Bright spark on 9005 VS H11 – Are they same?

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Let’s make a long story short. We decided to explain 9005 VS H11 entirely. Aren’t you curious? Both types of bulbs are often used in the headlight. We noticed people using 9005 bulbs as high beam bulbs, whereas the H11 bulbs are used for all categorized bulbs as low beams, high beams, or fog lights.

What’s your vehicle’s type?

The main feature of an H11 bulb is being structured with a single beam, and it is most popular in the car for various settings. On the other hand, the 9005 bulbs do the best work for night drives by illuminating the road towards the ground.

9005 VS H11 – I explained it all!

A short explanation of 9005 bulb

Today’s manufacturer has been inventing super quality 9005 LED bulbs as the high beam bulb. I think, the 9005 bulb is more efficient with light-emitting diode (LED) technology. But, how do 9005 bulbs play a key role as high beam light? It primarily produces illumination at a straight distance, which helps a driver see ahead more brightly when driving. A high-grade, high-beam bulb conquers the extra dark conditions efficiently. Some think 9005 bulbs are the same as 9006 bulbs. We have a detailed guide on 9005 vs 9006; read it if you’ve time.

A short explanation to H11 bulb

Although the H11 LED bulbs are used as all high beam, low beam, and fog lights, they are primarily used as a low beam light bulb or regular bulb in a car. If a 9005 bulb makes a difference with an H11 bulb, then it’s for a low beam bulb due to their angling. We have experienced familiar people using H11 bulbs as fog lights and headlights. Mostly, the H11 bulbs are legal on the road of all developed or developing countries for not having a blinding effect. You can structure these lights in one position. The 9005 has an L-shape design same as the H11 bulbs; still, they are not compatible with each other’s housing.

A real comparison between 9005 VS H11 LED bulbs

9005 BULB –

The 9005 bulbs are brighter and most excellent ample light for dark driving performance. You’ll get the best 9005 LED bulbs in the market, which give an aesthetic view in front of the car. You can see straight. These bulbs are compatible with dust, fog, and darkness significantly. Most of the manufacturers bring their 9005 bulbs with 50,000 hours lifespan. It is permitted to use 9005 bulbs as low beam bulbs with base configuration and low heat dissipation technology.  In most cases, using 9005 bulbs (high beams) in H11 or Low beams housing can drain your battery very faster. You should consult a professional to know the correct wiring, or else you will be in big trouble.


  • Used as a high beam light
  • A mandatory for a night ride
  • Can be used as an also low beam in some cases
  • 9005 lights overcome dark, fog, and dust
  • Brings an aesthetic vibe to a car
  • A pair of 9005 bulbs can do 50X better work than stocks
  • Works in low heat dissipation technology
  • Driving in a poor environment is possible
  • More aesthetic, more white
  • Lasts 50,000+ hours
  • The 9005 bulbs run in low power but wiring them in the wrong beam can consume more car battery.
  • High light intensity blinds the oncoming drivers
  • For being high wattage bulbs inappropriate to some old vehicles

H11 BULB –

The H11 bulbs are mostly used as low beam light, and they create ideal illumination on city roads. Even though some aftermarket H11 bulbs work as high beam bulbs, I bet it can’t defeat 9005 bulb’s strategy. You can make stock H11 bulbs installed as fog lights. Compared to a 9005 bulb, an H11 bulb has far low light intensity and runs in low heat dissipation technology. The oncoming won’t be flickered with the H11 feature. If I specify H11 bulb compatibility, it suits H8, H9, and H16 bulbs.


  • Works in a low beam
  • Can be used as a headlight and fog light
  • Ideal for typical driving
  • Can be adjusted in below of the high beams
  • Works on low consumptions
  • The H11 bulbs can be used head, tail, and fog lights in a row
  • Even though it maintains a quality illumination, it runs in minimum light intensity
  • Doesn’t blind oncoming drivers
  • The H11 bulbs can take the place of H8, H9, and H16 bulbs
  • Top-grade manufacturers make H11 bulbs with high durability
  • You may not light H11 bulbs for low light intensity compared to 9005 bulbs
  • If you use an H11 bulb as a high beam bulb, it feels pretty dim
  • Poor performance as the main bulb in the dark, night, and fog conditions

FAQ related to 9005 VS H11 bulbs

What’s the H11 bulb compatibility?

The H11 bulb is equivalent to all “L” shaped bulbs type, and I have H8, H9, and H16 compatible with H11 bulbs, whether it is LED, HID, and Halogen bulbs.

Is there any H11 9005 LED Combo available on market?

Yes, we have SEALIGHT headlight bulbs available as both 9005/HB3 and H11/H8 bulbs. You’ll receive high beam and low beam opportunities to see further and more precisely. The SEALIGHT has thousands of positive reviews on marketplaces. Click here to check “SEALIGHT headlight bulb” on Amazon.

Is an H11 bulb the same as a 9005?

The 9005 VS H11 bulbs are the same as they both have an “L” shape feature. As we have said above, the H11 bulbs have a single filament feature for low beam compatibility. On the other hand, the 9005 bulbs have perfect beams for high illumination capability. The 9005 bulbs consume more power than H11 bulbs for being high in light intensity.

Final talk on 9005 VS H11

We have answered whether 9005 bulbs are the same as H11 bulbs and shown the differences between 9005 VS H11. Let us know if you have any more confusion related to this topic.  Consult a professional to be more confident about which bulb to input as the primary or secondary headlight source. Some manufacturers make their headlights as both 9005 VS H11 headlight housing.

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