. They get you an aesthetic driving experience. A fully operational truck with the latest headlights can see the road more clearly, especially during a night drive.

This guide explains ’10 Best aftermarket headlights for Silverado.’

When choosing a headlight, be sure of its quality, structure, and light bulb types. You can earn all the benefits of clarity, a truck’s appearance, and a wide range of looks with top-grade headlights. Scroll down and see what’s trending today!

Top-Pick:  AUTOSAVER88 Headlight Assembly kit

Best Aftermarket Headlights for Silverado

Purchase this thing for 2003-2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2500 3500 pickups! Honestly, these bulbs are wonderful aftermarket replacements with OEM fitment and a stylish look. The construction of the headlights includes heavy-duty housing, durability, and DOT and SAE safety standards. You’ll be enjoying yourself on the road, even in rainy Oregon. They’re awesome!


  • Includes kit for driver and passenger side
  • Made from superior OEM specs
  • Installation without drilling or modifications
  • DOT and SAE certified
  • 2-Years warranty

Have you read the specifications? Well, don’t do more delay. This product is top-reviewed on the market and bought by thousands of clients. Click here to check ‘AUTOSAVER88 Headlight Assembly kit’ on Amazon.

Best aftermarket headlights for Silverado Comparison in 2021

ProductsBrandWarranty(Y)CertifiedCheck Price
AmeriLite Chrome Crystal Replacement HeadlightsAmeriLite90 DaysDOT & SAE
AUTOSAVER88 Headlight Assembly kitAUTOSAVER882DOT
DEPO 335-1145L-AC Replacement Driver Side Headlight AssemblyDEPO1DOT & SAE
DNA Motoring HL-OH-CSIL07-BK-CL1 Black Housing HeadlightsDNA Motoring1S.A.E. & D.O.T
Spyder Auto PRO-YD-CS07-HL-BSM Chevy Silverado LED Halo Projector HeadlightSpyder Auto1OE & ISO
DWVO Headlight AssemblyDWVO1DOT & SAE
AUTOANDART Aftermarket Replacement HeadlightsAUTOANDART1D.O.T
VIPMOTOZ LED Strip DRL Halo Ring Black Housing Projector HeadlightVIPMOTOZ30-DAYS cash-back guaranteeDOT & SAE
G-PLUS headlight replacement lamp for Chevy Silverado (07-14) Chrome HousingG-PLUS1OEM
AKKON Smoke Smoked Headlights in Left + Right PairAKKON90 DaysDOT & SAE

10 Best Aftermarket Headlights for Silverado

1.  AmeriLite Chrome Crystal Replacement Headlights

AmeriLite Chrome Crystal Replacement Headlights

This headlight unit will fit Silverado/Suburban with or without a composite headlamp. Unfortunately, the unit doesn’t include the Seal Beam version. If you have a full-size vehicle or your vehicle matches all specifications of (88-98) Chevrolet GMC (1500/2500/3500), then this is the best thing you’ll ever get. The best part of these headlights is they are DOT & SAE Standard. The installation allows direct OEM replacement without additional modification. Those enthusiasts that look for a new Aftermarket part can purchase this. The headlight kit includes both Driver & Passenger Side headlights. AmeriLite is a reliable manufacturer to deal with! You’re assured of a 30-Days cash-back and a 90-Days warranty.


  • Fits: 1988-1998 Chevrolet Silverado C/K 1500/2500/3500
  • It comes with Driver & Passenger Side opportunity
  • Quick OEM Replacement
  • No extra modification required
  • DOT & SAE Certification

Customer questions & answers:

Question: Are these AmeriLite headlights have a plug and play set up?

Answer: It needs a quick splice into the turn signals. Then, it powers the LED bar. Otherwise, the rest setup is like a direct plug-in!

Question: Do the halos burn out? Are they good?

Answer: We have got these lights as normal ones at a part store. Still, this is a reliable headlight kit to upgrade and look better.

2.  AUTOSAVER88 Headlight Assembly kit

AUTOSAVER88 Headlight Assembly kit

Thanks to AUTOSAVER for bringing us such a great Headlamp Replacement. At one glance, I loved the black housing of the headlight. It was constructed with a ‘Bumper Lamp.’ Undoubtedly, we found this kit as the best headlight assembly for night driving. It’s cooler, safer, and brighter. The headlight housing is made of OEM grade ABS plastic, which is more secure and more durable. The replacement replaces factory parts without drilling or extra modifications. One thing, AUTOSAVER makes its headlights as bolt-on headlights.


