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Cost to Replace Airbags

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Airbags

Airbags are considered to be a great safety innovation. The reason makes it essential to all driver is preventing frontal crashes. Besides, for passenger’s safety, you’ll get side airbags available on the market. Now, come to the point, how much does it cost to replace airbags? Usually, it needs a maximum budget of $180 to $480 for the driver’s side, where you’ve to pay $300 to $800 for the passenger’s side alone. It’s the only replacement cost. If you hire an expert, consider spending $1200 to over $5500, including the labor costs.

The cost is a life-saving investment comparing the heavy collisions on the road. A statistic says that airbags reduce mortality by 35 percent as the process of an airbag prevents frontal and side crashes wonderingly.

What Are Airbags?

Vehicle airbags are mainly used in comfort and work as the conjunction with seat belts. It protects the passenger’s head and frontal impact crash. Besides, Vehicle airbags help a driver to upper his body. The process of airbags also minimizes the side-impact crash. You can see types of airbags available in a car. Some of them work in a substitute for the frontal restraints control module, whereas some airbags work as the side-torso and side-control system.

How Do Airbags Work?

An airbag is controlled by a vehicle’s speed and inflates when a vehicle slows down. The theory is magical as the airbags are exaggerated to make a passenger’s or driver’s head contacted. We’ve explained an airbag before, right? It saves a person from a frontal and side-impact crash. One thing that is much noticeable in an airbag is being deflated after contacting the neck and head. The deflating technology doesn’t let an airbag be a football, so that it never bounces off your head.

But, how does an airbag work so efficiently? An airbag consists of advanced sensors. These sensors are proceeded through an accelerometer and detect if a car is slowing down. When a vehicle decelerates from present speed and comes to average braking speed, the airbag circuit gets triggered. Then, the airbag circuit works actively through a large amount of gas. This gas runs into the nylon bag of an airbag. Sometimes, an airbag is installed behind a steering wheel and sometimes in conjunction with seat belts.How Much Does It Cost to Replace Airbags

Is an Airbag to Replace After Being Deployed?

Usually, an accident costs the airbags to be deployed. For being that case, people seek a solution if an airbag can be replaced after an accident. How badly damaged a car is, it can be fixed, so as the airbags. In case, Car-mechanics demands a higher budget at a local shop. You can adjust your car and airbags untogether. It saves money. Note that, an entire cost to replace the airbags system is mostly around $3200.   

Is the Cost to Replace Airbags Are Appropriate?

Before looking at the cost, you must know why airbags are made? An airbag is produced to save lives, preventing side-impact collisions, and not being involved in an accident. We have no control over an accident, and as the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS), airbags are installed in maximum cars. At length, the airbags play critical safety rules in a vehicle. Whatever, an airbag is deployed or recently had a significant impact, it must be replaced as soon as possible.

The airbags are consist of several parts, including sensors, ECU, driver’s side airbag, passenger’s side airbag, the dashboard on some models, and seal belts. Considering a replacement, these parts need to be evaluated by the professionals. So, the cost to replace airbags is appropriate.

Is It Safe to Drive With the Deployed Airbags?

You must have repaired your car and planning with the deployed airbags if they need to get fixed. There’re a few issues that happen with a deployed airbag. Car mechanics set the airbag’s light active, and it will always be illuminated. Until the full replacement, a car keeps its instrument cluster on. So, an intake airbag system keeps active even after deployment. 

In some states, airbag’s illumination is highly forbidden as the process restricts the state inspection. An airbag system requires its registration. Then, you get permission on the road only. In short, a deployed airbag is not permitted to use in a running car. It lets a driver accounted for some fines.

Moreover, a modern car is equipped with advanced techniques, and the airbag is one of them. Comparing the speed, a driver should protect himself and the passengers from sudden danger. In the occurrence of a collision, a deployed airbag can’t prevent injuries and deaths. Therefore, driving a car without airbags decreases the fatality rate by 60%.   

Cost to Replace Airbags vs. Repair Airbags

  • Cost to Replace Airbags:

The cost to replace airbags is discussed in this content’s introduction. And, replacing airbags cost much higher than a repairing process. If you’re patient and a well-wisher, do replace the airbags even if it’s time-consuming. This process needs almost $1200 to $2200 in a standard car, whereas it costs nearly $5500 for a modern car.

‘Retractors’ plays a vital role in the seatbelt. And, they’re mostly temporarily used and replaced in the process of repairing an airbag. Some vehicles have their retractor installed that helps an airbag tighten with pre-tensionless.

  • Cost to Repair Airbags:Cost to Replace Airbags vs. Repair Airbags

Repair costs depend on a few functions, and the process needs enough concerning when an airbag is deployed or damaged by an ‘airbag control unit.’ Firstly, a hurt airbag doesn’t remain an active impact sensor. Like a bee on its bonnet, the control unit needs to be wholly repaired, or the airbag system can’t be used.

‘Cost to repair airbags’ depends on its wiring, connectors, seatbelt buckles, and ACU (airbag control unit). If the components are damaged, repair costs are high. And, it can be $500 to $1500 depending on its damage.

As a consequence, replacing an airbag needs a big budget, but develops the whole control unit. But, repairing airbag costs much lower and improves the damages efficiently. Now, the decision is yours.

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Three Components Are in an Airbag System; You Must Know

Airbags are different in structures and different in use. An airbag is usually situated beyond the steering wheel, dash, and in front of the seats. It prevents frontal crashes. Passenger’s airbags are engineered in the doorstep, and it saves someone’s bacon and side crashes. Let’s know the essential parts of an Airbag System (SRS). 

How do airbags work
  • The inflator system

The inflator system encourages the whole airbag module. It works like the self-explanatory and comes out to shield your head, neck, and body when needed. The inflation system is managed through the clockspring technology. It’s like when a car slows down its speed, and the inflation mixes potassium nitrate and sodium azide untogether. This composition creates nitrogen gas and inflates immediately.

  • Crash sensors

Crash sensors are also known as impact sensors. It works like a clockspring. You can say, the airbag system is dependent on the crash sensors. This process lets an airbag when to blown up. Also, this sensor detects the car speed. No matter if you have a crash at high speed, the sensors get activated on the spot and save you. 

  • The wiring harness

The wiring harness connects a series of components (wires) that helps an airbag works efficiently. The untogether airbag system mainly inspires this process. The problem is, a damaged wire throws out the entire airbag system. Overall, the wiring harness remains a stronger Supplemental Restraint System (SRS). 

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Final Words

It’s not impossible, but we don’t recommend you trying this at home. It’s risky and complicated too. Firstly, you need to learn how to develop the components in an airbag. Then, acknowledging the repairs on your own is a big concern. Without doing the installation properly may be dangerous as airbags may inflate at any time.

We suggest consulting a professional as it brings the effectiveness of an airbag system. The cost to replace airbags indeed needs a superior budget though it saves many physical damages. Since 1990, airbags saved around 90,000 lives. Isn’t it worthy of admiration?

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