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Best 9006 LED Bulbs

10 Best 9006 LED Bulbs: Brightest HB4 LED Headlight 2021

Old vehicles are mostly equipped with halogen bulbs, aren’t they? If you’re one step away of the latest technology, replace them with LED Headlight brands to acquire maximum white illumination.

Many people ask Google, What are the best 9006 LED headlight bulbs for night driving? This guide answers the enthusiasts with ‘TOP-10 9006 LED BULBS’ available in market. We assure you of achieving a massive difference in visibility at night.

Switching to the top-rated LED headlight costs more. Still, you won’t regret the decision as they all have ‘Long Lifespan,’ ‘plug-and-play,’ and ‘Over-heating reduction’ features. Our guide includes 9006 LED bulbs with adjustable-beam technology.

Read us to see what’s trending!  

TOP-PICK:  SEALIGHT 9005/HB3 High Beam 9006/HB4 Low Beam LED Bulbs

Best 9006 LED Bulbs

These headlights are trending on Amazon for their quality, better visibility, and brighter output. You’ll get it available for both HB3 (High Beam) & HB4 (Low Beam) structures. As the 9006 LED bulbs, they have a better beam pattern on road. You must get rid of all yellow or dim stock bulbs and choose this LED bulb kit with a 14000LM strategy. As a driver, you should maintain the safety of the driving, like not blinding oncoming vehicles and traffics and optimizing proper light distribution. The bulbs can be installed in 10 minutes.


  • 4 bulbs (14000 lumens)
  • 7000 lumen per pair
  • IP67 protected
  • Installed in 10 minutes
  • Heat dissipation feature for a longer lifespan
  • A warranty for two years

Check ‘SEALIGHT 9006 Low Beam LED Bulbs’ on Amazon. 

What Does a 9006 Headlight Bulb Fit?

If I talk specifically, the models compatible with 9006 bulbs are Chevrolet Avalanche, GMC Envoy, Honda Accord, Mazda Miata, Nissan Titan, Acura MDX, Audi A6, BMW M3, Civic, and Toyota Camry.

It is said that a 9006 is called a single filament light bulb. The 9006 bulbs are like a standard low beam headlight for many vehicles, even though some low beams and high beam headlights consider the 9006 bulb fitment. Checking your vehicle’s owner’s manual will tell about the correct part, whether your original light bulb can replace with a 9006 bulb.

Benefits of 9006 LED Bulbs

  • 90% More Performance!

What are the best headlights in the market? LED! No, the best LED. Our listed headlight bulbs are 9006 LED bulbs from all renowned manufacturers. You should choose them for trucks and cars. Be mindful of the vehicle’s requirements before purchasing. You’ll be benefited from extra protection & extra performance. Indeed, it’s easy to preserve your vehicle’s battery through maximum heat dissipation strategy. The top manufacturer’s 9006 bulbs make the version last longer. The best-LED replacement bulbs can last 30,000 to 50,000 hours or more. The lifespan is five times longer than stock bulbs.

  • Cheaper over time!

Stock headlight bulbs are not durable, nor do they get through high-performance diode! You have to replace the yellow lights again and again. Save the money permanently through an easy replacement. The 9006 LED bulbs may cost straighter out of the box but will be dominating in the long run. You don’t need changing LEDs as often.

  • Easy installation

In general, the 9006 LED bulbs are not equipped with critical wiring functions. Because of being ‘Plug & Play’ featured, installing these LED headlights in less than 20 minutes is relatively easy. You can now install LEDs on most old cars, SUVs, and trucks, even if it takes more time! Get to the trend to see the road more clearly over great distances.

Best 9006/HB4 LED Bulbs Comparison in 2021

ProductsBrandLumens-KWatt-WarrentyLifeSpan(hours)Check Price
Fahren 9006/HB4 LED Headlight BulbsFahren10000LM-6500K60W- 2Y50000
Cougar Motor’ 9006 LED Bulbs All-in-One Conversion KitCougar Motor10000LM-6000K60W - 3Y50000
BEAMTECH 9006 LED Bulb SetBEAMTECH8000LM-6500K50W- 1Y30000
AUXITO 9006 LED Headlight BulbsAUXITO12000LM-6500K30W- 2Y 30000
SEALIGHT 9006/HB4 Low Beam LED BulbsSEALIGHT 14000LM-6000K70W- 2Y50000
Torchbeam T2 9006 LED Headlight Bulb KitTorchbeam16000LM-6500K50W - L.S50000
EDGE2 9006/HB4 Low Beam LED HeadlightEDGE-210000LM-6000K110W- 1Y30000
Gevers 9005/9006 LED Headlight BulbsGeverst18000LM-6000K100W- 1Y50000
ZenCart 9006 / HB4 LED Headlight BulbsZonCar10000LM-6500K50W- 1Y30000
Au-kee 9006 LED Headlight Bulbs (Fan-less)Au-kee10000LM-6000K60W-1Y50000