  • 2003-2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500/ 2500/ 3500
  • Headlight compliance involves DOT and SAE safety standards
  • It comes with replacement rubber O-rings
  • No multiple fitment issues
  • 2-Years warranty

Customer questions & answers:

Question: Do these bulbs fit both the 9005 and 9006 bulbs?

Answer: Yes. The construction is the same as the original assembly.

Question: What color are they?

Answer: The inner housing is black. It’s aesthetic and made with sharp-looking lenses.

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3.  DEPO 335-1145L-AC Replacement Driver Side Headlight Assembly

DEPO 335-1145L-AC Replacement Driver Side Headlight Assembly

DEPO is not an OE car company so that its headlight assembly is an aftermarket product. Still, the manufacturer meets applicable DOT regulations. One of the clients has been saying why he didn’t purchase this sooner! It means the headlights ensure proper fitment. After wasting money on various headlight restoration kits, people tend to DEPO headlight assembly for the left and right headlights. You must be thinking why are they cheap or if they are not as bright as the originals. Are you doing that? Well, the headlights have quality design and components. We have got the lights as bright as OEM! The installation takes 30 minutes with minimal tools.


  • High beam and Low beam
  • The install is relatively easy
  • Meets DOT regulations
  • 1 year limited manufacturer warranty
  • Made in Taiwan

Customer questions & answers:

Question: Is this a whole headlight kit with mounts?

Answer: The unit comes complete – all you need to do is replace the new headlight with the old one.

Question: Does this assembly also come with a wire harness?

Answer: Yes, it does come with a wire harness. You can also use an original harness, and it fits fine.

4.  DNA Motoring HL-OH-CSIL07-BK-CL1 Black Housing Headlights

DNA Motoring HL-OH-CSIL07-BK-CL1 Black Housing Headlights

These replacement headlights are great for 07-13 Silverado. You can attach them to the front of a vehicle. DNA headlights light the road ahead. Throughout the automobile age, the headlight has marvelous performance between day and night time. It is essential to choose aftermarket headlights to see the clearer on the road. Why not make your vehicle equipped with clear style and extreme range? Never underestimate the necessity of aftermarket headlights. They are the essential component of a vehicle. DNA aftermarket headlights function with clear style and extreme range. I can say they look great & fit perfectly. Never go for a cheap set of headlights. It gets fogged up after a wash. DNA makes you realize you get what you pay for! The black housing headlights look great on the truck, especially for the price.


  • 07-13 Chevy Silverado 1500 + 07-14 Chevy Silverado 2500 3500
  • Very decent and clear at night
  • Passengers Side orientation
  • Installation involves Plug-n-Play Operation
  • Goes up to 5+ Years

Customer questions & answers:

Question: What’s the construction involved?

Answer: The lights’ appearance looks great, and the construction is made with better high-quality DNA. They are ready to go without worries.

Question: Is the installation easy?

Answer: Installation of the headlights is Plug-n-Play, Direct Bolt-On, and genuine fit for the Stock Unit. No modification or drilling requires here.

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5.  Spyder Auto PRO-YD-CS07-HL-BSM Chevy Silverado LED Halo Projector Headlight

Spyder Auto PRO-YD-CS07-HL-BSM Chevy Silverado LED Halo Projector Headlight

Modern cars are applicable to these lights. The black smoked appearance is aesthetic and comes as a head and taillights package. Also, the construction is designed as direct bolt-on replacement parts. Spyder projector headlights are engineered with LED technology; still, they are Halos. Keep in mind that these are smoked lens lights and not street-legal. Still, the lights are great for off-road or showroom use. The brand didn’t add installation instructions. It could be better for installation even though we recommend professional’s building this aftermarket product. Don’t worry; Spyder headlight units are designed with the same functionality as the OEM specification.


  • Improved with Powerful LED Technology
  • Meets all OE & ISO standards
  • All wiring for the headlights included
  • Plug and Play application
  • 1-year warranty through Amazon

Customer questions & answers:

Question: What is the difference between the CCFL and LED headlights?

Answer: The CCFL headlights use an inverter and scientifically brighter than LEDs.

Question: Is there a way to purchase the driver side assembly?

Answer: After installing them on your truck, you may experience driver side assembly damage. Unfortunately, you can’t buy a single pack but can purchase them in pairs.

