Which is the Best Oil for a 50cc Scooter (4/2 Stroke)

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Last Updated on: 25th September 2022, 08:19 pm

Shell Rotella T4 15W-40 is the best oil for a 50cc scooter (My experience).

Shell Rotella is a brand you can trust, and you can’t go wrong with their T4 15W-40. It’s the newer standard for Shell Rotella, so it’s well worth the few extra dollars.

The T4 15W-40 is well known for its maintenance work and renowned for its quality and performance during the summer and the winter. It exceeds the demands of most 50cc scooters, so you can be sure your scooter’s engine will run strong.

Oil for a 50cc Scooter – Our suggestion

If you’re driving a lot during the summer, please make sure you’re using synthetic oil. Shell Rotella T4 15W-40 is most people’s choice, and it can handle high temperatures well.


  • Rotella 15W-40 is a heavy-duty engine oil
  • Improved in advanced addictive technology
  • Superior engine-protected oil with high viscosity


  • Long-lasting oil usage
  • Maintains oil pressure
  • Extra wear protection


  • The filler cap was loose to some extent

What are the benefits of using oil for a 50cc Scooter?

Functions of engine oil
Source: https://global.eneos.com/oil/knowledge/

“I get the better benefit of lubrication from using oils for a 50cc scooter.

I run a 50cc scooter and have a lot of experience with its oil functions. Having oils for a 50cc scooter works as an engine specialist. I would recommend using too-light oil for the engine and trying to change your oil more frequently. A 50cc scooter has fewer moving parts, so the oil keeps the scooter from malfunctioning with proper metal lubrication.”

If you do not use oils for a 50cc scooter, the engine does not shear effectively and evenly, and the elastic regions between two engine parts will drop into more significant stress and heat. You will experience a rougher ride.

What does oil for a 50CC scooter ensure?

Good 50cc scooter oil ensures the oil is properly mixed in the engine and the oil viscosity is not too weak. Using oils for 50cc scooters helps a faster-running engine. Not using solid oils could cause severe damage to the scooter’s moving parts.

What are the types of oil for a 50cc Scooter?

50cc scooters usually use 15w40, so that’s the best bet for summer driving. The riders need to be looked at more closely when the temperature drops below 55F degrees. When the temperature gets down below this temperature, the best job is to use something thinner like 10w30. But if you want something all-around oil, the best position is to use 5w40 full synthetic oil.

Best recommended: 15w40 (Best best for summer driving)

Then recommended: 10w30 (Something thinner for winter)

Last recommended: 5w40 (For all-around performance)

How often should I change my oil for a 50cc scooter?

The best recommendation is to change the oil for your 50cc scooter every 500-600 miles. You should do it as soon as you get a new oil change, but also be sure to lube the scooter’s engine up again after the first 180 miles. Before changing oil, you should also give a moped scooter a good hand-wash before you ride it and wipe off all the stains to get rid of any grit. You might be tempted to use compressed air cans for cleaning, but don’t use those for your 50cc scooter.

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Oil for a 50cc Scooter, what’s next?

The most important factor to keep your 50cc scooter running is lubrication. The best oil for 50cc scooter oil will get the job done and keep the scooter running smoothly. Scooter oil is an engine lubricant. You will be benefited from keeping the engine from wear and overheating and thus, keeping your little scooter running for more extended periods without breaking down.

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