5 Best 3157 LED Bulbs: (Review and Buying Guide) in 2022

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Why choose the best 3157 led bulb? It has become a requirement to choose from LED technology over stock halogen bulbs. Besides the headlight’s white illumination, people love installing LED bulbs as their Brake, Turn Signal, Backup Reverse & Taillights.

Purchasing from the brightest 3157 bulbs will allow you are making your driving experience a bit safer. While LED headlights are standard replacement bulbs for maximum vehicles, you can consider 3157 bulbs like the normal brake, reverse, or taillights. You can signal oncoming or overcoming drivers to react sooner through the upgrade.

In this guide, we discuss the popular 3157 led bulbs out of the market. These bulbs are renowned for being cheaper, brighter, and long-lifespanned compared to local halogen bulbs. Check the top-reviewed products below!

What’s the best 3157 LED Bulb? (Top-pick)

  • iBrightstar Newest 9-30V Super Bright 3157 LED bulbs


What’s your goal? Is your goal is to replace the high wattage incandescent bulbs and set something new on your truck? I highly recommend iBrightstar 3157 LED bulbs. These bulbs have good guts of the rear tail light assemblies. The package from the manufacturer includes a set of two bulbs. Each of the iBrightstar bulbs has high brightness chips per bulb for maximum light output. The construction of these bulbs is equipped with full aluminum housing. Even after the brightest illumination portfolio, they eat low power and runs very perfectly. You’re recommended iBrightstar lights if you hope for a low-wattage LED alternative. Very pleased!


  • 30X illuminated bulbs (Working Voltage: 9v-30v)
  • Can be installed in the turn signal/brake light socket
  • Compatible with CK/SRCK and Standard socket
  • It fits almost every socket (3056 to 5702)
  • NO Hyper-Flash

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Best 3157 LED Bulbs Comparison in 2021

ProductsBrandK- WattWar-LifespanCheck Price
iBrightstar Newest 9-30V Super Bright 3157 LED bulbsiBrightstar6000K-3.8W1Y-30,000
Yorkim 3157 LED Light BulbsYorkim6500K-50W1Y-50,000
GIVEDOUA 3157 LED Car BulbGIVEDOUA6000K-2W1Y-50,000
AUXITO 3157 LED Reverse Light BulbsAUXITO6000K-15W1Y-30,000
JDM ASTAR Extremely Bright 3157 LED BulbsJDM ASTAR6000K-1Y-30,000


1. Yorkim 3157 LED Light Bulbs

Yorkim 3157 LED Light Bulbs

Are you looking for the best 3157 LED Light Bulb with a white super bright strategy? Yorkim 3157 LED light bulbs are compatible with 3056, 3156, 3156A, 3057, 4057, 3157, 4157, and T25 LED Bulbs. What’s the primary strategy of Yorkim 3157 LED BTW? Each Yorkim bulb contains 18 pieces of high-quality 5050 chipsets that help your vehicle reach ultra brightness. The lighting beam of the bulbs is thrown on the road at a 360-degree lighting angle. I love this white light efficiency instead of the stock yellowish halogen bulb. I recommend installing Yorkim 3157 bulbs in your car interior for a modern look. Super Bright Lights!

I found 3157 LED Light Bulbs compatible with the 4157 and 3157 rear turn signal socket. People purchase such bulbs to replace stock bulbs. You can install 3157 LED bulbs in the backup light sockets. You must be thinking it is a paid review. No, it’s not. I just like this Yorkim strategy over the halogen. I read various reviews saying that after verifying the owner’s manual compatibility, you can install the 3157 LED bulbs a little faster.


  • The Yorkim 3157 bulbs are structured with 5050 chipsets
  • Best-suited as brake lights, tail lights, or turn signal lights
  • High-luminous than old halogen bulbs
  • It makes your turn signals blink in most cases
  • Not suitable for CK sockets (Easy installation)

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2. GIVEDOUA 3157 LED Car Bulb

GIVEDOUA 3157 LED Car Bulb

Anyone who has old bulbs that need to be replaced with new LED diodes has a recommendation for these GIVEDOUA 3157 LED Car Bulbs. You’re recommended to use 3157 LED Car Bulbs for brake, turn, and backup warning on the package.

The specification involves 6000K White light facilities, 300 lumens light output, and fast blinker issue solvent. The most vital thing about white 3157 bulbs is having high-quality chipsets structured for super bright illumination.

What are you waiting for more than having modern-style backup reverse lights? Some trucks have stop/tail/turn lights behind them. GIVEDOUA 3157 LED Car Bulb is the modern solution for these lights and set bulb out indicator. Honestly, I tried the bulbs for running in front lights and experienced low failures but significantly brighter.


