Should I Balance My Tires Before Alignment

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Last Updated on: 3rd July 2022, 05:07 pm

Are you confused between tire balancing and alignment? We won’t describe if both of them are the same process, but they make sure wheels and vehicles with best fitment and performance. Let me answer you directly, whether you should balance tires before alignment!

No, it’s not essential or not necessary to balance your tires before alignment. The process depends on your comfort zone. Tire balancing is mostly done to restore tire balance. Plus, tire balancing becomes essential to put the angle of your car’s wheels in order.

We appreciate it if you diagnose the wheels, balance, and alignments to be more conscious of tire balancing issues. Wise people consider it like regular auto maintenance. You can check our previous content for more value, How long can you drive on unbalanced tires?

Tire Balancing vs. Alignment

  • What is Tire Balancing?What is Tire Balancing

Tire balancing is a similar concept to wheel balancing, and it is done for correcting uneven weight. Imbalanced tires or wheels lead to vibration, tire wear, steering difficulty, and other problems. We did tire balance service with all tires and wheels mounted onto a tire balancing machine.

The machine helps to spin the tires to delete imbalance. It doesn’t cost more but measures the inequality through a technician precisely. Installing correct weight to the balance wheel and tire assembly happens during one service.


In short-

A tire balance corrects the weight and imbalance on your tires and functions the wheel assemblies thoroughly.


Unbalanced tire wear makes a vibration in the steering wheel or the seat.


Proper balancing of tires will ensure a smoother ride and less tire wear. Besides, doing such balancing can strain on the drive train.

  • What is wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment is also called tire alignment and is used for an adjustment of a car’s suspension. It connects a vehicle to the wheel. Such alignment improves a car’s performance and removes the veering to the right or left. From experience, I can say that wheel alignment stops unusual vibrations on the road. You can check Tenhulzen Automotive 2-Wheel Alignment Tool’ on Amazon.What is wheel alignment

In short-

An alignment shapes the tire’s angles and makes the tire contact on the road accurately.


A tire remains to one side before alignment, squeals tires, and crooks the steering wheel when driving.


After the alignment of your car tires, a car runs smoothly. You also get a longer life for your tires.

How do I know if I need an alignment or balance?

  • Uneven or rapid tire wear is a significant sign of unbalanced tires. A new car runs and wears down accurately or evenly in the road condition. The unbalanced tires don’t work quickly. There is a high chance your car tires need an alignment or balance.
  • You’ll feel the steering wheel become crooked when you drive straight. It is a common sign. An alignment problem involves the steering wheel being the slightest bit off. Undoubtedly, an off-center steering wheel is meant to be a major control issue for your vehicle. Take care of it!
  • Uneven tire wear is one of the earliest signs. In the meantime, for regular auto maintenance, don’t forget to check the tread of car tires. Mostly, one tire wears a different pattern on the axle than the other tires. You can contact an auto shop to get the problem resolved.

Wheel balancing and alignment cost

  • Wheel Alignment Cost

The cost of wheel balancing and wheel alignment depends on the repair shop. We can mention the costs on average. Firstly, the wheel alignment has cost between $100 to $150. Sometimes, the professionals use cutting-edge technology to adjust the angles of the wheels. For being all computerized alignment services, the cost of wheel alignment can stand at $200. Some experts or shops announce cash-back or mile warranty for their customers. I think those European cars that have tricky steering and computer functions can cost more than most cars.

  • Wheel Balancing Costs

Wheel balancing doesn’t cost more like wheel alignment costs. You can do it between $50 to $100. There are thousands of wheel balancing tools available on the market. Through them, you can do standard tire balancing and road force balancing. The road force balancing costs more and makes the wheel balanced for the long run.

How to tell which tire is out of balance

How to tell which tire is out of balance?

Some problems make the situation get out of hand. A simple check-up will tell you it’s time for a balance. An imbalance makes the tires wobble and vibrate when the vehicle runs, and the wheels start to rotate. I experienced such a problem. Whenever I drove on the road with all acceleration, I faced more vibration as faster the rotation. You’ll notice the steering wheel not working and vibrating with the balance of the tire. Sometimes, seat shaking indicates the issue of tire imbalance.


  • Do unbalanced tires affect alignment?

If you read us or go around Google’s information, you’ll understand that signs of unbalanced tires and misalignment are quite similar. It is difficult to say if unbalanced tires affect alignment, but the unbalanced tires lead to suspension problems, steering problems, and damaged tires.

  • Does an alignment include balancing?

In this article, I confirmed the wheel alignment and tire balancing as two individual services. I also proclaimed the differences. You shouldn’t ignore these two services. Consult a local garage to have both done on your car. It will boost tire life and performance.

  • Is a lifetime alignment worth it?

It is a good thought to be in lifetime wheel alignments. If you use them, wheel alignments are a great deal. 4 wheel alignment costs can take $200, and they’re only worth it. Those drivers who are conscious about their vehicle’s health can utilize the lifetime alignment.


We have answered in this article if it is necessary to balance your tires before alignment. Tell us how you found our answer. Our writer made the information fruitful. It’s up to you whether you will balance your tires before alignment or not. Do it or don’t it, but keep in mind that tire balancing will add extra value to restore tire balance. Thanks for being with us.

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