Best 9006 LED Bulbs

1. Fahren 9006/HB4 LED Headlight Bulbs (Pack of 2)

Fahren 9006/HB4 LED Headlight Bulbs (Pack of 2)

Fahren is a dominating manufacturer among all headlight brands! If your vehicle has Halogen, get it replaced with 300% brighter illumination. These bulbs have 60W Automotive-grade chips along with 10,000LM per pair. You’ll enjoy a more expansive and farther lighting range of 6500K cool white light, three times brighter than a halogen bulb. The Fahren 9006 LED bulb’s construction is engineered with a Whole aviation aluminum body, heat sink design (hollow-craved), and cool turbo fan (1,2000RPM) to provide maximum freezing ability. Over 50,000 hours lifespan guarantee of this LED headlight makes you confident to buy! Our bulbs work with vehicle’s computer system accurately and without error. It fits into your housing perfectly. Easy installation.

Professional’s Thought:

Fahren 9006 bulb has a 1:1 mini design, same as Halogen. The installation can be done without any modification. Our team tried this bulb in a 95 Silverado. It fits perfectly. The bulb is reliable and produces an excellent beam pattern on the road. Also, the ‘turbo fan’ is nearly silent. It is a direct plug & play. It doesn’t need any modification any wiring. We love the illumination, how these bulbs have a pure white color with a slightly bluish tint.


  • 3 times brighter than original bulb
  • Aviation Aluminum Body
  • Heat sink design
  • The lifespan of 50000 hours
  • 2 Years Warranty

Check Fahren 9006 LED Bulb’ on Amazon.

2. Cougar Motor’ 9006 LED Bulbs All-in-One Conversion Kit

Cougar Motor' 9006 LED Bulbs All-in-One Conversion Kit

‘Cougar Motor’ is a renowned brand; it is not beyond our knowledge, right? Get this manufacturer’s LED bulb. The 9006 bulbs are improved in ‘Top LED Chips’ with high power 60W per pair of chips. Cool White 6000K light & high luminous efficacy up to 10000LM per pair will be a great addition for a night ride. The manufacturer declares that ‘Cougar Motor LED Bulb’ has 200% brightness than your stock Halogen bulbs. ‘Cougar Motor’ is a brand of the latest technology to ensure a very luminous road pattern. You’ll achieve 50,000 hours of continuous light with this 9006 bulb. A robust ‘Turbo Cool’ fan of 7,000 RPM is installed in your LED bulb. The secret of having maximum performance is the fan that works even in extreme situations—recommended for ATV, off-road, etc.

Professional’s Thought:

A junior colleague of ours did replace these headlights! He said he loves it! Our team visited him and inspected the whole process. He put them in a 2011 F150. I drove his car for a while, and to be honest, they made a world of difference. As per maximum reviewers, it feels like these 9006 bulbs need a little trimming for the fitment. If you have a ‘Dremel Set,’ please cut some plastic away for the headlight. You’ll be having a better fitment. The passenger side seems to fit perfectly without any modifications.


  • Quick Halogen Replacement
  • 60W per pair of LED chips
  • Flux Up to 10000LM per pair
  • Used for ATV, off-road
  • 2-year Warranty

Check Cougar Motor’ 9006 LED Bulbs on Amazon.

3. BEAMTECH 9006 LED Bulb Set

BEAMTECH 9006 LED Bulb Set

Who doesn’t love purchasing from BEAMTECH? You better know about this manufacturer, one of the world leaders to provide long-lasting LED bulbs. The 9006 LED bulb from BEMTECH will impress you. This bulb set has maximum positive reviews from clients. What makes this LED bulb unique to others? Newest Korean CSP LED chips of the 9006 bulbs can produce 8000 lumens output (4000lm per light). The BEAMTECH 9006 LED headlight bulbs are great for night driving. These BEAMTECH bulbs have 6500K xenon white light production, far better than the halogen lamp. Their structure is improved with ‘Lamp Low Heat’ technology. Service life of the LED’s is prolonged through low lights and lanterns. No high voltage! You’ll be free of electromagnetic radiation—easy installation; close to the Halogen, but better design with a narrow strip light.