  • Socket size: 0.66in + 12v + 300lm
  • Modern and bright style
  • Structured with super bright 18SMD 5050 Chips
  • These GIVEDOUA 3157 Lights are very bright
  • Prevents fast blinking issue if used as ‘Turn Signal Lights’

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3. iBrightstar Newest 9-30V Super Bright (3157) LED bulbs

iBrightstar Newest 9-30V Super Bright (3157) LED bulbs

As our reviewing guide talks about the brightest 3157 LED bulbs, you get iBrightstar LED bulbs as the reliable choice and make them compatible with Back Up, Reverse Lights, Taillights, Brake, and parking lights. The illumination is xenon white for the bulbs are instructed with high brightness chips (54SMD 3014 & 3SMD 3030).

I bet after passing a maddening week with these bulbs will make you engage with such bulbs. The iBrightstar 3157 LED bulbs fit almost all CK/SRCK and standard sockets. Besides, the non-polarity design creates the best value in the market. You’ll get a wide range of fitments with iBrightstar bulbs.

Starting from 3056, 3156NA, 3156K, 3156, and 3157 bulbs, the bulbs fit 4157NA, 4157NAK, 5702, and many more applications. Undoubtedly, you’ll get them 30X brighter than original halogen bulbs. I appreciate the manufacturer’s effort in making such bulbs with full Aluminum Housing and Projection lens. You get maximum light output in low power consumption.


  • Expensive things as Brake/Turn Signal/Taillights (Dim mode)
  • Fits 12V, 24V vehicles (Voltage coverage: 9-30V)
  • High-luminous bulbs (Xenon-white)
  • Works in low power consumption
  • 30,000 Hours Lifespan

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4. AUXITO 3157 LED Reverse Light Bulbs

AUXITO 3157 LED Reverse Light Bulbs

AUXITO is the famous manufacturer to build the brightest 3157 LED bulbs. As we have discussed before that 3157 LED lights are great as Backup, Reverse, Tail, Brake, and Signal Lights; AUXITO 3157 LED bulbs add a new addition game. One must be expecting the brightest bulbs. In that case, I will say, AUXITO 3157 bulbs have specs of 1400LM per bulb. It would help if you bought these bulbs in the first place instead of stock bulbs. They are unbelievably bright. I tried the Auxito bulb on the left and JDM Astar bulb on the right and found both lights backing up in the dark. AUXITO 3157 bulbs are proved to be a significant upgrade from the stock halogen bulbs.


  • Working voltage: 12V-24V, 1400LM (per bulb)
  • Featured in 4014 SMD LED chips
  • It fits almost every 3156, 3157… 4114, etc. sockets
  • Ensures optimal (Xenon white) visibility
  • 360-degree lighting capability

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5. JDM ASTAR Extremely Bright 3157 LED Bulbs

JDM ASTAR Extremely Bright 3157 LED Bulbs

Let me share a short story. I tried JDM bulbs for the test along with the AUXITO LED bulbs. I told it in the previous review and found them detailed on the left side of the truck. The difference in lighting on the street seems to be very bright. The JDM 3157 LED Bulbs are efficient as only ‘Backup Reverse Lights.’ You’ll experience more vital illumination with these two bulbs per order. We recommend purchasing it to replace an existing burnt-out reverse light. The installation is easy though some reviewers said they had a little hesitant to install these bulbs’ length. I’m not demonstrated at false advertising. Why don’t you get some picks next time at night? Try these brightest 3157 LED Bulbs.


  • Two LED bulbs in the package
  • Output: 1200 lumens for each bulb
  • Working voltage: 12v-24v
  • A reliable improvement over the stock lights
  • Get a full refund a warranty

Click here to check ‘JDM ASTAR 3157 LED Bulbs’ on Amazon.

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  • How many lumens is a 3157 bulb?

As per our research, the top-grade 3157 bulbs mostly come with 300 to 1400LM per bulb (Example: GIVEDOUA 3157 bulbs & AUXITO 3157 LED bulbs). The difference is nothing new. Our guide tells all about the specific bulbs and lumens. Check our products individually.

  • Are all 3157 bulbs the same?

The 3157 bulbs are made to be extra brighter and bluish and can be used as the turn signal, brake light, rear taillight, reverse lights, and parking lights. However, the working voltage and illumination vary on the vehicle’s type.

  • Are 1157 and 3157 bulbs the same?

If I detail the construction, the 1167 bulbs contain a metal bayonet cap, whereas the 3157 bulbs contain a plastic wedge cap. The specs for both 1157 and 3157 bulbs charge the same candle power even though the bases are different.

Resources: Are 1157 and 3157 bulbs the same?

Final thought

I discussed the best 3157 LED bulbs in this guide. You’ll be benefited choosing from the top-leading manufacturers. Besides focusing on the headlight strategy, people value 3157 bulbs as a taillights strategy. Choosing 3157 LED bulbs will give you strength over incandescent bulbs. Thanks for reading.

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