Difference Between 9005 vs. 9006 Bulbs

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People want to know the difference between 9005 vs. 9006 bulbs even though it is becoming an argument nowadays. These light bulbs are used in the vehicle’s headlight to measure proper light intensity. The 9005 LED bulb is mostly known as a high beam bulb and produces maximum light ahead of the road when driving. On the other hand, the 9006 bulb works as a single filament or low beam light bulb in many vehicles. However, today’s technology allows enthusiasts to use the 9006 bulbs in some low beams or high beam headlights.

Read our detailed reviewing contents on 9005 vs. 9006 below:

Difference between 9005 vs. 9006

The 9005 LED bulb9005 LED bulb

As we have said in the introduction, the 9005 bulbs can be used as high beam bulbs to produce a high beam light on the road. While testing the 9005 bulbs in our extra car, we found the illumination in a sizable distance. You can make them compatible with 2013 2015 RAV4, 2016 CHEROKEE, 2014 2016 ELANTRA w/ PROJECTOR H/L, and more vehicle types. Aren’t you excited to make your night conditions more illuminated? Well, the 9005 bulbs are the foremost option even in poor weather. Not only headlights, but the drivers love to make 9005 bulbs installed as fog lights. It helps them during poor environmental conditions. If I consider the legality status, the 9005 LED bulbs are legal even with some prohibitive laws.

Some think the 9005 bulbs are closer to the 9006 bulbs. It’s quite right, but they have a difference between a high beam and a low beam. You can make the 9005 bulbs compatible with 9006 bulbs with extra modifications. You should think of purchasing 9005 bulbs between HIKARI and NINEO brands as the brands have the most reviews, 200% lighting capability, and 50000 lifespans for operations hours.


  • The 9005 LED bulbs are so far so better than old standard and halogen bulbs. During the night drive or winter season, it becomes hard to drive in such environments due to dust, fog, and darkness. If you structure your car with 9005 bulbs, you’ll get all illuminated lights on the road and see better.
  • The 9005 bulbs produce a clear light and make the road more aesthetic and lit down the night
  • You can choose 9005 bulbs for a longer We’ve researched such LED bulbs, and they go over 50,000 hours of lifespan. The bulbs are made for durability.
  • Even though 9005 bulbs are made for being high beam bulbs, they can be compatible with low beam bulbs’ sockets with additional wires and configurations.
  • Using 9005 bulbs consumes a minimum amount of battery’s power, works in low heat and goes through directional lighting value.


Besides a bunch of advantages, the 9005 bulbs have some disadvantages. In some cases, the 9005 bulbs can consume more power than usual and drain the car battery faster. Mostly, the problem happens to the car wiring. You should consult a mechanic to fix the wires for high beam bulbs.  Plus, the high beam lights can affect oncoming drivers. Be mindful of choosing from the top-grade light bulbs.

The 9006 LED bulb9006 LED bulb

People also ask whether the 9006 bulbs are the same as 9005 bulbs. They’re not the same bulbs but very close in size. The difference between 9005 and 9006 bulbs is in the base. However, the modern era makes accurate fitment for 9005 and 9006 bulbs. They follow the same theory like installing through rubber seal > locking tabs > connector. The 9006 bulbs are also known as HB4 bulbs, and they are 30X brighter than stock bulbs. The best thing about the bulb is getting installed in 10 minutes. Most renowned manufacturers make their 9006 bulbs with CAN-bus ready design to fit 99% of vehicles. The 9006 bulbs are designed for low beam headlights.


  • Compared to LED low beam lights, the 9006 beam lights have almost 30X illumination. We have tried HONCS 9006 Headlight bulbs as the low beam lights and found them compatible with the 1:1 LED component design.
  • The 9006 bulbs fit 99% of vehicles as low beam structures. Even if some vehicles are not 100% accurate, the CAN-bus ready design & built-in driver opportunity ensure the fitment correctly.
  • Like the 9005 bulbs, an aftermarket 9006 bulbs lasts longer than 50,000 hours. The latest 9006 bulbs are improved with top-grade materials and heat sink technology for minimizing heat transfer requirements. Even after the lights are incredibly bright, the battery consumption remains at a low position.


Probably, you don’t like to buy 9006 bulbs at a reasonably high-cost utility. For being a low beam headlight, it has low performance compared to 9005 bulbs. Sometimes, you may meet an expensive repair cost.

Comparison table (difference between 9005 vs. 9006)



High beam light Low beam light
Covers a broader area of around 360 feet Bodies in a mid-range of the road around 200 feet
It also fits a 9006 socket Less replaces 9005 socket
9005 lights see the drivers coming towards you Helps other drivers see us better
As efficient to break fog, dirt, and dark walls Used as a simple act for the drivers


Headlights are essential for drivers, whether they are used as a high beam or low beam. High beam and Low beam are the two different headlight settings, and they are used for various reasons. The 9005 bulbs are used to cover more points toward the road, whereas the 9006 bulbs light up a small area to help oncoming drivers to see you. I hope you understand all about 9005 vs. 9006 in this guide. Thanks for reading us.

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