Professional’s Thought:

You must be looking for HIDs! Don’t deal with the ballast and extra wires. Go to the LED route; it’s easy to install. Before a decade, when I heard that LEDs are structured with the fans, I thought it’s annoying! I was wrong. I did research and found LEDs expensive upwards $50 to $80. These 9006 LED bulbs look way better than the stock halogens.


  • For rally and race tracks
  • Improved in Newest Korean CSP LED chips
  • Producing 8000 lumens output
  • Easier Installation
  • 1-Year Warranty

Check BEAMTECH 9006 LED Bulb Set’ on Amazon.

4. AUXITO 9006 LED Headlight Bulbs

AUXITO 9006 LED Headlight Bulbs

AUXITO makes its headlight bulbs with double sided ZES LED chips that can produce 12000LM/Set light output. If I compare the brightness to the halogen headlights, AUXITO LEDs are 200%+ brighter than standard output. No dark spots or foggy light is designed in these bulbs; all you get is white far and wide light during night driving. The lighting position is same as halogen bulbs with premium chip board design. AUXITO 9006 LED bulbs are recommending for its ‘Great Beam Pattern’ strategy. The installation can be done to the light housing without extra adjustment. Install in minutes!

Professional’s Thought:

You must be looking to replace standard headlight bulbs as my friend Simon did in his 2006 Toyota Sienna car with the AUXITO 9006 LED bulbs. The installation is easily maintainable, and the lights have a maximum brightness than high-beams. Now, it’s east to adjust your headlights down with a 10mm socket. You can replace the high beams with LED. Purchase this stuff if you want to see more on the road. 


  • 12000LM per Set
  • 6500K Xenon White Light
  • Improved in double sided ZES LED chips
  • Wireless Headlight Bulbs
  • 30,000hrs long lifespan

Check ‘AUXITO 9006 LED Headlight Bulbs’ on Amazon.

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5. SEALIGHT 9006/HB4 Low Beam LED Bulbs

SEALIGHT 9006/HB4 Low Beam LED Bulbs

To be frank, this ‘SEALIGHT 9006 Bulb Set’ is compatible with 9005/HB3 High Beam & 9006/HB4 Low Beam structure. These bulbs are ‘TOP-RATED’ worldwide with all positive reviews and clients. As a high beam opportunity, it enables a brighter output. On the other hand, you’ll be benefited from a better beam pattern for low beam structure. Don’t wait to replace these 9006 bulbs with your yellow or dim stock bulb; choosing from ‘SEALIGHT’ increases driving safety. Even after being 14000LM Headlight Bulbs, they don’t blind oncoming traffic because of being engineered with optimized light distribution. The LED chips are designed same as halogen lamp filament. Get the bulbs installed in 10 minutes!

Professional’s Thought:

You’ll realize these headlights do emit enough illumination during the night driving without poor reception on others. Turning the headlights is quite apparent and works well for the accurate application. The ‘SEALIGHT’ manufacturer has outstanding customer service. You’ll be assured of SEALIGHT Headlight bulbs because they are way brighter and whiter than halogens. Excellent quality at a great price; well packaged!


  • 14000LM Headlight Bulbs
  • Brighter than halogens
  • Do not blind oncoming traffic
  • 0 modifications necessary
  • A warranty for two years

Check ‘SEALIGHT 9006 LED Bulbs’ on Amazon.

6. Torchbeam T2 9006 LED Headlight Bulb Kit

Torchbeam T2 9006 LED Headlight Bulb Kit

Man, these lights are improved in visibility. The LED chips of this T2 bulb have a maximum light output of 16000 Lumens, which creates 6500K Cool White Light on the road. The manufacturer declares that these T2 bulbs can produce 400% brightness over stock bulbs. Don’t you expect proper visibility for safer driving? These replaceable bulbs have a non-flicker beam pattern that does not glare oncoming vehicles or traffic. Installs in just minutes! A high-tech ‘Turbo Fan’ works at 10,000RPM. The headlight bulbs will get efficient cooling through efficient heat dissipation. ‘Torchbeam’ manufacturer makes these 9006 bulbs for an incredibly extended lifespan. This is a must for an older vehicle.

