3057 vs. 3157 Bulbs: Major Differences Explained

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Today’s drivers are realistic about the light choosing fact. All discussion between lights on the security, ‘3057 vs. 3157’ light comparison is a common issue. What’s the best lighting system out of the two? We answer this question and decide to explain all about the different functions of these bulbs.

The world prefers LEDs over the traditional halogen, and ‘3057 / 3157’ light bulbs are the standard light bulbs in the automotive industry. Why don’t you read a better understanding of each bulb below? We discuss all of it!

What does a 3057 bulb fit?What does a 3057 bulb fit

The 3057 bulbs are made for cars and used as minor or critical option bulbs such as backup light bulbs, brake light bulbs, parking switches, signal light, taillight, and reflector lights. The specialty of 3057 bulbs is packaged with low intensity. Compared to high-illuminated headlights and fog lights, the 3057 bulbs are dim by the frontal area.

The 3057 bulb fits too many cars’ light types and is used for the rear part of a vehicle. The illumination of the 3057 bulbs is the least powerful, but its lifespan is more extended than aftermarket LED bulbs. The average lifespan of the 3057 bulbs is 5000 hours.

Besides getting compatible with automobile technology, the 3057 bulbs have compatibility with marine technology, aircraft, and rail transport technology.

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What is a 3157 bulb used for?What is a 3157 bulb used for

People often ask if the 3157 bulb is the same as the 3057 bulbs. Yes, they are similar in functionality and used for the same reason, such as parking switch, signal light, taillight, DRL light, and reflector lights. Our research found the following 3157 bulbs as powerful as 3057 bulbs. Such kinds of bulbs have a prolonged lifespan of 30000+ hours.

What’s the best 3157 light bulb on the market? I found Voltage Automotive 3157 lights as the brightest thing ever. You better know the use of 3157 bulbs. As your owner’s manual says, if they’re right, we recommend replacing the aftermarket 3157 bulbs with standard bulbs for reliable performance as Brake Light, Turn Signal, Side Marker & Tail Light Bulb. Here you can check the top 3157 LED bulbs in a blink.

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3057 Vs. 3157; Major differences explained

  • Illumination

Illumination is the foremost thing to consider in a light bulb. People often get caught in a dilemma between 3057 and 3157 bulbs and ask Google, ‘what are the differences between 3057 and 3057k light bulbs?’ These lights are renowned as the brake light, signal light, and taillight. Scientifically, the 3157 bulb has more illumination than the 3057 bulbs. Such kinds of bulbs are significant as DRL functions. The 3057 has a life range of almost 3000/5000 hours.

The 3057 bulbs consume less energy compared to 3157 bulbs even after producing standard light. They last long. Therefore, we recommend 3157 bulbs for high energy consumption, and 3057 bulbs have normal illumination in low power authority.

  • Compatibility

Your car’s or vehicle’s owner manual contains the description like which bulb type is suitable for your business. The plastic DF base that holds the bulbs in place is accurate-sized for both 3057 and 3157 bulbs. Some variations are noticed in their sizes according to the vehicle type. You get a specific diameter and length for the bulb’s size, like 3057’s have 2.09 inches length against 3157’s 1.25 inches measurement. The shape involves the S-8 function. Unquestionably, you can fit one bulb in place of the other respective bulb’s business.

  • Construction

The 3057 is often improved with halogen technology. This type of bulbs has a sharp beam pattern for the more precise light opportunity. You find them with a plastic wedge DF base. On the other hand, the 3157 bulbs come with an S-8 shape, and they provide sports clearer brightness if used in place of the 3057 bulbs. Our CF team also found such types of bulbs in a plastic wedge base.

Can I use 3057 instead of 3157? Final thought

It’s a widespread debate whether 3057 and 3157 have the same illumination strategy, power consumption, and compatibility. Well, 3057 VS. 3157! No more confusion on that matter. The 3057 bulbs have standard light and low consumption at 26.5 watts facility, where the 3157 have high illumination and high electricity consumption at 27.8 watts strategy. The main difference between these two types of the bulb is the brightness.

Even though both 3057 and 3157 bulbs are great as taillights, brake lights, turn signal, and parking lights, only the 3157 bulbs are great as daytime running light (DRL) bulbs. The latest technology allows a heat-dissipation strategy for both 3057 and 3157 bulbs to last long between 5,000 to 10,000 hours.

Hopefully, you found the correct answer to the question,  3057 vs. 3157; which is the best? We have discussed it all. Now, you should choose the right bulb for your preferences. The 3057 is a bit older than the 3157 bulbs, so that being updated allows the 3157 bulbs for various applications, including DRL technology.

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