6.  DWVO Headlight Assembly

DWVO Headlight Assembly

DWVO things are durable with a high-grade clear lens. They offer apparent brightness, visibility, and extreme durability. The replacement headlight assembly is an alternative to dim. Great yellow headlights so far! We noticed the Weather-sealed technology from this manufacturer. It is impressive. Now, water doesn’t seep into the vehicle’s electrical system and causes an electrical shock. Talking about the installation, it’s easy and fits into your vehicle’s factory wiring harness perfectly. DWBO headlights have the equal quality as the original headlights but at a lower price. You won’t believe it, some manufacturers use low-quality materials to save manufacturing costs of headlights. DWVO’s headlights, however, are incredibly durable and compact. They look great and fit great.


  • Fits 2003-2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2500 3500
  • Improved with high-grade clear lens
  • Meets SAE and DOT safety standards
  • Shipping is better than expected
  • 2-Years Warranty

Customer questions & answers:

Question: Is the beam focus as sharp as OEM?

Answer: The light output seems right on a blank wall. I think the lights will be working without glaring other drivers.

Question: Has anyone had issues adjusting these?

Answer: When I turned the adjustment, nothing moved there. Be mindful of keeping the lights seated on the balls or adjustment bolts.

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7.  AUTOANDART Aftermarket Replacement Headlights

AUTOANDART Aftermarket Replacement Headlights

A&A headlights come with 6 pieces set and work great as Fog lights & Side signal marker lamps. The headlight unit has all OE specifications, including a DOT stamp. People replace them as an exact replacement for stock assembly. We found no major issues as the lights have new and clear lenses to prove bright illumination and maximum safety. As per the clients’ comments, the installation can be done without drilling or filing.


  • Compatible with 1999-2002 Silverado Pickup Truck
  • Matches all OEM requirement
  • Installation takes 15 minutes
  • You may need a T-15 to adjust headlights
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

Customer questions & answers:

Question: Does this kit include lamp bulbs?

Answer: We noticed that the manufacturer sends all lamps with the bulbs. They are included in the manufacturer’s direction and provided to you on rare occasions.

Question: Can you replace bulbs in these with LED?

Answer: I assume you can do it. The bulbs are adjusted just like any other bulbs.

8.  VIPMOTOZ LED Strip DRL Halo Ring Black Housing Projector Headlight

VIPMOTOZ LED Strip DRL Halo Ring Black Housing Projector Headlight

Great headlamp assembly so far! The box includes both driver and passenger site light as a complete set pair. LED halo rings are improved in the package as Crystal Sapphire Halo. Here is a Splice Halo wiring required to a power source. The certification includes SAE & DOT to meet all street-legal regulations in the USA & Canada. Not hard to install! We recommend a professional’s installation if you want the LED Halos to work besides the running lights and bright. These lights light up the road.


  • Compatible with 2007-2013-2014 Silverado 1500, 2500HD, 3500HD
  • Light and bright
  • Meets requirements of USA & Canada streets
  • Street Legal (SAE & DOT Approved)
  • 30-DAYS cash-back guarantee

Customer questions & answers:

Question: Do VIP lights come with new wiring harnesses?

Answer: Yes, they are all new.

Question: Will this housing work with LED?

Answer: As long as the LED’s are direct replacement bulbs, they will work.

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9.  G-PLUS headlight replacement lamp for Chevy Silverado (07-14) Chrome Housing

G-PLUS headlight replacement lamp for Chevy Silverado (07-14) Chrome Housing

I can tell these lamps are affordable, durable, and amber headlights similar to the OEM style. You can be safe at night. The headlights have a stylish design. After installing the vehicle, it seems right on the road. The headlights are tested and found to be delivering smooth operation. The manufacturer tells for a direct bolt-on replacement for original parts. The product arrives in good time. You won’t see issues with headlights, and even if you find any problems, you can take G-PLUS customer service through Amazon. I give them a 10! Why not get an aesthetic appearance to the vehicle? These are great for show use and replacing worn headlights!


  • A complete set of headlight
  • Fits: 2007-2013-2014 Chevy Silverado 1500, 2500HD and 3500HD Models
  • Our headlights have an extreme lighting range
  • Installation without modification or drilling
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Customer questions & answers:

Question: How’s the appearance?

Answer: These lights bring a clear appearance to the vehicle. You’ll be benefited to replace old and worn headlights.

Question: Is any extra modification required?

Answer: The headlight assembly requires no modification or drilling.

10. AKKON Smoke Smoked Headlights in Left + Right Pair

AKKON Smoke Smoked Headlights in Left + Right Pair

These headlights come with some smoked fog lights that will give a truck an aggressive look. They perform well. We noticed AKKON headlights are easy to install. No manufacturer can beat them for the price. The box is customized and comes in a pair, including Driver Side & Passenger Side. The installation may need a little more modification if necessary. You’ll be provided an instruction included. Professional installation will be the best anyway.