Professional’s Thought:

Super bright lights! A real chance to solve the apple of discord of old vehicles with these LED replacement bulbs. Comes in a standard box! We loved the efficient heat dissipation strategy that helps for a 50% better cooling solution than standard bulbs. The installation is simple without additional tools. You have to plug into your vehicle’s housing appropriately. Good price. Don’t hesitate; they are worth it!


  • 16000 Lumens
  • 6500K Cool White Light Production
  • 400% Brightness than stocks
  • 50% better cooling ability
  • Free technical support & Cash-back guarantee

Check ‘Torchbeam T2 9006 LED Headlight Bulb Kit’ on Amazon.

7. EDGE2 9006/HB4 Low Beam LED Headlight

EDGE2 9006/HB4 Low Beam LED Headlight

The conversion kit is designed with ‘Extremely Bright Arc-Beam Lens.’ A quite number of manufacturers bring their headlight bulbs with a 360 approach on light output. The bulbs don’t focus on blinding oncoming vehicles; instead, they work on maximum lumens/brightness. If I specify these bulbs, they have 5000Lms per LED bulb. EDGE2 LEDs are made without dark spots. The manufacturer says, LUX- LUMENS- CRI, these three components of LED headlight produces quality brightness very fast. The installation can be done in 10-mins without additional modifications. You’re recommended checking vehicle’s specification before purchasing for your desire application and keeping low beam, high beam, fog requirements on mind.

Professional’s Thought:

It’s a great product. We have seen clients discussing logistics. Most of the client’s reviews include the customer service to be very patient; also, the lights are very adjustable. This bulb is like exquisite workmanship! What are you waiting for more than purchasing these original headlights? You’re recommending checking these EDGE2 9006 LED bulbs with a larger degree. Note that it is a combo headlight kit for 9005/HB3 High Beam 9006/HB4 Low Beam.


  • 5,000Lms per LED bulb
  • Improved in new rodent LED Driver
  • Inspired with Arc-Beam Flux beam technology
  • 10-min installation
  • 1 Year Warranty

Check ‘EDGE2 9006 LED Bulbs’ on Amazon.

8. Gevers 9005/9006 LED Headlight Bulbs

Gevers 9005/9006 LED Headlight Bulbs

Do you want an IP68 Waterproof Conversion Kit? Choose from the ‘Gevers’ store. It has Super Brightness with 100W LED CREE-chips. The cool white light of 6000K & 18000 Lumens will create high luminous efficiency throughout the road. Experts worldwide say that it is twice as bright as HID and 30X brighter than ordinary halogen headlights. The latest technology helps the beam pattern to be distributed on the road without dark spots or fog. Indeed, these 9006 bulbs don’t create driving stress and exhaustion for both oncoming and off-roaring drivers. Ten minutes installation without any modification; it feels just plug and play balance to set up!

Professional’s Thought:

The manufacturer assures us that the bulb can go for 5 years even after 6 hours night driving. A perfect balance of lifespan can be achieved through the conversion kit. You will receive the goods earlier. These bulbs get adapted to computer system of most vehicles with or without installing CAN-bus decoders. We experienced a wider and farther lighting strategy with these 9006 LED Bulbs. It’s worth buying!


  • 100W top LED CREE-chips
  • Cool white 6000K light
  • 18000 Lumens efficiency
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • A 12-month warranty provided

Check ‘Geverst 9005/9006 LED Headlight Bulbs’ on Amazon.

9. ZenCart 9006 / HB4 LED Headlight Bulbs

ZenCart 9006 / HB4 LED Headlight Bulbs

Purchasing from ‘ZonCar Store’ won’t be uncomfortable. People buy ZonCar 9006 LED bulbs with a 10000LM Low Beam strategy; it does quick halogen replacement. The manufacturer declares that ZonCar bulbs are 400% brighter than halogens. You’ll get a safe drive at night as these headlights illuminates clear lines on the road at night. What’s special? It doesn’t flicker oncoming traffic. No dark spots or shadow areas were spotted!

Professional’s Thought:

No doubt, these 9006 LED bulbs are great light for the price. You’ll find ZonCar bulbs much reliable as ‘SUPER-BRIGHT’ at night in comparison to other expensive brands. There is no flicker to oncoming drivers! The LED chips are improved in imported Korean CSP & aviation aluminum body. You will get a longer lifespan along with a better performance. It gets operated without a noise!