  • Compatible with 2007-2013 Silverado 1500 2500HD 3500HD
  • Added aggressive + premium look
  • Replacement for original parts
  • Professional Installation recommended
  • 90-DAYS limited warranty

Customer questions & answers:

Question: Do AKKON bulbs come with the wiring harness?

Answer: No, it does not.

Question: Are the corner markers orange or black?

Answer: They are orange and great lights. I found no issues with them.

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Considerations of Best Aftermarket Headlights for Silverado

●  Light Bulb’s Type

You should be mindful of the bulb’s technology and know further about what technology it uses. There are a few types of light bulbs in the world you operate. They have different compatibility, electric modules, and headlight hardware. It means you can’t use all kinds of bulbs for your car at all. The owner’s manual or vehicle’s specification includes what type of light bulb you need. The best part of choosing a LED headlight bulb is its level of reliability, illumination, and energy efficiency. In this guide, we have discussed all those headlights that can produce high levels of lumens. Today’s technology offers headlight bulbs to be stable even in a storm or during the night. We find Halogen, Xenon, and LED as more reliable within all great light bulbs’ types.

Halogen vs. HID vs. LED

Halogen bulbs exist on the market for so long. We have explained some halogens that produce a reasonable number of lumens. Also, they last for a long time. You’ll receive them for less energy efficiency. On the other hand, Xenon bulbs are newer than halogens; these types of bulbs are more durable and most efficient by choice. However, LED bulbs are meant to be the best category bulbs that operate with the least power and illuminate most light on the road. Our recommended headlight bulbs are dominating around the world.

●  Headlight Construction

Headlight construction or appearance should be good. What do I mean by GOOD? The headlight should produce super visibility. In this article, you may fall in love with Spyder Auto PRO Headlight for its premium bold option and contrasting colors. Overall, you’ll experience a unique vibe from the assembly. Our recommendation always involves a bit of a subtler opportunity that introduces you to the proper aftermarket headlight choice for Silverado. So, among all great options, the headlight look is something we look for. Why don’t you buy the unit for the long term? You can read customer’s reviews and brainstorm how long your buying intent headlights last.

●  Compatibility

What if your purchased aftermarket headlight doesn’t match your truck’s compatibility? It will be disappointing, won’t it? Undoubtedly, choosing from exact-fitted headlights is the most critical consideration. Make sure the headlight you want to purchase will fit on your truck without drilling or additional modifications. Some models fit old vehicles, whereas some models include the latest models without minor tweaks. Be mindful of the entire truck’s system’s compatibility, including the headlight system.

Benefits of Buying Best Aftermarket Headlights for Chevy Silverado

I can’t stop describing the benefits of buying aftermarket headlights for Silverado. Still, I will tell you some benefits you’ll get if you buy from the best headlight assembly.

  • Ease of installation

First of all, today’s aftermarket headlights ensure ease of installation. People can install headlights in the ‘Plug and Play’ version.

  • Bolt-on Replacement

If you read our products specifically, you’ll see most headlights offer a direct bolt-on replacement. The drivers are happy to upgrade their Silverado like a complete makeover.


The stock parts are old and blend compared to the general scheme and luxurious appearance of the vehicle. At length, you should purchase the aftermarket headlights for excellent light performance.

How to Install Aftermarket Headlights in a 07-13 Chevy Silverado

Changing aftermarket headlights on a Silverado is never harsh. It’s easy. Mostly, you’ll receive an instruction guide, and there all the procedures are explained at work. You’re recommended to take professional’s assistance if you never did it. Wearing gloves and using goggles are mandatory. Who wants to work at heat?

  1. The first turn of yours is turning off the vehicle. Remember popping the car hood on habit!
  2. Check the headlight holder where it is located.
  3. You’ll see some power wires holding the bulb in place. Remove the wires and connections.
  4. Take out the old bulb and replace it with the new bulb.
  5. At length, turn the vehicle on and check the headlights. Are they working right?


When driving, our focus remains on the road ahead, and working with the best aftermarket headlights for Silverado trucks will be an aesthetic addition. The headlights from the renowned manufacturer don’t flicker oncoming drivers on the road. Besides, these lights let you see clearly on the road. Why don’t you buy from our recommendation and make your truck’s appearance and function more attractive and more efficient? If you’re tired of choosing lots of different choices, check our Top-pick for more value that we prefer. You’ll acquire a great experience indeed.

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