  • 400% brighter than stock halogens
  • 12,000RPM ‘Turbo Fan’ added
  • Plug-in replacement
  • No extra wiring
  • 30,000-HOUR LIFESPAN

Check ‘ZonCar 9006 LED Headlight Bulbs’ on Amazon.

10. Au-kee 9006 LED Headlight Bulbs (Fan-less)

Au-kee 9006 LED Headlight Bulbs (Fan-less)

Who doesn’t want to purchase mid-budget 9006/HB4 LED bulbs? These Au-kee bulbs are the brightest but fan-less headlight bulbs on the market. The LED bulbs can produce 10000Lm output per pair as their structure includes 12-pcs clean CSP LED chips on each bulb. The beam pattern is even more pristine and 1.5X brighter than stock bulbs. Even after having no ‘FAN,’ the bulbs have a maximum heat dissipation effect. Au-kee makes its bulbs with Hollowed ventilation heat sank. Three hundred sixty degrees adjustable LEDs will do the correct orientation on road.

Professional’s Thought:

Like other renowned brand on market, these bulbs produce high brightness compared to the stock bulbs. Even without a fan, they are maximized for cooling and improved in night vision distance substantially. It has nice price point. You must be noticing the apparent brightness and beam pattern of the Au-kee 9006 bulbs. Not bad for a 40 dollar high/low beam headlight bulb.


  • 10000Lm output per pair
  • 360 degrees adjustable light
  • 5 times brighter than stocks
  • Each bulb contains 12pcs newest CSP chips
  • 2 Years Warranty

Check ‘Au-kee 9006 LED Headlight Bulbs’ on Amazon.

A few considerations to buy ‘BEST 9006 LED BULBS’

  • Brightness

The specific consideration to choose a 9006 LED bulb is its ‘Brightness.’ If you see our Top-pick and other bulbs, they have 150-300% illumination than Halogen bulbs. The excellent grade LED chips with 10,000 lumens per pair will ensure cool white light. The super-focused beam pattern of the LED bulb produces a broader and farther lighting range. We recommend replacing your original halogen bulb to gain three times brighter brightness for 98% of Vehicles.

  • Lifespan

Don’t you want purchasing from the 50,000 hours lifespan feature? Let us tell you a bit about how should be the long-lasting construction of a 9006 LED bulb! Aviation aluminum body and the hollow-carved heat sink design make a LED bulb more durable. If you see our products specifically, they are engineered with an almost 1,2000RPM turbo cool fan that provides a super cooling strategy. Be mindful of the premium makings!

  • Compatibility & Range

Not all 9006 LED bulbs will fit all vehicles. We recommend checking the vehicle’s make, model, and year to make sure this bulb you buy can line up with the vehicle’s part number. We have started writing the compatibility; you may check up on the content. Besides the compatibility, be mindful of purchasing 9006 LED bulbs with an extended field of vision. Through this, you can ensure road visibility at night. The more range a vehicle’s headlight covers on the highway, the safer you will be. Make a big difference!


  • Which is brighter, 9006 HID or 9006 LED?

LED’s are prominent in today’s era. Even though, we can say, most drivers prefer Xenon HID bulbs for the cooler color temperature. They are the same as LED bulbs in most cases and brighter than Halogen bulbs. You must require the best 9006 HID bulbs! As per global research, we find ‘HID-Warehouse HID Xenon Replacement Bulbs’ as the best 9006 HID bulbs set till now!

  • Is an h11 bulb the same as a 9006?

Without a single modification, the H11 won’t fit into a 9006 socket. Let me be clear. Get tend to cut about 1/8″ off of the bulb capsule tabs. The modification helps to fit a 9005 into a 9006 socket. Still, both bulbs have same electrical connection.

  • Are LED bulbs illegal?

It depends on federal safety standards. Some states declare that Aftermarket LED bulbs are illegal, whereas there is currently no federal level restriction.


The LED lighting technology has gone widespread and dominating halogen technology very cruelly. You must be one of them to adopt this recent LED technology as a wide assortment of options. It’s high time to find a replacement LED bulb for you vehicle. This article includes ’10 BEST 9006 LED Bulb’ available on market. You’ll be benefited from our top-rated picks as they’re far better than Halogen or high-intensity discharge (HID) headlights. Purchasing from our recommendation will include a lifetime safety over Warranty. Get a match!

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